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Outdoor shower installation tips and advice

Is there anything more refreshing on a scorching summer day than the feeling of cool water on skin?

You don’t need to install an outdoor pool or fight for space at the beach to feel this refreshed. In fact, it’s entirely possible to experience this every day of summer… without even leaving your own home!

Whether you want your backyard to feel like a 5-star hotel or just want a quick way to cool off during summer, after a dip in the pool, or a visit to the beach, outdoor showers are a great addition to your home!

As with all water-related work, however, it’s important to consult with a licenced and registered plumber before installing your outdoor shower. Here are some important things you need to consider before committing to an outdoor shower.


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Location, location, location!

You might think location doesn’t matter – just pick any old outdoor spot and you’re good to go!

However, depending on the type of shower you install there can be much more to location than just picking a suitable spot.

Down the drain…

While it may be tempting to let the water drain into the soil, it’s important to consider where that water might go. We’ve blogged before about the potentially harmful effects of unfiltered greywater; it’s probably best to avoid choosing a spot next to your prized flowerbed!

If you decide on a proper drainage system, talk to your plumber and council. They can determine if you’re digging too close to any pipes and help avoid any nasty damage.

Let there be light

Choose a spot with lots of light!

Mould loves dark places with plenty of moisture so direct sunlight is like kryptonite for mould. Choose a location with plenty of direct sunlight can protect you from nasty, mouldy fittings so you can rinse off in comfort.


It should go without saying, but don’t forget about privacy! A more secluded spot is ideal, while screens can help increase modesty.


Plumbing is a key part of your outdoor shower installation

Before any work begins, you should discuss with your contractors (like your carpenter and of course, your plumber) to understand how your vision will come to life.

When it comes to your outdoor shower, there two main options you should consider…

All you need is a hose

If you’re looking for a simple outdoor shower set-up, all you need is a hose, a faucet and a shower fixture.

This no-frills outdoor shower set-up is perfect to quickly cool off during those sticky, summer days by the pool. It’s also great for simple cleaning tasks like rinsing off after weeding the garden or bathing your dog.

This type of fixture can be put together quite quickly. And while that’s appealing, remember that you will only be getting cold showers. While a cold shower can be extremely refreshing in summer, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing!

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Are you hot or are you cold?

If that’s not your thing, there are other options!

If you find a hose outdoor shower set-up a little too rustic and would prefer a more traditional hot-and-cold set-up, talk to your plumber about installing a shower fixture.

Watermaster can assist you with installing and connecting your shower fixture to your home’s hot water system. If you already have an existing cold shower outdoor setup, we can put those two together and voila – a little slice of luxury in your own backyard.


Considering an outdoor shower in your backyard?

Call Watermaster’s team of plumbers in Melbourne

With the Aussie summer looming large on the horizon, now’s the time to start thinking about whether an outdoor shower is for you!

Whether you live by the beach (lucky you!) or get to enjoy a backyard pool throughout summer, an outdoor shower is a little luxury you can add to your home for instant resort-style living.

Whether it’s part of a larger landscaping project or simply a stand-alone feature, Watermaster’s plumbers in Melbourne are ready to help install your outdoor shower. Contact us today.

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