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A Bayside plumber shares 8 silent signs of a major plumbing problem

It may look small now – what you might not know however is that under the surface, there could be a major plumbing problem at play.

Why endure plumbing problems such as dripping, strange gurgling noises, and smells (and risk a major plumbing disaster in the near future) when you could call a Bayside plumber to fix the issue?

Even small plumbing emergencies have the potential to cause significant damage to your home and property if not solved immediately. 

Save yourself the stress (and save the number of your local plumber in Bayside!) to get these problems fixed before they turn into all-out disasters!

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Silent signs your house has a major plumbing problem

When you think “major plumbing problem”, chances are you think about something like this.

While that’s certainly bad, most of the time, these plumbing disasters are preceded by less obvious signs.

Once you learn how to identify these telltale signs however, you’ll be able to avoid a plumbing emergency popping up in your home or business… assuming you act quickly, that is!

1) Slow drains

Slow drainage is more than an annoyance – it can also be a sign of a deeper plumbing problem that requires urgent attention from a Melbourne plumber.

Slow drains are often one of the first signs that there’s a clogs somewhere in your system. While it may not be causing major issues right now, it requires  immediate attention if you want to avoid a bigger issue later. 

Oil, grease, food waste, tissues, debris… All of these can cause slow drains, block the flow of water and result in water backing up and getting in your home. 

Worse, left unchecked, blocked drains can also cause:

  • Leaks and water damage
  • Dirty and stagnant water
  • Water stains
  • Sewage back up

Unclog your drains fast with the help of a Bayside plumber so that your water runs through your drains freely once more. 

2) A sudden jump in your water bills

Many invisible plumbing problems go completely unnoticed… with the exception of their impact on your water bills!

If your water bill seems unusually high compared to previous periods, the first thing you should consider is if your family has increased its water usage.

If not, or if you have any doubt, consider organising a plumbing inspection in your home. These checks can identify and investigate and plumbing problems that may be resulting in leaks or wasted water usage behind the surface. 

Such water leaks may be caused by running toilets, a broken or damaged valve, or a loose water valve.

Worse, many of them are completely invisible and silent – you won’t know about them until the quarterly water bill comes in!

If you suspect a hidden leak in your house, call your local plumber. They’ll track down the root problem and fix it for you, saving you from an increased water bill.

3) Ceiling and wall paint bubbles

Noticed strange bubbles on your ceiling and walls?

They aren’t good looking, that’s for sure – but you didn’t need us to tell you that.

What you may not have known however is that in many cases, these bubbles are actually a symptom of a plumbing problem!

Many invisible leaks can cause moisture build-up, leaving some dark marks and warping on your ceiling and walls.

In particular, a leak in your roof can cause discolouration and bubbles build-up in your ceiling. In fact, by the time you notice it significant water damage has occurred already.

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4) Low water pressure

You jump in the shower and notice that water is coming out as barely a dribble, instead of a comfortable and pleasant stream. Besides being annoying, you can probably live with it – for a few days, at least.

What you may not know is that low water pressure in your pipes can indicate a hidden water leak that needs immediate attention.

This in turn could be damaging your property and which could even be facilitating mould and mildew growth inside your walls and crawl spaces.

First thing’s first: check with the neighbours.

If your home is the only one on the street experiencing low water pressure, then this indicates that you have a water leak problem – one that only a licensed plumber can fix.

5) Discoloured pipes

Okay, so the pipes are a different colour from when they were first installed. Big deal.

It is, in fact, a big deal, and a sign of something greater. 

If a pipe has changed colour, that means it’s old. And old pipes are prone to a host of issues such as corrosion, decay, discoloured water and even bursting.

Sure, it may not be affecting you now. However, it has the potential to turn into a major plumbing issue in the future.

6) Sagging and wet floor

We mentioned how a sagging or bubbled wall or ceiling is a sign of a long-term leak in one of your pipes.

Naturally, when the same thing happens to your floor, you’ll want to get in touch with an emergency plumber as soon as you can.

Oftentimes, this can be a clear indication that you have a leak in the pipes that run underneath your flooring.

Left unfixed, this can cause floor damage, mould and mildew build-up, and result in a weakened home structure.

Calling your local plumber the instant you notice this can save you a lot of grief – not to mention, a hefty repair and renovation bill if the problem is ignored!

7) Stagnant water outside

When water starts pooling up inside, we immediately get on the phone with a local plumber.

Water pooling outside, however? Most of us don’t give that a second thought.

While it may not necessarily be causing major damage, the fact that water is pooling up outside hints at a leak in your main connection pipe.

And even if it doesn’t affect your structure, it will impact your water bill!

Noticed a pool of stagnant water outside your house – even though it hasn’t rained? You may have an undiagnosed leak or burst pipe.

8) Uncontrolled water meter

Noticed your water meter needle-moving even if no water is flowing in your home? Chances are your home has a – say it with us – undiagnosed plumbing problem!

If all your water fixtures are turned off, and your water meter seems to keep on moving, you should call an emergency plumber. 

We’ll uncover the source of the problem for you, fixing  it immediately and helping you avoid bill shock. 

Noticed one of these silent plumbing signs in your Bayside home?

Don’t panic – contact a Bayside plumber today!

So you’ve noticed one of these silent plumbing signs pop up in your house. Your first instinct is to panic.

If you ask us, you shouldn’t. In fact, noticing one of these issues is actually a good thing – you’ve spotted it early, and can act responsively to get it fixed before it gets worse.

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