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Why you must choose a qualified plumber to service your gas

A rotten egg smell? Hissing sounds? Withered plants? All of these point to one major concern: a gas leak.

You may not realise it, but any faults with your gas system can put lives and properties in danger.

Fortunately, gas leaks are evident if you know the signs and are quite hard to ignore.

So what do you do when you have a gas leak?

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Three reasons why you need a qualified gas plumber

Attempting DIY gas installation is not only dangerous, but foolish!

While you may think that such DIY attempts save you time and money, trying to investigate gas issues on your own can result in health problems, leaks, fire, and explosions.

Anything related to gas lines, gas appliances, and gas systems need the expertise of an plumber who can safely install your heater, hot water system, gas hobs, and central heating by following specific safety standards.

Gas fitting is a heavily regulated field, and not all plumbers are certified gas fitters who can do the job as cautiously as others.

Here are a few reasons why you need a certified and qualified gas plumber who can install, repair, or replace your gas system for you.

1. DIY gas plumbing involves risks and dangers

Gas and water systems are two separate entities.

A leaking tap might seem like an easy feat, but when it comes to working with gas, there are high risks involved.

Not only are gas systems complicated, but you need to follow certain safety procedures to maintain them.

This is why hiring a certified gas fitter is your best option to ensure that there will be no mistake in working with gas which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions.

2. Maintenance requires permits, and safety protocols need to be abided by

Before installing any gas line or replacing any parts of your gas system, you are required to obtain permits and observe safety code protocols when doing any gas job.

Gasfitters in Australia must have completed their Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations and will need to register with the appropriate Building Authority to carry out works.

Entrust gas line installation to a professional, as they have to get permits upon testing and inspection.

When you choose a licensed and qualified gas plumber, you can be sure you’re choosing an insured professional tradesperson.

3. Gasfitting work should meet necessary standards, and plumbers need accreditation

Any gas fittings in Australia requires accreditation and regulation. It is illegal if an individual works with gas if they do not meet the particular state’s necessary accreditation standards.

Licensing and registration for gas fitting work in Victoria, for example, should be carried out by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

You may need to check your tradesman’s gasfitting licence card to check their training qualifications and requirements to have the peace of mind that you are working with a professional who can safely carry out the work on your gas system.

Their insurance coverage for the work they do should last for six years, and you should get a compliance certificate once they have completed the job.

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Safety tips for your gas system

Gas issues should be taken seriously as potential dangers can put you and your family’s lives at risk during gas leak emergencies.

Gas leaks are normally evident and are quite hard to ignore. You may need to apply the following preventive measures and care tips to ensure safety for your family’s health and home when you sense a leak.

1. Observe gas safety precautions

Gas has been commonly used as fuel for heating, cooking, cutting, and processing of substances.

However, being a responsible gas owner leads you to apply gas safety precautions that help you avoid common gas hazards and lets you take any legal obligations at hand.

You may need to find a well-ventilated area in storing your gas supply and storage, thus may need to put:

  • Safety warning signs to show hazards
  • Protect your gas system from flammable and combustible materials
  • Be easily accessible
  • Make sure gas cylinders are in an upright position

How do you know if your heater is leaking gas?

Early detection of gas leaks minimises any risks of dangers that you might encounter when they happen.

Here are some common signs of gas leaks:

  • Rotten egg smells
  • Dying plants
  • Hissing sound
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing

2. Install carbon monoxide alarms

For safety purposes, you may need to have a properly installed carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that is audible in all areas of your home or commercial property.

Alarms should be certified to meet Safe Work Australia’s standards. Carbon monoxide alarms should have an electrochemical sensing capacity to detect any gas leaks in your home.

3. Replace old gas heaters and appliances immediately

Gas heaters and gas appliances will eventually wear and tear. If you’ve been using your gas heater for more than 15 years, then it might be time to have it replaced.

Old gas heaters may not meet current emission standards, are not eco-friendly, may cause higher costs of electricity, and pose serious health problems.

But before you install or purchase a new gas heater, it is best to consult with your licensed gas fitter so you can have an idea of the best one to buy for your home.

4. Have your gas heater serviced regularly

You may need to book a certified gas fitter and ensure that they have the right knowledge, experience, training, and equipment to install and repair gas leaks and faulty gas appliances.

Do gas water heaters need maintenance?

To maintain the quality and safe use of your gas heaters and gas appliances, you should at least have a licenced gas fitter check and test your system about once a year for any gas leaks or carbon monoxide issues.

If you’re renting, you may need to ask for a recent gas safety check to ensure that your gas system has been properly installed and checked by a registered gas fitter.

Have your gas system serviced by a professional, licensed gas fitter if:

  • There are signs of heat damage
  • Your gas system has not been serviced for two or more years
  • You are having any signs of gas leaks like smells or feeling nauseous


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