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Our domestic plumbers share the best ways to spruce up your bathroom with basic upgrades

Tired of showering, dressing, and doing your make-up in a dull, uninspiring bathroom?

It might be time for an upgrade!

In an ideal world, you’d have a complete bathroom renovation lined up. In the real world however, your budget simply might not allow it right now.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to put up with a tired, worn-out old bathroom!

These basic plumbing upgrades are relatively affordable and allow you to more gradually reach the bathroom of your dreams.


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New taps for your bathroom

A quick and simple way to add a dash of class to your bathroom is by changing up your fittings:

  • Door and cupboard handles
  • Towel racks
  • Accessories

… and of course, replacing your taps!

Not only can a new set of taps give your bathroom a new lease on life, but many older taps are simply worn out. In these cases, an upgrade can also improve your bathroom’s functionality as well.

Additionally, be sure to use this as an opportunity to check for leaking taps or problematic pipes.

If you decide to get new taps installed in your home, we strongly recommend getting a professional to do it: a professional plumber knows their way around pipes.

It’s imperative – even for seemingly simple jobs like replacing taps – that you only ever engage a licensed and qualified plumber.

Click here to read more about why you should always choose a licensed plumber.


Feel anxious when you go to the loo? Think about a new toilet!

Every time you flush, do you feel a sense of loom as you see the water rising higher and higher in the bowl before draining?

A problematic toilet can lead to nasty blockages and backflow – yuck.

If your toilet is causing you strife, talk to your local plumber about getting your toilets inspected. Who knows, it could simply be a case of:

  • A faulty piece of equipment in the tank
  • Blockages further down your sewer line
  • Piping problems
  • Leaks in your inlet valve

Upgrading your toilet can also save you a tidy sum on your water bill as well.

Many older toilets lack the water-saving efficiency of modern ones. In fact, old toilet can use up to 12 litres per flush. Compare this to new, efficient models which can use as little as 3 or 4 litres per flush.

Not to mention, oftentimes these modern systems are quieter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Do you want to save water with your loo? Read up on our water-saving tips here.

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Fix your bathroom by fixing your shower!

For many of us – and regardless if you’re a morning or evening shower-er – the shower is the best part of the day. Just you, alone with your thoughts (and maybe a killer soundtrack), prepping for the day ahead or relaxing for the night.

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your shower, ranging from aesthetic to practical.

From a pragmatic standpoint, new shower heads are simply better than their older counterparts in almost every way. They:

  • Are more water-efficient
  • Have more spray options
  • Offer more water pressure
  • Simply feel better!

Additionally, modern shower heads are safer. Many now include an anti-scald valve that safely regulates sudden changes water pressure and keeps temperature to a safe level.

There are plenty of options when it comes to an effective shower head. Choose from a variety of wall-mounted, handheld, body spray or luxury rain shower heads.

And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also enhance your shower experience by installing shower doors, enclosures, bases and even grab bars. While these fixes might fall outside the realm of “basic” plumbing upgrades, they’re still worth your consideration.

Planning a complete bathroom renovation? Watermaster Plumbing can help!

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How bathtubs improve your bathroom

Water restrictions were not kind towards those of us with bathtubs. All of a sudden, many of us could no longer afford to use our bathtubs.

And even after water restrictions were lifted, for many, the habit stuck.

The result? Hundreds (possibly thousands) of neglected bathtubs across Australia, quickly becoming wasted and unused space!

Giving your tub a makeover can be as simple as repainting, masking, sanding or priming. You can also make sure that chips, scratches and any other damages are fixed in your tub.  

When it comes to installing a completely new tub or getting your bathtub redone, there’s no getting around it: you’ll need the expertise of your local plumber.

Suggestions include:

  • Moving your shower over the bath to create more space in your bathroom
  • Creating a double shower over your old bath’s footprint
  • Replacing an old bath with a spa-like in-ground tub


Double sinks as a bathroom improvement

Shifting from single to double sinks adds functionality and convenience to your bathroom.

Not only does it bring a completely new look to your sink area, but it also saves you time every day if you share your bathroom sink with other people. No more waiting in queue every morning!

However, adding another sink in your bathroom requires you to make some significant (albeit minor) changes to your plumbing. And for that, you’ll need a professional plumber.


Considering plumbing upgrades in your bathroom?

Watermaster’s domestic plumbers are ready to help out!

Some small bathroom changes like new door knobs and towel racks can be completed by yourself with a screwdriver and an hour’s spare time.

Others however require a professional plumber to make sure things are done right… and safely!

If you need a professional’s opinion, get in touch with Sam and the team from Watermaster Plumbing!

Watermaster plumbers are registered and licensed plumbers in Melbourne, offering advice and services all across Melbourne’s Bayside.

Whether you require an emergency repair or want to install a luxurious shower in your bathroom, we ensure you enjoy a stress-free experience from licensed, clean, and friendly plumbers!

Give us a call now on 1300 156 650 to arrange a prompt and efficient plumbing service in your home.

Got a question? Send us a message here and we will be in touch.

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