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7 money-saving tips for your hot water system

Hot water - who among us can live a single day without it, especially now that we’re moving into winter? And since we’re headed into colder weather, more of us are turning our attention to our hot water, with many contemplating hot water repairs in Melbourne to ensure we get through the coming cold. Of course, that isn’t the only thing you can think about when it comes to your hot water - have you thought about how much your hot water usage might be driving up your bills? Why is my water heating bill so high? And how can [...]

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Do I need to call a gas plumber in Melbourne for gas emergencies?

About 70% of Australian homes use natural gas, with over 11 million residential appliances for hot water supply, heating and cooking purposes. Under normal circumstances, this is completely safe. In that tiny number of instances where this isn’t the case however, you’ll find that there are few things around the house that are as dangerous as a gas leak. It may come unnoticed, but the longer it goes for, the more dangerous it becomes. In addition to the elevated fire risk, a gas leak also comes with a number of short- and long-term health effects. That’s because a gas leak [...]

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Our plumbers share 8 common hot water heater problems

We’re heading into cooler weather - and now is the time to start prepping for a chilly winter! That means refreshing your winter wardrobe, giving your heater a test run to ensure it’s still working properly and of course, making sure your hot water system is ready to handle another cold snap. Hot water unit repairs and installations are a key part of home maintenance in the lead-up to winter - just imagine going through winter with mediocre hot showers! Just as with any other part of your home’s plumbing, while hot water units will last for a long time, [...]

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The essential elements of shower plumbing installation

Whether it’s a refreshing cool shower in summer or a steaming hot one in winter, the humble shower cubicle is one of many people’s favourite places in their homes. So it’s little wonder that showers are such a common target in bathroom renovations, home extensions and construction projects! Embarking on a major home improvement project? Simply want to replace a cubicle that’s looking a bit old? If you’re thinking about shower installation in Melbourne, you’ll need the expertise of our team of plumbers! What elements are used in plumbing for a shower cubicle? Aesthetics Whether it’s complete shower installation or [...]

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4 Reasons to call a gas plumber in Melbourne

A water leak is annoying, but in many cases, harmless. Gas on the other hand? The instant you notice a gas leak, you must seek professional help in order to protect yourself from the inherent danger of gas leaks - whatever you do, don’t try to solve it on your own! Just like driving a car with a gas leak is dangerous, gas leaks at home and in your commercial property can cause potential burns and associated injuries, explosions, fire, and other health issues. This is why we’re always keen to reiterate that you take gas leaks and other issues [...]

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3 common reasons why your toilet is constantly running

We all try to play our part when it comes to saving water. Whether that’s shorter showers, eco cycles when we put on a load of laundry, or using the half flush wherever possible, every little bit counts. However, saving water when you flush is considerably more difficult when you're dealing with a running toilet.  Troubleshooting a running toilet isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve not got much experience in the mechanics of a toilet or the common reasons a toilet might run. This is why you need a St Kilda plumber to help you figure out what's wrong with [...]

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The problem with paper: how paper towels cause blockages

There are fewer things worse than a blocked toilet. Slow flushing, strange gurgling sounds, that awful smell every time you use your toilet - these are just some of the things you’ll have to deal with when your toilet gets blocked. And a lot of the time, toilet blockages are your fault. No, we don’t mean in that sense - what we mean is that a lot of the time, a blocked toilet is the result of your toilet habits. If you want to avoid having to call an emergency plumber in Melbourne for help, you’d best avoid using your [...]

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How can slab leaks affect your commercial property?

Slab leaks always start small - so small that a lot of the time, you don’t even realise it’s happening. A little leak here, a little leak there… a couple months later, and you’re in for a serious (and expensive) surprise. Leaks found in building slabs always come as a surprise - it’s the last place you expect a leak! Don’t fret however - a commercial plumber in Melbourne can help you deal with all sorts of leaks, including major plumbing problems like slab leaks. Commercial buildings in particular deal with water leaks under their slab foundation. This can affect [...]

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Prepare your home for Christmas guests with a plumbing inspection

Parties. Presents. Preparation. Plumbing. Wait, hang on, what was that last one? If you ask us, a plumbing inspection absolutely needs to be a part of your Christmas checklist. Plumbing emergencies are incredibly disruptive at the best of times, but they’re especially bad if they happen when you’re: Out holidaying far from home Celebrating with family or entertaining guests In the middle of Christmas lunch Should something happen during these periods, you could be left embarrassed, unable to focus on the holiday merriment or the problem could just build while you’re away. The solution is to be proactive, and book [...]

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4 easily-missable signs of a blocked drain in your home

Nasty smells and knocking sounds - uh oh, you’ve got a problem. Time to reach for your toilet plunger or some sort of solvent to clear the blockage and get rid of the problem for good! Things like leaks and flooding in your sink or toilet are pretty clear signs that you should get in touch with an emergency plumber - however, not all the symptoms of a blocked drain are quite as clear. There are plenty of other signs of a blocked drain that are much easier to overlook. Instead of realising they’re a symptom of a blocked drain, [...]

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