Need an emergency plumber this Christmas? Call Watermaster Plumbing!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. However, it can feel a lot less wonderful when you run into plumbing issues! Let’s face it, Christmas can be stressful at times. We’ve all had to deal with sudden cancellations, overcooked food and last-minute presents. Why add a plumbing problem to the mix? Good, healthy plumbing is essential if you’re entertaining guests at home this Christmas. This isn’t just good Christmas advice - it’s important no matter the season. Of course, it’s extra important during Christmas! Are you one of the unlucky ones who’s encountered an unexpected plumbing emergency? Watermaster [...]

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Our plumber in Bayside explains the causes of a leaking shower

Drip, drip, drip.  So you’ve got a shower leak. Not only is it frustrating; it’s a huge waste of water too. However, that isn’t all that can occur as a result of a shower leak. In addition to a faulty showerhead, there are other, less-common types of shower leaks out there that can leave you with major structural damage! The good news is that homeowners like you don’t need to get used to leaky showers!  A leak, especially in your showers, is no joke.  If you suspect a shower leak, then you need the skills and expertise of a plumber [...]

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Our plumbers in Melbourne explain what’s wrong with your kitchen sink

So you’ve tried everything and the kitchen sink… yet, despite your efforts, your kitchen sink still refuses to play nice with you! Bad puns aside, a faulty kitchen sink is one of the worst things that can happen in your kitchen, short of a burst pipe. We’re sure you can agree with our plumbers in Melbourne when they say that the kitchen sink is one of the most important parts of your home! Throughout the day your sink goes through quite a bit. Even when you shrink the timeframe down to a week, a month or a year, and your [...]

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Solve your bathtub plumbing woes with the help of a Melbourne plumber

It’s been a long day - what better way to unwind and relax than by taking a long, relaxing soak in your bathtub? We bet you couldn’t say no to that! With frequent use however, you might not notice some plumbing problems springing up with your bathtub. If you want to continue enjoying your bathtub for years to come, you’ll want to deal with them as soon as possible. You might be tempted to solve them on your own, but in doing so, you might be making matters worse than they are! So instead of figuring out the solution to [...]

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Our plumbers in Melbourne share installation tips for your new home

Plumbing installation for your new home Building a new home? You probably have a lot on your mind. How do you want the home to look? What kind of layout and flow does your family need?  Construction cost and time are probably high up on your list. Plumbing may not be the first (or even second or third) thing you think about when it comes to the requirements for building a new home.  But when you think about it, plumbing has a big impact on the experiences of living in a home. It can make aspects of your everyday life [...]

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6 things you didn’t know about your Bayside plumber!

There are certain numbers that you store in your phone: your partner, the kids, your GP, and, if you’re smart, your local Bayside plumber!  You might have a number of tradies saved in your phone, and they’ve probably helped you a couple of times when something’s gone wrong! It’s fair to say that many of us rely on our plumbing. But how many of us know that much about their plumber, and how they work? To many, plumbing is something you’ll never deal with directly. As a result, most people don’t really know that much about the art of plumbing, [...]

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A plumber in Bayside talks kitchen plumbing maintenance

Food, glorious food... none of it would have been possible without your kitchen! Eating is a pretty important part of our lives (we need food to live, after all) - as such, the kitchen is an essential part of your home, which makes kitchen maintenance a high priority. In particular, kitchen plumbing maintenance is especially important! What exactly should your kitchen plumbing maintenance look at? Luckily for you, kitchen plumbing is one of the most common things our plumber in Bayside gets called out for - today, we’ll be sharing some of the most common issues that crop up (and [...]

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Our plumber in Melbourne identifies these outdoor plumbing problems

It’s not always easy to detect outdoor plumbing problems: when we utter the words ‘plumbing problems’, no doubt your mind heads straight indoors, with visions of toilet backflow, leaking taps, and burst pipes flooding your mind (pardon the pun!) It’s easy to see why we instantly think of the indoors. Water inside is a bad sign. Water inside does damage. And water inside indicates a plumbing problem. On the outside, however? Well, you think to yourself. As long as the water stays out, it’s fine, right?  Not so fast! Identifying and rectifying outdoor plumbing problems can solve leaks you didn’t [...]

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3 reason you NEED a Bayside plumber for your bathroom renovation

If you ask us, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. The bathroom is where to go to prepare for our day. It’s also where we go to clean up. Naturally, the cleanliness and feeling of your bathroom has a considerable impact on just how clean you feel! Is a major bathroom renovation on the cards? Have you found yourself spending hours on Pinterest and home improvement blogs scouring for ideas? If so, you’ll want to give this very blog post a read too - our plumbers in Bayside have worked on many bathroom renovations [...]

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Avoid these DIY plumbing mistakes – call a domestic plumber!

DIY? More like “D-I-Why-Oh-Why”?! As a domestic plumber in Melbourne, we deal with a lot of unexpected plumbing problems.  And in many cases, we discover that the problem is a plumbing repair or installation that has been obviously DIY’d.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to always call a professional for your plumbing.  Let’s just way there’s a very good reason that we’ve talked about this very topic several times before! You may think you can handle your plumbing all on your own with nothing more than a YouTube tutorial to guide you. Don’t make that mistake - [...]

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