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Outdoor Drains: Caring For Your Outdoor Pipes

With recent chilly mornings and days that hardly reach higher than 15 degrees, it’s certainly feeling a lot like winter! Along with this miserable weather often comes urgent requests for emergency plumbers to fix damaged external pipes.



Fixing or replacing old or broken pipes

Replacing pipes can be a tricky business and is best left to the experts, especially if these pipes are located outside the home and underground!

The most important thing you can do it look out for the signs and get help early! Do not wait for a problem to manifest before you seek help from the pros.

Using specialist tools, plumbers can investigate drain issues better than any naked eye can, and, should the matter require it, can dig up, reline, and replace damaged outdoor pipes.

Got drainage issues? Give us a call!


Outdoor drains

Outdoor drains are responsible for channelling water (and rain) away from your home or garden.

Due to their placement, like on a driveway or in a backyard, they’re no doubt prone to debris like dirt and leaves. This natural matter can block the drain itself, or enter the drain and end up blocking the pipeline.


Keeping roof gutters clean

Keeping roof gutters clean can be challenging, especially after the autumn season where gutters will collect copious amounts of leaves and dirt.

While rain does wash away debris, it’s the buildup that causes blockages. During periods of little to no rain, debris remains stagnant in your gutter and quickly accumulates. Once rain does arrive, it struggles to not only move heavy debris but also struggles to flow through gutters.

Further, full gutters can actually place additional strain, causing them to even tear off from the roof!

Spring is just around the corner. Did you know you should be scheduling annual gutter cleans? The first few weeks after winter is the perfect time to get those gutters cleaned.

outdoor pipes

Sewerage pipes

It is a real pain to discover that your sewerage pipes are blocked mainly because this can lead to nasty backup in your home!

Look after them well and you’ll ensure you will never have to deal with this tricky problem. Not everything you find in the supermarket that is marked “dissolvable” actually is (we’re talking to you, “flushable” wipes).

Learn to read labels at the supermarket with a critical eye, and if you are unsure about any product, do not flush it! Don’t treat your toilet like a rubbish bin.

Put it this way: there are only two things that should go down your toilet. And one of those things is toilet paper. For more information on the causes of blocked toilets, read this blog post.


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Get a leg up by organising a roof inspection just in time for spring and let’s improve your home’s outdoor plumbing system.

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