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Slow draining or an unfavourable smell are two warning signs of a blocked drain. If this sounds like you, then Watermaster’s drain cleaning service in Melbourne is the solution you need!

Neglecting your drains or disposing of adverse materials down a drain (think oil down the kitchen sink or tissues down the toilet) can lead to blocked or clogged drains in your home.

Our drain cleaning services help Melbourne households firstly identify the cause of a blockage and then give your drains some much-needed TLC with the right solution!


When most of us think of plumbing, we think of our toilets, showers and pipes.

There’s another type of plumbing that often gets ignored, however: your roof plumbing (and in particular, your gutters!)

The purpose of roof gutters is to move water – such as from a heavy rainfall – off the house, but blocked gutters struggle to perform this function!

Water can begin to pool around a home’s foundation, causing cracks and damaging your home’s structure.

Watermaster will clean your gutters so they can function properly.

Sewage pipes

Blocked sewage pipes could be due to foreign waste making its way down your toilet, or the problem could be deeper into your drainage.

The earlier the problem is detected, the better!

It might not even be an issue with your sewage – it could be something as simple as a faulty toilet flush rather than something much more comprehensive, so before you rip that cistern from the bathroom, let us figure out the issue.


Mother nature can be unbelievably powerful. You might be surprised to learn that nature can wreck your drainage pipes as well!

Nature can be a direct cause of damaged or blocked drains. A crack or leak means a tree root can come into contact with water, thus allowing it to grow.

Tree roots can also crush, break, and damage your drains – don’t underestimate their strength!

We’ll detect an issue and clean out blocked drains, or replace and repair broken drains.

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