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Burst Pipes Plumber Melbourne

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A burst pipe is one key example of a disaster in the home that requires quick action from a reliable emergency plumber!

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What Causes Burst Water Pipes?

Water pressure

When a pipe in your house clogs, it puts a whole lot of pressure on your plumbing system. The pressure reaches its threshold and pipes expand, eventually bursting.

Water pressure is impeded when foreign materials find their way down your drains. Think fats and oils down the kitchen sink or hair and other foreign products down the shower and toilet.

Tree roots

While your mind might automatically veer inside the home, we can’t forget about external piping, too.

The rapid growth of tree roots in a damp environment like a water pipe can quickly hinder a pipe’s flow, causing a pressure increase which eventually leads to a burst. The miniscule hair-like roots infiltrate pipe work and grow quickly, resulting in a tangled mess of debris that impedes flow.

Damaged piping

Depending on the pressure coming through the pipes, the outcomes of corroded or damaged pipes might be more akin to a water leak rather than a more severe burst.

Either way, damage can still be substantial.

Cold weather

One of the most common causes of burst pipes is cold weather… however here in Australia, it’s seldom the cause.

In colder climates (imagine winter in the US) water freezes in the pipe, expands, and eventually bursts.

Damage Caused by Pipes Bursting

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Indoor flooding

Water builds, a pipe reaches its tipping point, and a disaster strikes. Indoor flooding is a common result of a burst pipe. Regular pipe maintenance as part of a routine plumbing inspection minimises the chance that a pipe will reach this tipping point.

Structural damage

One of the most frightening outcomes of water damage is the risk it poses to the structural integrity of a building. Load-bearing walls carry the majority of your home’s weight. Damage to these key structural ‘muscles’ can put your home, family, office, or employees at risk.


Stagnant water (even when you don’t know it’s there) can attract pests like mosquitos and other insects. Bacteria can also thrive, in the form of mould and mildew, leading to health issues including allergies and asthma.

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