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4 laundry plumbing tips that’ll make laundry day a breeze!

Your laundry area maybe one of the most overlooked places around your home.

While not as glamorous as your bathroom or kitchen, this small area is often an untapped goldmine that can potentially add great value and functionality to your home!

Unlike kitchens or bathrooms, laundry rooms are functional above all else. As such, laundry plumbing focuses on making your space more practical.

Here are just a couple ways you can give your laundry a makeover!

Laundry plumbing

Laundry plumbing tip #1: change your old laundry pipes

Renovating your laundry area can be as simple as updating your old pipes.

Rusty, worn-out pipes are common in homes that still use steel or copper piping.

Modern piping such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) eliminate this problem, while also making pipe laying cheaper and quicker to boot.

Check with your plumber about what type of piping is sitting in your laundry.

If they answer with lead, iron, or galvanised steel, it’s time for an upgrade. Even if your metal pipes are in good condition, upgrading now can prevent piping problems in the future.

In addition to rust, old and worn pipes in your laundry can also cause low water pressure.

How? Two words: clogs and leaks.


Laundry plumbing tip #2: new sink installation

One way to immediately improve the functionality of your laundry area is to upgrade your old laundry sink for a more stylish and practical one.

A bigger sink means more volume. And that makes it easier to clean up messier items.

Another way to improve laundry functionality is to change your old traps into plastic. Plastic laundry traps are easier to maintain, not to mention more corrosion-resistant.

This is especially important since many of us use our laundry cabinets as storerooms for potentially corrosive cleaning chemicals!

Before you get your sink swapped out, be sure to let an expert plumber inspect your laundry first.

Your laundry plumber will help you decide on a solution that isn’t just practical, but also within your budget.

Laundry renovation

Laundry plumbing tip #3: floor drains

Sometimes, accidents happen, and water leaks out onto your laundry floor.

Thankfully, many laundry rooms have floor drains to get rid of this water before it leads to mould or water damage.

Not all of them do, however. And if you ask us, laundry rooms are one of the most common rooms that suffer internal flooding.

Re-installing floor drains or installing a new one for the first time is something every homeowner should consider.

A professional laundry plumber also helps by suggesting a location of your floor drains.

Depending on your home, a plumber can also help you decide on where your laundry traps should be installed. Not all homes can fit the standard S-trap – a different system might be needed to keep sewer gases out of your home.


Laundry plumbing tip #4: get your water heater inspected

If your washing machine struggles with hot washes, don’t throw it out – it might be a problem with your water heater!

While not exactly in your laundry, your hot water system does have an impact on how functional your laundry is.

And if it has anything to do with your water heater, we have one piece of advice: get a professional plumber to do it for you.

We don’t advise DIY plumbing, even at the best of times. Messing around with your system can land you in hot water, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Whether it’s for repair or replacement, you must always engage a qualified hot water plumber.

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While not as immediately obvious as your bathroom or kitchen, laundry upgrades can improve your home (and even add to its value.)

The key is to make sure your laundry achieves functionality and practicality.

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