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Do you suffer from one of these common laundry plumbing problems?

Imagine living without clean towels, clothes and linens. How long would you last? We’re sure it wouldn’t take you long to give in!

That’s exactly the situation you might find yourself in if you don’t look after your laundry plumbing.

Laundry is an important chore – therefore, a functional laundry area is a must-have in homes. Just last month we gave you four laundry plumbing tips to ensure your laundry room continues to serve you.

But what about when the worse happens?

If you run into any of these common laundry plumbing problems, you might need an emergency plumber!

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Floods and leaks in your laundry

One of the worst feelings in the world is coming home only to find a portion of your home underwater.

Even if you don’t live in a flood-prone area, you’re not immune from flooding. It might even come from within!

A flooded room doesn’t just ruin your day. It can also ruin your house – in particular, it can damage carpets and warp floorboards. It can even lead to mould.

Old laundry plumbing can be a major cause of plumbing woes. Compare to your toilets or shower plumbing, however, it’s common that the laundry receives less attention.

Flooded laundry areas can be caused by…


Clogged drains

When you run water through your washing machine, it needs to go somewhere.

And if your laundry drainage pipe is blocked, greywater has nowhere to go except back where it came from. And oftentimes, that means an overflowing washing machine and a flooded laundry room!

It’s not uncommon to see small laundry items like socks find their way into your drainage pipes. Be sure to check up on them periodically to avoid this happening.

Another potential problem is that your drains simply might not be able to keep up! Talk to a laundry plumber about upgrading your drains so they can handle heavier water flows.


Burst pipes

Burst and leaking pipes require no introduction!

In most cases, burst pipes are caused by wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do on your own to fix these other than to get them replaced entirely.

Schedule regular plumbing inspections to identify any potential bursts in-the-making.

And if your laundry pipes do give way, get in touch with a rapid-response emergency plumber like Watermaster Plumbing.



You don’t have enough water to do your laundry

Piles of dirty laundry need a lot of water.

Needless to say, if you’re not getting the right amount of water to keep up with your laundry demands, then something’s wrong.

This isn’t always a problem with your water supply pipes either. Sometimes, it might be isolated to your washing machine.

All of the water that comes through the supply hoses and into your washing machine pass through screens. These are intended to filter out any debris and dirt before it can contaminate your clothing.

Sometimes this filter itself might get clogged. Thankfully, cleaning them out is fairly straightforward.

But if you’ve looked at your filters and pipes and nothing seems to be fixed, the problem may lie elsewhere in your home plumbing, like your water supply pipe or water heater.

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Laundry water drains right out without washing anything

Does your washing machine fill with water, only for it to drain away without properly washing anything?

Water inlet valves control the water level and pressure, while the water pump removes dirty water.

An issue with either of these components can cause water to pass through your machine without washing anything. Incidentally, they can also cause the water pressure to drop significantly, turning what should be a jet of water into a trickle.

This is an appliance issue, rather than a plumbing issue.

Your best bet is to call an appliance repair person to come out and inspect your washing machine. They’ll offer the best advice when it comes to repair vs. replacement.


Need an emergency laundry plumber in Melbourne?

Call Watermaster Plumbing today!

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We provide service for all types of residential and commercial plumbing emergencies, and that includes laundry plumbing problems that require immediate action.

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