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What to do for a burst pipe while waiting for your plumber

Have you ever experienced a burst pipe? The mess, the danger, and the shock can seriously rattle you. But stay calm: our Melbourne plumbers can deal with issues like these for you with the highest sense of urgency. In the meantime, however, there are some steps you can take in order to minimise the danger and damage caused. Only perform these steps if it is safe to do so, and if in doubt, do not proceed. What happens if a water pipe bursts? When a water pipe bursts in your home or commercial space, you should immediately call an emergency [...]

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What should I understand about my plumbing system?

Home or commercial plumbing in Melbourne is an essential component for: Accessing fresh water Discarding waste Accessing gas for your heater or stove In short, a ton of day-to-day functions rely on plumbing! Having a general understanding of your plumbing system can help you to realise how damage can occur, identify issues that have arised, and determine when you need to call an emergency plumber. By introducing yourself to the concepts outlined in this blog, you can better understand how to keep your plumbing system safe and operating exactly as it should. Why is plumbing important to public health and [...]

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Why you must choose a qualified plumber to service your gas

A rotten egg smell? Hissing sounds? Withered plants? All of these point to one major concern: a gas leak. You may not realise it, but any faults with your gas system can put lives and properties in danger. Fortunately, gas leaks are evident if you know the signs and are quite hard to ignore. So what do you do when you have a gas leak? Call or save the number of a gas plumber in Cheltenham on 1300 156 650 to schedule an inspection with a qualified gas plumber.   Three reasons why you need a qualified gas plumber Attempting [...]

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Five signs you need to call a plumber

You know that feeling… the temptation to do your own risky DIY work. It’s a quick fix, you think, how hard could it be? If you’re considering this for any plumbing work, we urge you to stop right there; Instead, call a domestic plumber in St Kilda who is committed to providing you with efficient and affordable plumbing services whenever you need them. DIY plumbing doesn’t often result in success, and even when it does, it’s always very dangerous. Avoid having a plumbing disaster today when you call an expert plumber in Melbourne!   Why do you need a plumber? [...]

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Spot the difference: domestic plumbing vs. commercial plumbing

Not all plumbers are the same. There are two types of plumbing services that you may need depending on where the issue is (and often by virtue, how complicated it is): domestic plumbing and commercial plumbing. While all plumbers deal with leaks, clogged toilets, and burst pipes, commercial plumbing is much more complicated as it usually involves larger and more complex plumbing systems. Think facilities like high rise buildings, apartment complexes, and dental clinics. No matter what kind of plumbing you need, we recommend saving the number of our plumbers in St Kilda in your phone. As we always say, [...]

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What do I do if I have a blocked toilet?

Clogged toilet? Yuck - not again! If you're experiencing toilet problems like slow draining, not being able to flush, or an overflowing toilet, then it sounds like you're in for another toilet dilemma. Blocked, clogged, or smelly toilets are a very serious problem. So if you're caught in this kind of unpleasant situation, get in touch with a toilet plumbing expert in Melbourne who can provide a rapid-service inspection and provide the right fix. Help, I have a clogged toilet! Clogged toilets are always an unpleasant surprise. It’s something no one really thinks about - until it happens to you, [...]

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How plumbing can increase the value of your home in 2021

Are you planning to add more value to your house during 2021? Thinking of selling and wondering what can help boost your home’s value? Consider plumbing upgrades! Particularly if you live in an older home, plumbing problems can often be hidden and subtle, leading to unexpected disasters when you least expect them. Why upgrade your plumbing? Regardless of whether you’re planning to sell your property or you simply feel it’s time to enjoy an optimised plumbing system and functionality in the kitchen or bathrooms, the right plumbing keeps your home functional and comfortable for the long term. So how exactly [...]

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7 money-saving tips for your hot water system

Hot water - who among us can live a single day without it, especially now that we’re moving into winter? And since we’re headed into colder weather, more of us are turning our attention to our hot water, with many contemplating hot water repairs in Melbourne to ensure we get through the coming cold. Of course, that isn’t the only thing you can think about when it comes to your hot water - have you thought about how much your hot water usage might be driving up your bills? Why is my water heating bill so high? And how can [...]

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Do I need to call a gas plumber in Melbourne for gas emergencies?

About 70% of Australian homes use natural gas, with over 11 million residential appliances for hot water supply, heating and cooking purposes. Under normal circumstances, this is completely safe. In that tiny number of instances where this isn’t the case however, you’ll find that there are few things around the house that are as dangerous as a gas leak. It may come unnoticed, but the longer it goes for, the more dangerous it becomes. In addition to the elevated fire risk, a gas leak also comes with a number of short- and long-term health effects. That’s because a gas leak [...]

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Our plumbers share 8 common hot water heater problems

We’re heading into cooler weather - and now is the time to start prepping for a chilly winter! That means refreshing your winter wardrobe, giving your heater a test run to ensure it’s still working properly and of course, making sure your hot water system is ready to handle another cold snap. Hot water unit repairs and installations are a key part of home maintenance in the lead-up to winter - just imagine going through winter with mediocre hot showers! Just as with any other part of your home’s plumbing, while hot water units will last for a long time, [...]

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