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How to unclog toilets: advice from an expert Melbourne plumber

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. You’re going about your day conducting your business when suddenly, disaster strikes: your toilet is clogged.

You flush, as normal, but this time, the waterline rises. And rises. And keeps on rising.

Water approaches the brim – it might even overflow, spilling out onto your bathroom floor! That’s when you start panicking. What are you going to do?

While your local Sandringham plumber is always on-call in case of emergencies, there are ways to provide temporary relief until a professional arrives.

Melbourne plumber clogged toilet

Home solutions while you wait for professional diagnosis

You’d be surprised at the things we’ve found clogging up people’s toilets.

In many cases, toilets can be clogged by a whole range of everyday items – some of which are even marketed as “flushable”.

In reality however, the only thing you should be flushing down your toilet (asides from… well, you know) is toilet paper!

Here are some of the usual suspects when it comes to toilet blockages:

  • Poor-quality tissue paper
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Cat litter
  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton buds
  • Tissues (believe it or not, these should NOT be flushed as they do not break down in water the same way that toilet paper does)

In most cases, these common toilet problems are relatively simple to unclog.

Commercially-available solutions such are sometimes enough to clear out the smallest and simplest kinds of blockages. Even hot water can be effective at dissolving small clogs.

If you want to avoid clogging your toilets to begin with however, throwing these items into the rubbish instead of the toilet is an important first step!

Take the plunge(r)!

When it comes to unclogging toilets, plungers can be one of the most effective weapons at your disposal.

Plungers are the most common plumbing tool around. Every house should have at least one – chances are there’s one sitting in your garage right now.

There are a few different types of plungers:

  • The cup plunger: the stereotypical plunger most of us think of
  • The flange plunger: features a rubber extension to help form a proper seal when placed in your toilet bowl
  • The accordion plunger: contains a bellows, allowing you to push more air and water down your pipes

Why does this matter? Because while the common cup plunger can be used to clear your toilet in a pinch, flange and accordion plungers are much more effective – they were designed with toilet bowls in mind, after all!

Auger-ment your plumbing efforts

Dealing with a stubborn or deep blockage? If plungers can’t help clear your clog, a toilet auger can get water flowing again.

Augers use a long, flexible shaft with a drill bit on one side and a crank handle on the other. While plungers force air and water through your toilet pipes to loosen up any clogs in your toilet, augers physically break through the blockage.

It’s likely you won’t have an auger at your disposal, which is why if you suspect the solution to a problem to be beyond your skill-set, it’s crucial that you call a qualified and licensed plumber right away.

Unclog toilet

Call an emergency plumber in Melbourne

If the only thing you have to show for your plumbing efforts is a sore arm, the next option is to call an emergency plumber ASAP!

In other cases, a clogged toilet can be a sign of a deeper problem that you can’t get rid of on your own – even in cases when you think you’ve solved the issue yourself.

Oftentimes, clogs can be the result of inherent problems in your plumbing system or toilet such as:

  • Weak flush or low water pressure
  • Blocked plumbing vents
  • Problems with your drain line
  • Your water supply line doesn’t provide enough water

Needless to say, many of these problems can’t be solved by getting down and dirty with a plunger. In some cases, this could necessitate work on your home’s pipes or a new toilet installation.

A licensed plumber on the other hand can help you identify any underlying issues with your toilet itself, solving your toilet blockages for good.

If you’re a victim of recurring toilet clogs, get in touch with an emergency plumber in Melbourne today!

Looking for a 24-hour Melbourne plumber?

While a clogged toilet can sometimes be relatively simple to fix, we still recommend against doing your own plumbing. Instead, give your local plumber a call!

Watermaster Plumbing offers speedy and reliable service for all of your plumbing emergencies… including blocked toilets.

With a service area that ranges from Melbourne’s CBD to Mt Eliza, you can rely on our team of experienced plumbers to look after your toilet problems and improve water efficiency, as well as many other plumbing emergencies any time of day:

  • Sewer damage
  • Gas leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Gas plumbing
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Plumbing maintenance

Save yourself the trouble – and the time!

Give Sam and the Watermaster team a call on 1300 156 650 or use our contact form and we’ll help you unblock your toilets!

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