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Our plumber in Brighton explains hot water heater repair essentials

Now’s probably the worst time to land in hot water – or more accurately, to run out of hot water!

Just imagine a winter evening without a steaming shower or soaking hot bath – no thanks!

Fortunately, you won’t be out of hot water for too long thanks to our plumbers in Brighton – experts in hot water plumbing.

Whether you’re planning to upgrade an outdated hot water system that’s reached the end of its useful life or simply need your hot water unit patched up for the winter to come, our experienced Brighton plumbers are ready to help!

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Why do you need hot water repairs, replacement or maintenance?

Simple: your hot water system is a mechanical device.

And like many other mechanical devices, it’s prone to failure, especially as the years add up.

The key to keeping your water heater working – and the hot water flowing? Hot water repairs.

Increased hot water efficiency

Mineral build-up is a common sight in many tank water heaters. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal – however, it also tends to make water ever so slightly more difficult to heat up.

Accumulation of sediment often leads to decreased efficiency in your hot water system, increasing heating time and more importantly, wasting energy as well.

As part of your hot water system repair or maintenance, our Brighton plumber can also remove this unwelcome sediment,  making your system more efficient.

Save money and energy

Sediment isn’t the only hot water plumbing problem that can waste energy – there are a whole host of different hot water issues that can lead to your hot water system driving up your gas bill.

A lot of age-related issues can impact your system’s efficiency and impact its function – both things which can increase the amount of power it uses.

Preventing your hot water system from total replacement starts by regularly scheduling hot water maintenance by a hot water plumbing specialist will identify and fix these issues – before they burn a large hole in your wallet.

Not only that, but you’ll also get hot water sooner, and with more consistency too!

Extend the life of your water heater

Hot water systems have a limited working life – most will last around 10 years before it’s time to replace them.

With regular maintenance and hot water servicing however, you can push that number even further!

Want to extend the lifetime of your hot water system? Start by making a habit of scheduling regular services from an expert plumber who specialises in hot water plumbing.

Regular inspection and repairs can identify issues as they arise and replace worn-out parts, potentially extending the life of your water heater by years!

Has your hot water system reached the end of its lifespan? Find out what to look for in a new water heater.

Keep up with growing demand

So you’ve recently extended your house to accommodate a growing family or changing lifestyle.

However, there’s one problem: while previously you didn’t have any hot water issues, now you often find yourself waiting longer than usual for hot water!

Hot water systems have a finite capacity. After a large-scale renovation or home extension, you may find that your old system simply isn’t enough to supply hot water anymore.

In other cases, it could be because you’ve welcomed a new family member into your life.

Either way, the end result is the same: your current system isn’t giving you what you need, and the only way to fix that is by replacing your hot water system with a larger and more powerful supply to keep up with new demand.

Common hot water problems

Hot water usage isn’t only important during winter – we use hot water all-year-round!

As such, no one can afford to overlook maintenance and repairs for your hot water system.

The moment you spot any of these issues, we suggest getting in touch with your Brighton plumber ASAP!

Hot water leaks

Drip, drip and drip. A leaking hot water system is one of the most common problems that homes with tank hot water systems experience.

In most cases, hot water leaks are the result of a worn-out valve and even loose plumbing fittings. Sometimes, it could be the seals on your hot water tank starting to give way.

Luckily for you, these are pretty easy to replace and check with our Brighton plumbers.

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No hot water

But what happens if you lose hot water altogether? That’s a different story!

If you’ve ever turned on your hot water system and found that there’s no hot water coming out? No doubt it was frustrating!

Some of the common causes of this situation are faulty parts in your water heater, such as a:

  • Broken heating coil
  • Damaged thermostat
  • Faulty thermal switch

Any of these can cause the hot water to stop flowing altogether. Luckily, timely intervention from an emergency plumber (and believe us, a lack of hot water during winter is definitely an emergency) can resolve this issue for you.

Low water pressure

You turn the tap, expecting a blast of hot water.

Instad, all you get is a drizzle.

Sometimes, the issue lies in your pipes. In other cases, the issue is a problem with your water heater such as deposits causing clogs. Either way, you need a plumber to help!

Burning smells

You know something is wrong with your hot water unit when you smell a burning odour every time you use it. This can be a result of a faulty hot water unit resulting in overheating and that telltale burning smell.

If this sounds like your case, don’t wait – call an emergency plumber in Melbourne ASAP to take a look at your hot water plumbing.

Need a hot water plumber in Brighton?

Contact Watermaster Plumbing today!

If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your hot water system, then you need to talk to our team of expert plumbers in Brighton.

Watermaster Plumbing is committed to providing you with reliable installation, repair and replacements for all sorts of plumbing issues, including hot water problems. 

Your water heater is one of the most important parts of your home’s plumbing system as a whole – especially now that we’re in the depths of winter. 

Our hot water plumbers have experience working with all different types and models of hot water units, including the world’s largest and most popular brands.

Whether you’re based in Brighton, or elsewhere in Bayside and the surrounding areas such as St Kilda, you can trust us to get to you quickly when you run into hot water problems this winter.

And that’s just our hot water plumbing services – asides from your hot water system, we provide you with a range of other plumbing services such as:

Stay out of (or rather, stay in) hot water this winter  – call Watermaster Plumbing on 1300 156 650 or request a quote today.

You can also visit us for plumbers in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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