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Our plumber in Brighton explains hot water heater repair essentials

Now’s probably the worst time to land in hot water - or more accurately, to run out of hot water! Just imagine a winter evening without a steaming shower or soaking hot bath - no thanks! Fortunately, you won’t be out of hot water for too long thanks to our plumbers in Brighton - experts in hot water plumbing. Whether you’re planning to upgrade an outdated hot water system that’s reached the end of its useful life or simply need your hot water unit patched up for the winter to come, our experienced Brighton plumbers are ready to help! Why [...]

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Our Bayside plumber shares associated dangers of gas leaks

Gas leaks can happen anytime, and come with a range of issues - and not just a lack of hot water, either! Not being able to use your hot water system and gas stoves are the least of your issues when your home or business springs a gas leak. Gas is also straight-up dangerous, as simple as that. Gas safety should be at the top of your priority list. The moment you detect a gas leak, you need to take action (that is to say, call a gas plumber in Bayside for rapid emergency plumbing services). Signs of a gas [...]

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Back in business: our commercial plumber explains flushing water lines

You’d be surprised how many of the plumbing issues our commercial plumbers in Melbourne respond to can be easily prevented with a simple change in habits! One of these habits? Flushing your water lines when your business reopens after a period closed. Whether it’s coming out of COVID-19 lockdown or simply opening back up after the Christmas holidays, one of the first things you need to do is flush your water lines. But why’s that? Our commercial plumbers explain. First thing’s first: what do we mean when we say “flushing water lines” in commercial properties? Simple: it means draining all [...]

2020-06-13T04:06:42+00:00 June 10th, 2020|Blog|

Do you have a gas leak? Our Bayside plumbers share 4 must-know signs

Earlier this month, a gas leak at a pesticide plant in Visakhapatnam, India killed 11 and sent hundreds to hospital. While it’s not pleasant news we want to share, the fact of the matter is that gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, and need to be addressed by a licensed gas plumber the moment you detect one. There’s just one question: how exactly do you identify it?  What you may not know is how you can detect a gas leak in your home - not exactly a comforting thought. Fortunately, our Bayside plumbers have extensive experience working with gas plumbing - [...]

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A Bayside plumber shares 5 must-know signs of hot water problems

Imagine a day - or even a morning - without your hot shower. In these cold winter days, everyone’s finding comfort in the availability of hot water. Washing, cleaning, laundry, showering - imagine if you didn’t have hot water for any of these tasks - and no less, during winter! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what can happen if your system isn’t running as it should. As time goes by, water heaters can grow old and wear out. And just like other appliances you have at home, there will eventually come a time when you need to replace it altogether. How do [...]

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5 common issues our Bayside plumbers fix (and how to avoid them!)

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any given time. And when emergency strikes, the best thing to do is contact a reliable emergency plumber for a fix or solution! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeowner or in need of a commercial plumber in Melbourne - no property is immune from plumbing emergencies. Fortunately, our Bayside plumbing team is ready to tackle any plumbing emergencies you may run into! The most common plumbing emergencies our Bayside plumbers deal with (and what you can do to prevent them!) Burst pipes One of the worst plumbing emergencies that we hope you’ll never have [...]

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Our Bayside plumbers share 8 simple preventative plumbing tips

Plumbing emergencies are the last thing you want happening at your house - especially now that you’re spending a lot more time in it than normal! If you ask our Bayside plumbers, the best way to deal with a plumbing emergency is to prevent it from happening altogether. But how exactly do you go about that? Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple, provided that you take these 8 steps on board! Avoid calling an emergency plumber with these 8 simple tips 1) Keep an eye out for leaks Never ignore a leak - no matter how small you think it is.  [...]

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Our Bayside plumbers share how to prevent burst pipes while away

You’re excited to go return after a long weekend in the country. While you had a great time away, it wasn’t quite home, you know? After all, there’s no place like home, as they say! But as you open the door and step into your living room and kitchen, you notice something off. Hold up… is that… water? The last thing you want to come back to after a relaxing holiday is a plumbing disaster. So before you head off on your well-deserved break, our Bayside plumbers suggest you take the following steps to protect your plumbing before you leave. [...]

2020-04-20T22:46:06+00:00 April 21st, 2020|Blog|

8 things your Bayside plumber wishes you knew!

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time.  One moment, you’re cooking, washing or showering like normal - the next, the water stops, you’re hit by a blast of cold water, or the toilet backs up! Your response to plumbing problems (like calling an emergency plumber in Bayside, stat!) can make a huge difference. Call us quickly, and you’ll be able to avoid the worst problems. Of course, it’s better that your situation never devolves to the point where you need an emergency plumber! Unfortunately, our Bayside plumbers often see the same mistakes being repeated time and time again. If you [...]

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Our Bayside plumbers share what to do when your ceiling leaks

Drip, drip, drip. 0 Welp, guess it’s raining again! For many Melburnians, a rain forecast means that it’s time to break out the buckets and prepare for leaks. Needless to say, this isn’t exactly ideal - as we’ve mentioned many, MANY times on this blog, ceiling leaks are a major problem, and pose a huge risk to your home or business. Here’s something you may not have known, however: not all leaks are obvious! In many cases, a leaking roof can lie undetected for months before presenting visible symptoms - oftentimes when these symptoms do appear, the damage to your [...]

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