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No excuses: always call a professional gas plumber

Smell gas or suspect a leak in your home or workplace? You must never investigate the issue yourself. Instead, call our plumber in Cheltenham for immediate assistance. Ever visited an open house and groaned when you saw an electric cooktop in the kitchen? Many people prefer gas over electricity for cooking as it can effectively lower energy consumption costs, thus effectively lowering your energy bills. Unlike electric cooktops, gas provides almost instant heating and temperature can be precisely controlled. While sometimes more expensive to purchase and install than electric cookers, they are significantly cheaper to run. Gas in the home [...]

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Your Bayside plumbers shares 4 benefits of outdoor sink installation

Need plumbing advice? Our Bayside plumbers are here to help! We get a lot of questions about technical things like water pressure, pipe materials and gas plumbing, just to name a few. However, that isn’t all our team can help out with - we can also give you advice about what you should include in your plumbing upgrade or home renovation! In particular, many people who are planning an alfresco dining area question whether they should add an outdoor sink to their set up. If you ask us, that’s an excellent idea! In fact, we think it might we worth [...]

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4 Reasons to call a gas plumber in Melbourne

A water leak is annoying, but in many cases, harmless. Gas on the other hand? The instant you notice a gas leak, you must seek professional help in order to protect yourself from the inherent danger of gas leaks - whatever you do, don’t try to solve it on your own! Our plumbers in Bayside emergency plumbers in Bayside don’t just fix leaky pipes, blocked toilets, and clogged drains - we also fix a wide range of gas-related problems. Just like driving a car with a gas leak is dangerous, gas leaks at home and in your commercial property can cause [...]

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A Bayside plumber shares 8 silent signs of a major plumbing problem

It may look small now - what you might not know however is that under the surface, there could be a major plumbing problem at play. Why endure plumbing problems such as dripping, strange gurgling noises, and smells (and risk a major plumbing disaster in the near future) when you could call a Bayside plumber to fix the issue? Even small plumbing emergencies have the potential to cause significant damage to your home and property if not solved immediately.  Save yourself the stress (and save the number of your local plumber in Bayside!) to get these problems fixed before they [...]

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How long does it take to fix a burst pipe?

Look up the phrase “plumbing emergency” in the dictionary, and you’ll probably find a picture of a burst pipe right next to it! When it comes to plumbing emergencies, burst pipes are easily one of the most common. And as one of the most common, you’re probably going to want to know what you need to do should you run into this particular problem in your home. As a bona fide emergency, the first thing you should do is call a domestic plumber in Melbourne for burst pipes. They’ll fix the problem for you, ensuring that you don’t need to [...]

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Why you must choose a qualified plumber to service your gas

A rotten egg smell? Hissing sounds? Withered plants? All of these point to one major concern: a gas leak. You may not realise it, but any faults with your gas system can put lives and properties in danger. Fortunately, gas leaks are evident if you know the signs and are quite hard to ignore. So what do you do when you have a gas leak? Call or save the number of a gas plumber in Cheltenham on 1300 156 650 to schedule an inspection with a qualified gas plumber. Three reasons why you need a qualified gas plumber Attempting DIY [...]

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What role does an air gap play in your home’s plumbing system?

We know what you’re thinking: what does air have to do with plumbing? Doesn’t plumbing deal with, you know, water? And of course, you’d be correct. Talk to your Cheltenham plumber on the other hand, and they’ll tell you that air is actually an important part of your home plumbing system. In particular, they might mention two words: “air gap”. But what exactly is this gap, and what does it do? Our plumbers in Cheltenham have the answers. The role an air gap plays in protecting drinking water What is an air gap? In plumbing, air gap refers to a [...]

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What’s the difference between roof plumbing and regular plumbing?

It is very easy to assume that all plumbing is relatively the same - it’s in the name, after all. Unfortunately, you can’t just hire a domestic plumber for every job that arises! If you need routine plumbing maintenance completed, then by all means hire a domestic plumber. Plumbing issues in your bathroom, laundry, kitchen and hot water systems can be solved by these qualified pros. However, when you need maintenance or work done to your roof, it’s important that you hire a professional roof plumber. What’s the difference between roof plumbing and “regular” plumbing? We’re glad you asked! Watermaster’s [...]

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Our local plumber smashes 5 common plumbing myths

Plumbing is an integral part of every single home and business. Without it, you don’t have running water, flushing toilets, or functioning gutters! However most of the time - in fact, until it fails on us - we think very little about plumbing (except if you’re us!) However, thanks to a lack of day-to-day exposure, there are a lot of old myths floating around regarding plumbing. Do you believe in any of these old plumbing myths? Your local plumbers in Bayside are setting the story straight. Myth #1: Calling a plumber isn’t worth it When was the last time you [...]

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8 things your Bayside plumber wishes you knew

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time.  One moment, you’re cooking, washing or showering like normal - the next, the water stops, you’re hit by a blast of cold water, or the toilet backs up! Your response to plumbing problems (like calling an emergency plumber in Bayside!) can make a huge difference. Call us quickly, and you’ll be able to avoid the worst problems. Of course, it’s better that your situation never devolves to the point where you need an emergency plumber. Unfortunately, our Bayside plumbers often see the same mistakes being repeated time and time again. If you avoid [...]

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