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Domestic Plumbing Maintenance from our Melbourne Plumbers

From low water pressure to dripping taps, Watermaster’s team can tackle all of your domestic plumbing maintenance problems.

No plumbing fixture is invincible – just like any other fitting, it’s highly likely they will run into problems at one point or another.

Combine that with the enormous strain your fixtures put up with on any given day and it’s a miracle your pipes don’t need work more often!

Watermaster can inspect, replace, and repair these common domestic plumbing problems:

  • Drainage
  • Gas maintenance and repair
  • Shower repairs
  • Toilet repairs
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Blocked pipes
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Roofing leaks
  • Hot water maintenance and repair

Plumbing maintenance around the house

There are many areas in your house that rely on plumbing and water, so whenever you’ve got plumbing issues, our maintenance services will solve them. The most common rooms facing household plumbing issues are:


One of three “wet” rooms of the house, your bathroom’s plumbing system is intricate and comprehensive.

  • Leaking toilet
  • Blocked drain
  • Sewer backup
  • Shower leak


Quality laundry plumbing is essential to a well-functioning room. A practical laundry space can also provide great resale value to your home.

  • Faulty washing machine
  • Blocked drain
  • Leaking sinks


The heart of the home – and the place where plumbing cannot fail! Experiencing these problems? Give us a call.

  • Leaking dishwasher
  • Clogged sink
  • Faulty taps
  • No hot water


Don’t forget about the outside! The condition of plumbing on the outside of your home is just as important as the inside, including:

  • Sprinklers
  • Irrigation
  • Stormwater drains
  • Gutters
  • Downpipes
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FREE Inspection Report From Watermaster Plumber Melbourne

Luckily for you, the vast majority of these problems can be avoided with regular inspections!

Your local plumber will be able to look over your plumbing system, identify issues and fix them before they turn into major headaches.

At Watermaster Plumbing, we can prepare an inspection report, identifying current and potential defects or risks associated with your household’s plumbing structure. That includes:

  • Damage
  • Water pressure
  • Sealant
  • Leaks
  • Drainage
  • Pipe condition

And if we do detect any plumbing problems during the inspection, we’ll fix them for you at a discounted price! Each of our vehicles is fully equipped with all the plumbing essentials. This gives our team the ability to provide on-the-spot fixes for any plumbing problems we identify during the inspection.

Learn more about Watermaster’s FREE inspection report here.

FREE Inspection Report

Why choose a professional to carry out a plumbing inspection?

It’s simple: while you mightn’t know what to look out for, a licensed plumber does.

This is because many potential plumbing problems are completely invisible to untrained eyes. Many fixtures are hidden underneath cabinets and tucked away in corners. Additionally, many pipes and valves run through crawl spaces, underneath floors and in ceiling cavities.

Problems with these fixtures can go for months or even years without being detected, only presenting with visible signs when it’s far too late to nip the problem in the bud.

The only way to avoid a panicked call to your emergency plumber further down the line is to identify them early.

“An ounce of prevention…”

Watermaster Plumbing is proud of our emergency plumbing service. If you need rapid plumbing help, we’ll respond promptly to your plumbing emergencies.

Ideally though, you’d never have had to call us at all!

The best defense against an unexpected plumbing emergency is routine plumbing maintenance. Ongoing inspections by a licensed plumber can identify potential plumbing emergencies, allowing you to fix small issues before they spiral out of control.

A plumbing inspection from Watermaster Plumbing involves a top-to-bottom check of all your major plumbing fixtures, as well as a search for potential leaks and water damage.

If any problems are detected, we’ll fix them for you on-the-spot. And for cases of chronic plumbing problems, our team can recommend upgrades to your home plumbing that prevent these issues from recurring.

Domestic plumbing maintenance

Our domestic plumbers have worked on a huge list of domestic properties.

Over the years, we’ve developed bespoke plumbing solutions for:

  • Dental practices
  • Factories and industrial businesses
  • Restaurants and hospitality businesses
  • Hotels, apartment and strata properties
  • Warehouses

At each of these properties, healthy plumbing is essential for continuing operations. Even a brief interruption to the water supply can cause business to halt. Often, this leads to unhappy customers.

The best way to prevent this from happening is with regular, ongoing plumbing maintenance.

commercial plumbing services

Our work doesn’t finish when we finish installing your plumbing. Watermaster Plumbing is more than happy to perform regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance of your business’ entire plumbing health.

As part of our commitment to customer service, we work around your business. We take care to ensure routine maintenance of your commercial plumbing minimises disturbances.

And if it turns out that repairs are needed to pre-empt a future plumbing emergency, our team will work hard to schedule it to minimise the disruption to your business.

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