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3 reason you NEED a Bayside plumber for your bathroom renovation

If you ask us, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. The bathroom is where to go to prepare for our day. It’s also where we go to clean up. Naturally, the cleanliness and feeling of your bathroom has a considerable impact on just how clean you feel! Is a major bathroom renovation on the cards? Have you found yourself spending hours on Pinterest and home improvement blogs scouring for ideas? If so, you’ll want to give this very blog post a read too - our plumbers in Bayside have worked on many bathroom renovations [...]

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Avoid these DIY plumbing mistakes – call a domestic plumber!

DIY? More like “D-I-Why-Oh-Why”?! As a domestic plumber in Melbourne, we deal with a lot of unexpected plumbing problems.  And in many cases, we discover that the problem is a plumbing repair or installation that has been obviously DIY’d.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to always call a professional for your plumbing.  Let’s just way there’s a very good reason that we’ve talked about this very topic several times before! You may think you can handle your plumbing all on your own with nothing more than a YouTube tutorial to guide you. Don’t make that mistake - [...]

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Ask a gas plumber in Melbourne: detecting and reacting to gas leaks

You get home one day and find that the entire place smells like rotten eggs. You check your bins, pantry, and fridge, but nothing seems amiss. So if it isn’t eggs, what else could it be? In many cases, a rotten egg smell is a common sign of a gas leak. You don’t need us to tell you that gas leaks are dangerous affairs. In addition to elevating your fire hazard, they also pose health risks - just this previous June, two adults and five children in NSW suffered from nausea and dizziness due to a gas leak in their [...]

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Our plumbers in Melbourne explain common hot water problems

Winter in Melbourne is still not over, as this week’s string of rainy days shows. While it doesn’t quite get as cold down here as our friends in the northern hemisphere, our winters aren’t exactly a cakewalk either. One of the best ways to survive the remaining winter months is to prepare. That means ensuring that your plumbing is healthy, year-round. In particular, it means checking your hot water system. Just imagine a winter without hot water - or even a day without it. No thank you! If your hot water is starting to show the following problems, (with several [...]

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Planning a kitchen renovation? 4 tips from our plumbers in Melbourne

Our plumbers in Melbourne have worked on every type of plumbing job there is, from simple jobs like fitting a new tap in the kitchen, to routine plumbing maintenance, to maintaining Australia’s second-tallest building, Eureka Tower! We’ve also been a part of countless plumbing renovations. In particular, kitchen renovations are projects that our Melbourne plumbers are frequently contacted to help out on. As such, we often see people making the same mistakes when they renovate their kitchen! Today, we’ll be sharing some of the most common ones, and how you can adjust your budget and design plans to ensure you [...]

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Our plumbers in Bayside share common plumbing upgrades in older homes

At Watermaster, our plumbers in Bayside spend a lot of time working with the older homes that are characteristic of Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs. In particular, we’re often called to work on plumbing updates and upgrades.  Old houses may have their charms, but they also come with more frequent challenges. For example, plumbing fixtures and pipes can wear out over time, necessitating repairs and replacements. Not to mention, many older plumbing fixtures and the like simply might not be as efficient or effective as their newer, more modern equivalents! Is it any wonder so many of our jobs involve replacing old [...]

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Common questions: our plumbers in Brighton answer your FAQs

At Watermaster Plumbing, our plumbers in Brighton have dealt with all sorts of small, big, and plain bizarre plumbing jobs over the years. But as you’d expect, the vast majority of the plumbing problems we get called to fix are of the routine variety. When our Brighton plumbers attend these jobs, we often get asked a lot of questions about plumbing and how it all works - and importantly, what has gone wrong. We’d like to remind you that if you have a problem with your plumbing, it’s best to call our domestic plumbers to fix the problem for you [...]

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Watermaster’s domestic plumbers explains thermal expansion

Our team of domestic plumbers has been working in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs for a long time. We’ve fixed, replaced and diagnosed all sorts of problems, including jobs involving hot water plumbing. In that time, we’ve encountered several recurring suspects - in particular, thermal expansion. “Thermal expansion” - even the name sounds ominous and foreboding. The knowledge that it’s a common cause of plumbing issues certainly doesn’t help either. So, is it something you should be worried about? Our Bayside plumbers explain! Physics 101: our Bayside plumbers explain thermal expansion Simply put, when you heat something up, it expands - conversely, [...]

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Our plumbers in Brighton share the 7 most common pipe fittings

If you ask us, it’s crucial that homeowners have at least a basic knowledge of how plumbing works. This helps you diagnose your own plumbing problems, and can help you realise when it’s time to call your local emergency plumbers!  Our Masterful plumbers in Brighton have talked at length about the types of pipes you’ll find in your typical house. We’ve also written about plumbing fixtures on occasion, as well as what you can do to prolong your plumbing. However, one topic we haven’t fully divulged into is pipe fittings. Until today, that is. Read on to learn about the [...]

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Your Bayside plumbers shares 4 benefits of outdoor sink installation

Need plumbing advice? Our Bayside plumbers are here to help! We get a lot of questions about technical things like water pressure, pipe materials and gas plumbing, just to name a few. However, that isn’t all our team can help out with - we can also give you advice about what you should include in your plumbing upgrade or home renovation! In particular, many people who are planning an alfresco dining area question whether they should add an outdoor sink to their set up. If you ask us, that’s an excellent idea! In fact, we think it might we worth [...]

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