What’s the difference between roof plumbing and regular plumbing?

It is very easy to assume that all plumbing is relatively the same - it’s in the name, after all. Unfortunately, you can’t just hire a domestic plumber for every job that arises! If you need routine plumbing maintenance completed, then by all means hire a domestic plumber. Plumbing issues in your bathroom, laundry, kitchen and hot water systems can be serviced by these qualified pros. However, when you need maintenance or work done to your roof, it’s important that you hire a professional roof plumber. What’s the difference between roof plumbing and “regular” plumbing? We’re glad you asked! Watermaster’s [...]

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How to spot a dodgy plumber: our Melbourne plumbers explain all!

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or replacing old pipes, you don’t want to find out your plumber is dodgy after the work is done. There’s nothing worse than finding out after-the-fact that your plumber wasn’t exactly trustworthy. The worst part? Most people only find out about this when their pipes burst, their hot water system dies or their pipes start leaking again - long after the work is completed and you’ve handed over your hard-earned money! The professionals from Watermaster Plumbing Solutions want to ensure that you never find yourself in a precarious situation with an equally precarious plumber. To [...]

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Smelly bathroom? 4 tips from our Bentleigh plumbers

You clean your bathroom every week. You go over every surface with cleaning products and disinfectant. No corner escapes your gaze. Yet despite how hard you try, the smell lingers. The bathroom is where you go to wash, clean up and prepare for your day. As such, the last thing you want from your church of cleanliness is for it to smell all sorts of nasty! Our Bentleigh plumbers have dealt with many cases like this. In our experience, it’s persistent odours aren’t something you can clean on your own - rather, they’re symptoms of deeper problems in your bathroom [...]

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4 burst pipe band-aids while you wait on an emergency plumber in Bayside

Normally, we strongly advise against DIY plumbing. There are a number of reasons for that: High risk of making things worse Insurance providers takes a dim view of it It may even be illegal! It’s downright dangerous However, there are a handful of instances where it might be a good idea to do some quick fix-ups of your own - as long as you follow up by making a call to an emergency plumber in Prahran, of course! One such case is when you encounter a burst, cracked or broken pipe. Every second counts when you run into one of [...]

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What you’re paying for when you call our plumbers in Bayside

Have you noticed a dramatic increase in DIY plumbing recently? Some people assume that they don’t need to call our plumbers in Bayside, and that a YouTube tutorial is enough to perform most plumbing jobs. This couldn’t be more inaccurate! So what exactly goes into the cost of calling a qualified plumber who will not only perform the job for you, but explain the reason it happened, determine potential future risks (and their fixes), and deliver it all on-time and transparently? When you call your local plumber, you aren’t just paying for their service. You’re also paying for... Plumbing experience [...]

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A plumber in Brighton explains how to choose a great tub for your bathroom

While a standing shower might get the job done, there’s nothing quite like the luxury and comfort of a hot, soaking bath. And with the cooler months coming up, it’s the perfect way to beat those chilly winter blues. With that said, it’s no wonder that bathtub installation is one of the more common bathroom renovations this plumber in Brighton is called to perform. Here’s the thing though: installing a new bathtub isn’t as easy as just ordering a tub and bolting it down to your bathroom floor. There’s a whole host of considerations you’ll need to look at if [...]

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Bon appetit! Our Bayside plumbers explain restaurant plumbing

So you’ve got a killer idea for a restaurant. You’ve got a great, high-traffic area. You know exactly how the decor is going to look. But how much thought have you given to your restaurant plumbing? Think about your home’s plumbing requirements. Now compare that to how much water a restaurant uses, and how much greywater they generate. No surprise, restaurant plumbing is significantly more complex. And with that comes a whole host of unique plumbing considerations! This week, our Bayside plumbers look at the complexity and planning required when it comes to restaurant plumbing. Not sure where to start? [...]

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Plumbing mythbusters: our Brighton plumbers set the record straight

Let’s be clear: we have nothing against you trying to learn more about your plumbing system. In fact, we encourage it - this way, you’ll be able to better avoid many of the most common plumbing woes. So what’s the problem? It’s simple: the plumbing sphere is full of misconceptions, old wives tales, myths and sometimes, even straight-up lies! Luckily, our Brighton plumbers are here to set the record straight on these all-too-common plumbing myths. Myth #1: using hot water to unclog your drains When it comes to blocked drains, there are countless home remedies out there, some of which [...]

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A Melbourne plumber explains the problems of high water pressure

You approach the sink, glass in hand. Gently, you turn the tap, expecting a trickle of water to come out. Instead, you’re greeted by a blast of high-pressure water, a wet shirt and several minutes of frantic wiping. It’s happened to all of us at one stage or another. The only question: “why?” The answer is high water pressure. High water pressure, and why it isn’t always a good thing You might think that high water pressure is a good thing. Take it from us however, it most certainly isn’t! Water is a powerful force - it did carve out [...]

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A Melbourne plumber explains the causes of roof leaks – and how to fix them!

Your roof and ceiling exist to keep rain out of your home. Unfortunately, sometimes it fails at this job! A leaky roof is one of the worst possible plumbing problems homeowners face. If not repaired quickly enough, it can lead to a whole host of issues, including (but not limited to): Water damage Stained ceilings Mould growth Roof cracks So, why is your roof or ceiling leaking? Our Melbourne plumbers take a close look at some of the most common reasons for that pesky roof leak, and importantly, how we can help!   A behind-the-scenes plumbing leak The most common [...]

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