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An Emergency Plumber In Hampton Explains What’s Blocking Your Pipes

We know what you’re thinking – haven’t we talked about this before?

You’re not wrong. We’ve discussed the causes of blocked pipes before.

But with the Christmas break fast approaching and the added strain our plumbing systems experience as a result, what better time to revisit this topic than now?

Clear pipes often get taken for granted.

In fact, it’s assumed that people rarely think of their pipes… until they have a problem with them, of course.

Not only can a blockage cause major plumbing disruption to your routine but it can also cause major plumbing problems.

Times like this call for an emergency plumber.

The best outcome though? Avoiding a blocked drain altogether!

And understanding the causes of a blocked pipe is key to avoiding a clogged drain in the first place.

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An emergency plumber in Hampton explains the causes of blocked pipes

If you want to avoid the problems listed above, it’s important that you understand what causes your pipes to become blocked in the first place.

Everyone knows what causes a blocked pipe – it’s pretty obvious that blocked pipes occur when something that isn’t meant to go down your drains does.

However there is a secondary issue – that is, a lot of the things you think belong down the drain can in fact be some of the most common causes of blockages!

Food waste

Food debris can make its way into your kitchen sink – it’s almost unavoidable, especially if you don’t have a sink strainer.

Over time, this can build up, causing a clog in your drain.

This is pretty straightforward. However, many homeowners think that it isn’t a problem since the water will “wash it all away”.

Of course, this doesn’t always happen (especially if you suffer from low water pressure) so you’ll want to avoid this altogether!

Fat, oil, and grease

Some homeowners might think since it’s liquid, there should be no issues with disposing of oil, fat, and grease via their drains.

Here’s the thing though: while it may be liquid now, will it still be liquid when it cools down?

Anyone who’s ever had to refrigerate leftovers knows that fat, oil, and grease can solidify when it cools down. This creates a blockage that stops water from flowing properly.

This piece of advice is especially relevant with Christmas coming up. Preparing the Christmas feast takes time – we totally understand that you’re exhausted and just want to make things easier on yourself.

However, pouring grease and oil down your sink is not the way to go about this!

To avoid a blockage, be sure to dispose of fat, oil, and grease properly. That means bagging them up and put them in your bins – not in your pipes.


Surprisingly enough, in many cases when we clear out blockages we find clumps of old tissues and paper towels!

That’s because unlike toilet paper, tissues and paper towels are not water-soluble. Stuff them down your toilet bowl and they won’t dissolve – instead, they’ll build up, causing blocked pipes.

There’s a reason why those paper towel commercials highlight the strength of their product – they don’t dissolve when wet!

Doing this bad practice can pile up tissues and baby wipes causing a serious blockage on your toilet pipes.

Hair and soap scum

It isn’t just your kitchen sink or toilet that can experience a blockage – there’s also the matter of your shower too!

Hair and soap scum are another common cause of blocked pipes.

While you might initially think that both would be swept away by running water, the fact is that hair can indeed get tangled.

Instead of dealing with individual strands, you’ll be contending with a big ball of hair. This then traps soap scum and more hair, making the problem even worse.

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Tree roots

Yes, really!

Trees are basically unstoppable – here’s just a couple of things trees can swallow as they grow.

And the same applies to their roots, too.

While we’re not biologists, what we can tell you is that tree roots are wired to seek out water.

And once they get a scent for it, the tree roots keep growing until they reach it.

Even a minor leak in your underground pipes might be all that’s needed for a nearby tree to get a whiff. From there, it’s just a matter of time until they reach the pipe in question and break in.

As such, tree roots are a surprisingly common cause of blocked drains. Thanks to the free supply of nutrients, water, and oxygen that it needs to grow, it isn’t uncommon for roots to thrive inside your pipe until it’s completely blocked!


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