4 laundry plumbing tips that’ll make laundry day a breeze!

Your laundry area maybe one of the most overlooked places around your home. While not as glamorous as your bathroom or kitchen, this small area is often an untapped goldmine that can potentially add great value and functionality to your home! Unlike kitchens or bathrooms, laundry rooms are functional above all else. As such, laundry plumbing focuses on making your space more practical. Here are just a couple ways you can give your laundry a makeover! Laundry plumbing tip #1: change your old laundry pipes Renovating your laundry area can be as simple as updating your old pipes. Rusty, worn-out [...]

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Gas, gas, gas! A gas plumber in Melbourne explains what you should do if you smell gas

Do you smell something? Something strong and certainly unappealing, like sulphur or rotten eggs? If you’re greeted by a home that smells like the inside of a volcano, don’t hesitate. Chances are you have a gas leak! Each year, gas sends dozens of Australians to hospital. Earlier this month, four people (including a baby) had to be hospitalised following a suspected gas leak. Barely a week earlier, two workers died after being overcome by gas fumes during routine maintenance. Yes, gas is no laughing matter. So what happens when you smell it in your home? Step #1: how can I [...]

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The usual suspects: an emergency plumber explains the most common emergencies

As emergency plumbers, we get called to all sorts of plumbing disasters that require urgent attention. We help homeowners and businesses alike deal with all sorts of emergencies, big and small. However, there are a couple of plumbing emergencies that pop up time and time again. Whether it’s because these particular parts of your plumbing systems undergo more strain or are prone to sudden trauma like storm damage, common plumbing issues that occur throughout Melbourne homes and commercial properties becomes clear. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ones, and how your emergency plumber can help with [...]

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A domestic plumber shares 6 small ways you can upgrade and improve your kitchen

We know, kitchen renovations can be expensive. And right now, it’s just not feasible within your household. However, that’s not to say you have to content yourself with an old, worn kitchen: there are plenty of smaller plumbing jobs that can incrementally improve the look, functionality, and safety of your kitchen. Here are just a handful of small suggestions you can think about, courtesy of Watermaster’s team of domestic plumbers.     Upgrade your kitchen faucets and taps The humble tap is arguably the most-used part of your entire kitchen. So, it stands to reason that even a minor upgrade [...]

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Prepare for winter! Do you need an emergency plumber for your hot water system?

You’d better start building a stash of nuts and digging a cosy den for yourself, because winter is well and truly on its way. While not as brutal as the ones in the northern hemisphere, winters Down Under aren’t exactly a walk in the park - especially for us sensitive Aussies! It pays to prepare! And you can’t talk about winter preparations without thinking about your hot water system. Preventative plumbing can save you a lot of trouble further down the line. No two houses are identical plumbing-wise. You might use different piping materials from your neighbours, or have a [...]

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A commercial plumber explains the most common issues found during inspections

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed some of the most common plumbing problems your local plumber addresses during domestic plumbing inspections. Homes aren’t the only types of buildings we inspect, however: we also have a diverse range of commercial clients. And just like houses, there are some plumbing problems that we see pop up time and time again in commercial properties. Left untreated, plumbing issues can cause stress and headache to business owners, employees, clients, visitors, guests, and customers alike! In some cases, it can even cause business to come to a complete stop while severe issues are repaired. [...]

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Our domestic plumbers share the best ways to spruce up your bathroom with basic upgrades

Tired of showering, dressing, and doing your make-up in a dull, uninspiring bathroom? It might be time for an upgrade! In an ideal world, you’d have a complete bathroom renovation lined up. In the real world however, your budget simply might not allow it right now. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to put up with a tired, worn-out old bathroom! These basic plumbing upgrades are relatively affordable and allow you to more gradually reach the bathroom of your dreams.   New taps for your bathroom A quick and simple way to add a dash of class to your [...]

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A plumber in Melbourne shares the most common problems we find in home inspections

It’s natural to feel excited when you’re handed the keys to your new house. But before packing your stuff and moving into your dream home, it’s imperative you identify plumbing issues before moving in. Many homeowners miss problems with their pipes, drains, sewers and toilets, jumping into a house that they might later discover is rife with plumbing issues. Even small concerns can turn into major problems soon if left unchecked! Estimating the time and cost of repairs beforehand can save you a huge amount of worry and headaches that can come from surprise plumbing issues. Our plumber in Melbourne [...]

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Melbourne plumber explains: is it time to update your old plumbing?

“If these walls could talk...” Have you ever wondered what stories the walls of an old house would tell if they could talk? While we’ll never truly know, there’s one feature in your house that doesn’t need words to tell tales: your plumbing. You can learn a lot about the condition and age of a home by taking a look at its plumbing. If you live in an older home or are looking at purchasing one, an inspection of your fixtures is a must. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry - Watermaster’s Melbourne plumber will walk [...]

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Don’t flush money down the toilet: our Melbourne plumbers explain how your loo can save water

Remember those water restriction rules and regulations we were all following in the early 2000s? While the drought of the early noughties is over, that doesn’t diminish the importance of saving water. If anything, it should serve as a reminder that water is a finite resource that needs to be saved! In a country as dry and drought-prone as ours, it’s always a good idea to save water. It’s also a great way to lighten your household budget. This week, our Melbourne plumbers take a closer look at the humble toilet. How can you save water every time you flush? [...]

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