Suffering from blocked drains? You need an emergency plumber!

Not every plumbing emergency is something big like a burst pipe or an indoor flood. Sometimes, it can take the form of something that, when detected early enough, can be relatively minor, like a blocked drain! In many cases, you might in fact think that a blockage is easy enough to clear yourself. While we can appreciate your commitment to DIY, we must implore that you never try to do any plumbing work yourself. So put down the wire hanger, leave the boiling water, and instead pick up the phone and call an emergency plumber. What causes blocked drains? Anything [...]

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Planning a kitchen renovation? 5 tips from a Melbourne plumber

Renovations are en vogue now thanks to TV programs like The Block and House Rules. In fact, it’s estimated that Australians are on track to spend $8.8 billion over the next 5 years improving their homes. And surprise surprise, kitchens are one of the most popular targets for renovation. While TV might make renovating look like something anybody can do, in the real world kitchen renovation takes a lot of work and meticulous planning. Are you planning on joining the growing number of homeowners with a kitchen renovation in the near future? If so, you’ll need to pay particularly close [...]

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Do you suffer from one of these common laundry plumbing problems?

Imagine living without clean towels, clothes and linens. How long would you last? We’re sure it wouldn’t take you long to give in! That’s exactly the situation you might find yourself in if you don’t look after your laundry plumbing. Laundry is an important chore - therefore, a functional laundry area is a must-have in homes. Just last month we gave you four laundry plumbing tips to ensure your laundry room continues to serve you. But what about when the worse happens? If you run into any of these common laundry plumbing problems, you might need an emergency plumber! Floods [...]

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Causes, symptoms and fixes for burst pipes – an emergency plumber explains all!

When it comes to plumbing problems, few are as severe as burst pipes. You can live with a leak, at least for the short-term. Likewise with hot water problems. And while low water pressure is a problem, at least you still have water! It’s a lot harder to live with burst pipes, however. Burst pipes can cause massive damage. There’s no way around that - just think about how much water you use in a typical evening. Now imagine all of that water not coming out of your taps, but instead flooding out of a burst pipe in your ceiling [...]

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Does home drain cleaning work? We dissect 4 common home solutions

Drain cleaning is a normal part of home maintenance. Just like weeding your garden or cleaning out your gutters, it’s part of the package. And because dirty drains are so much more common compared to a burst pipe, for example, for many homeowners, the first instinct is to fix it themselves. While we discourage DIY plumbing, there are some drain blockages which may be minor enough to address on your own… provided you do it properly! Don’t have the know-how nor the desire to clean blocked or dirty drains? Call Watermaster’s Melbourne plumbers for safe and efficient drain cleaning. Here’s [...]

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What happens when you flush the toilet? A professional plumber in Melbourne details common questions related to toilets and plumbing problems

It’s only when they start exhibiting signs of a problem that people put any thought into their toilets. But not us! Got toilet problems? No worries. Help is here. Read on to find out what happens when you flush a toilet, and how to solve any toilet flushing woes you might face. Quick facts about toilets Here are some interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about toilets! According to the World Toilet Organisation (yes, it exists), the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily It’s believed that toilet paper was invented in [...]

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4 laundry plumbing tips that’ll make laundry day a breeze!

Your laundry area maybe one of the most overlooked places around your home. While not as glamorous as your bathroom or kitchen, this small area is often an untapped goldmine that can potentially add great value and functionality to your home! Unlike kitchens or bathrooms, laundry rooms are functional above all else. As such, laundry plumbing focuses on making your space more practical. Here are just a couple ways you can give your laundry a makeover! Laundry plumbing tip #1: change your old laundry pipes Renovating your laundry area can be as simple as updating your old pipes. Rusty, worn-out [...]

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Gas, gas, gas! A gas plumber in Melbourne explains what you should do if you smell gas

Do you smell something? Something strong and certainly unappealing, like sulphur or rotten eggs? If you’re greeted by a home that smells like the inside of a volcano, don’t hesitate. Chances are you have a gas leak! Each year, gas sends dozens of Australians to hospital. Earlier this month, four people (including a baby) had to be hospitalised following a suspected gas leak. Barely a week earlier, two workers died after being overcome by gas fumes during routine maintenance. Yes, gas is no laughing matter. So what happens when you smell it in your home? Step #1: how can I [...]

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The usual suspects: an emergency plumber explains the most common emergencies

As emergency plumbers, we get called to all sorts of plumbing disasters that require urgent attention. We help homeowners and businesses alike deal with all sorts of emergencies, big and small. However, there are a couple of plumbing emergencies that pop up time and time again. Whether it’s because these particular parts of your plumbing systems undergo more strain or are prone to sudden trauma like storm damage, common plumbing issues that occur throughout Melbourne homes and commercial properties becomes clear. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ones, and how your emergency plumber can help with [...]

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A domestic plumber shares 6 small ways you can upgrade and improve your kitchen

We know, kitchen renovations can be expensive. And right now, it’s just not feasible within your household. However, that’s not to say you have to content yourself with an old, worn kitchen: there are plenty of smaller plumbing jobs that can incrementally improve the look, functionality, and safety of your kitchen. Here are just a handful of small suggestions you can think about, courtesy of Watermaster’s team of domestic plumbers.     Upgrade your kitchen faucets and taps The humble tap is arguably the most-used part of your entire kitchen. So, it stands to reason that even a minor upgrade [...]

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