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Summer plumbing problems – why you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne

With Christmas over, it’s back to business as usual. It’s not just you who goes back to work - so too does your plumbing. While less stressful than the Christmas period, summer still presents its own unique issues for your plumbing. Think of all the cold showers and extra washing you’ll be doing. And just like any other time of year, plumbing problems can be seriously disruptive and leave you sweltering. Luckily for you, an emergency plumber in Melbourne can help you with... Blocked shower drains There’s nothing more refreshing than stepping into a refreshingly cool shower. Of course, it’s [...]

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A day in the life of your emergency plumber in Melbourne

At Watermaster Plumbing, we’re committed to providing top-shelf plumbing services. Our team are constantly on the road, responding to plumbing problems and emergencies all day, every day. A typical day might see us bounce between Frankston, the CBD and a couple of spots in between. But what does one of those days look like? If you’ve ever wanted to join a plumber on a ride-along, you might need to wait a bit longer. Luckily, we’ve got the next best thing: a blog that covers a day in the life of your local plumber. 6am: Rise and shine! A plumber’s day [...]

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Need an emergency plumber this Christmas? Call Watermaster!

Christmas comes with its own fair share of emergencies like: Last-minute presents Organising dinner reservations Kitchen emergencies Each of these has the potential to cause major problems - while they won’t ruin Christmas, they can certainly cause major disruption and pain! And one common Christmas emergency that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves? Unexpected plumbing problems. Not only is Christmas the time for giving - it’s also the season for plumbing emergencies! That’s because many of us will spend the Christmas break at home. All of a sudden, your home plumbing is putting in more hours than it normally [...]

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An emergency plumber in Hampton explains what’s blocking your pipes

We know what you’re thinking - haven’t we talked about this before? You’re not wrong. We’ve discussed the causes of blocked pipes before. But with the Christmas break fast approaching and the added strain our plumbing systems experience as a result, what better time to revisit this topic than now? Clear pipes often get taken for granted. In fact, it’s assumed that people rarely think of their pipes… until they have a problem with them, of course. Not only can a blockage cause major plumbing disruption to your routine but it can also cause major plumbing problems. Times like this [...]

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Tank vs tankless water heaters: a plumber in Brighton explains all

Tank versus tankless water heaters: while it mightn’t have the same level of hype behind it as Mac vs. PC, Ford vs. Holden, or Coke vs. Pepsi, this is a question that often ends up igniting passionate debate - in the plumbing world, at least! And if you need your hot water system replaced anytime soon, it’s a conversation you’ll want to start paying attention to. There’s no hard and fast answer to the question of which type of heater is best for your home. Both has its own unique advantages and weaknesses - the one that’s best for you [...]

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A Bayside plumber smashes 5 common plumbing myths

Plumbing is an integral part of every single home and business. Without it, you don’t have running water, flushing toilets, or functioning gutters! However most of the time - in fact, until it fails on us - we think very little about plumbing (except if you’re us!) However, thanks to a lack of day-to-day exposure, there are a lot of old myths floating around regarding plumbing. Do you believe in any of these old plumbing myths? Your local Bayside plumber sets the story straight! Myth #1: Calling a plumber isn’t worth it When was the last time you called on [...]

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A Cheltenham plumber explains air gaps, the unsung heroes of plumbing!

We know what you’re thinking: what does air have to do with plumbing? Doesn’t plumbing deal with, you know, water? And of course, you’d be correct. Talk to your Cheltenham plumber on the other hand, and they’ll tell you that air is actually an important part of your home plumbing system! In particular, they might mention two words: “air gap”. Ever wondered what this mysterious gap does and what makes it so essential to your plumbing? If so, we’ve got the answers! The role an air gap plays in protecting drinking water What is an air gap exactly? Air gap: [...]

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An emergency plumber in Bayside explains what it takes to become a plumber

At Watermaster Plumbing, we’ve always incredibly wary when it comes to DIY plumbing. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to unclog a drain by yourself using some tried and tested home remedies… but for plumbing jobs any more complicated than that, we urge you to call a professional plumber. “What makes a professional plumber different?” you may ask. While there are many things, here’s a brief checklist with a couple of the most important differences - and why they matter. 1) Plumbing training is more complex than you might think Plumbing is a lot more complicated than just fitting pipes and [...]

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A plumber in Melbourne explains the importance of regular drain cleaning

Noticed that your basin seems to be taking forever to drain? If so, you may be suffering from a partial drain blockage. With the amount of stuff that goes down our drains (hair, grease, food scraps), it’s no surprise that blocked drains are one of the most common household problems our plumbers in Melbourne encounter. Ideally, you’ll never find yourself in that position to begin with, but if you’re suffering from blocked drains, call a plumber now for immediate attention. The key to avoiding a drain blockage is regular drain cleaning. Prevention is better than cure: why you should make [...]

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Our Melbourne plumber shares the essential gas leak dos and don’ts

Do you smell gas? If so, it’s time to spring into action to protect your property and your family! Gas leaks are hard to ignore. And asides from electricity, they’re the most dangerous type of problem you can have. As such, there are certain things you must do when faced with a gas leak, as well as several things you shouldn’t do. Make no mistake, the proper response can drastically change what happens following a gas leak! Smell gas? Gas leak don’ts It might be due to panic, stress or anxiety. Whatever the cause, many people don’t respond appropriately when [...]

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