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No excuses: always call a professional gas plumber

Smell gas or suspect a leak in your home or workplace? You must never investigate the issue yourself. Instead, call our plumber in Cheltenham for immediate assistance.

Ever visited an open house and groaned when you saw an electric cooktop in the kitchen? Many people prefer gas over electricity for cooking as it can effectively lower energy consumption costs, thus effectively lowering your energy bills.

Unlike electric cooktops, gas provides almost instant heating and temperature can be precisely controlled. While sometimes more expensive to purchase and install than electric cookers, they are significantly cheaper to run.

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Gas in the home

Gas heating and cooking are both popular preferences in the home. But, along with any other household appliance, will at some point or another require professional care or maintenance.

Gas is, as you probably already know, incredibly flammable, so if a gas pipe begins to leak, it can result in a dangerous fire or explosion. Further, excessive gas exposure can have harmful effects on your health.

So what do you do if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak?

What do I do if I smell gas?

Natural gas is odourless and colourless, but a special chemical ingredient is added to give it that distinctive odour. Its purpose is to actually help people identify a gas leak.

If you smell gas, turn off all natural gas appliances and turn your gas meter’s shut-off valve off, too. Open windows in the home for ventilation.

If the smell diminishes after you shut off your gas meter that might indicate a faulty or leaking appliance. It’s important that you get your gas appliances inspected and tested by a licensed gas fitter as soon as possible.

What do I do if I suspect a gas leak?

If the smell persists, you might then suspect a gas leak. Avoid using, turning on or off, or unplugging any electrical devices.

Remove yourself and your family from the affected area, and call an emergency gas plumber straight away! Never seek out a gas leak with a match or open flame.

Gas fire

In the case of fire or explosion, immediately call Triple Zero (000).

In the presence of an ignition source like an open flame, a gas fire or explosion can prove to be catastrophic. All too common in the news, gas fires and explosions are often caused by carelessness around gas appliances like barbeque gas cylinders, or faulty appliances like gas heaters or cookers.

Gas fires and explosions cause millions of dollars of damage every year and injure or kill many Australians.

What can gas plumbers do?

Did you know that not all plumbers are licensed gas plumbers, too?

There’s a bit of a grey area surrounding the disparity between licensed plumbers and licensed gas fitters, so it’s important you know who you are calling.

A licensed gas plumber is required to undertake all gasworks in all Australian states.

Licensed gas plumbers can:

  • Install, repair, and replace gas appliances (and we’ll also let you know if your gas set-up complies with Victorian law)
  • Install gas bottles (including regulators, changeover valves, pigtails, and gas lines)
  • Install and repair gas flue pipes (flue pipes are an important component in your heating installation, promoting healthy household ventilation)
  • Install gas detection systems
  • Conduct leak testing and repairs

A licensed gas fitter will promptly come to your home or office building, and, with the right knowledge, expertise, and equipment, will safely detect a gas leak, provide exceptional repairs to a variety of gas appliances, and make your home safe again.

Gas laws, regulations, and guidelines in Australia

Laws are state-bound, but across Australia, the regulations are pretty black and white for gas plumbers…

  • In South Australia, unlicensed gas work is illegal
  • Unlicensed gas works can come with a $5000 fine in Western Australia
  • In Victoria, “anyone who undertakes plumbing work [including gas fitting] is required to be licensed

Need a gas plumber?

Watermaster are licensed gas plumbers servicing Melbourne’s Bayside region

Based in Bayside, our Cheltenham plumbers operate across Melbourne’s Southeast, visiting homes and businesses to ensure safe and efficient gas and plumbing systems.

Give us a call today on 1300 737 476 or get in touch online to request a quote.

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