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Leaking Shower? Call Watermaster Plumber Melbourne

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower, only to be greeted by an unusually large amount of water spilling out onto your bathroom floor!

Sound familiar? Chances are, you might be suffering from a shower leak!

What Causes a Leaking Shower?

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There are a number of reasons why your shower might be leaking, which is why we first need to identify where it is coming from, and why it has happened.

It might be as straightforward as a faulty showerhead or cracked tiles, or more complex, like leaking pipes behind the shower wall sheets (or ‘membrane’).

It’s also important to remember that natural building movement (like settling into foundations or moving during hot and cold water) can affect domestic plumbing, resulting in shower leaks.

How to Identify a Shower Leak?

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Choosing unqualified tradesmen to look after your home often results in hit and miss results. The same goes for when you choose the cheapest option – you get what you pay for!

In many instances, poor workmanship can be the cause (or a contributing cause) of a leaking shower

Look out for these warning signs, too:

  • Damp, discoloured, and smelly carpet
  • Bubbling or peeling paint on the walls
  • Missing or damaged grout
  • Broken or cracked tiles
  • Bucking floors
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Shower Leak Detection from Melbourne’s Watermaster

Catching a leaking shower early, by spotting the warning signs, can prevent water from doing further damage to the foundations of your home or apartment (or the apartment below!)

At Watermaster, we detect a leak and fix your shower with minimal structural damage to your system and bathroom. No matter whether it’s a problem with your showerhead, taps, drain, pipes or otherwise, you can trust our expert team to diagnose and fix the issue for you. Book an inspection today!

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