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Melbourne Plumber Explains: Is It Time To Update Your Old Plumbing?

“If these walls could talk…”

Have you ever wondered what stories the walls of an old house would tell if they could talk?

While we’ll never truly know, there’s one feature in your house that doesn’t need words to tell tales: your plumbing.

You can learn a lot about the condition and age of a home by taking a look at its plumbing.

If you live in an older home or are looking at purchasing one, an inspection of your fixtures is a must.

If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry – Watermaster’s Melbourne plumber will walk you through the common signs that an update is in order.

We’ll also let you know how each can be modernised to bring your home plumbing system into the present.

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Discoloured water

Did you know: the current average daily water consumption per person in Australia is 340 litres?

We use water every day – we don’t blame you for panicking if it starts coming out smelly or discoloured!

It sounds obvious, but discoloured water coming out of your taps may be a major sign that you need to update your plumbing system.

(We say may because in some circumstances, only minor repairs are required. Either way, only a licensed plumber can identify the cause and solutions.)

One common culprit behind discoloured water is rust. Many older homes still use metal piping systems. And over time, metal piping wears out, often leading to rust and water with a distinct brown colouring.

While rust doesn’t usually pose any health threats, it’s not something you should be getting used to – we recommend calling our Melbourne plumber to assess the situation.

If your water is coming out green or blue, there could be an issue with the brass fittings or copper plumbing.

And if it comes out black, stop using it immediately – chances are you’re dealing with a mould issue!

Fortunately, laying new pipes is enough to restore your water to its natural, clear state. Talk to your local plumber about getting your old metal pipes replaced with modern Polyethylene and PVC.

Not only are these immune from rust, but they’re also more cost effective to purchase and install.


Modernise your home’s plumbing pipes

In most modern homes, almost all water piping is done using Pex pipes.

However, most older homes continue to use pipes made of galvanized steel, lead, and cast iron.

While these materials generally have long life spans, there’s a reason they have fallen out of favour. Cast iron is heavy and expensive, while galvanized steel loses its rust-resistant properties and requires more frequent replacement.

Even if your home uses different materials, the older the pipes get, the more prone they are to corrosion. Corrosion might be the result of:

  • Water pressure
  • Hardness
  • Temperature
  • Acidity

Also, sediment might build up inside the pipes over the years, causing blockages and clogs.

A plumbing detective from Watermaster Plumbing can come in and assess whether your home’s old piping needs to be updated or upgraded.


Water pressure problems

Losing water pressure isn’t very fun. Not only does it make washing harder and slower, but it’s also just plain unpleasant to live with.

But on the other side of the coin, excessive water pressure is even worse, causing damage to your pipes and hot water system!

Often times, water pressure problems are a sign of problems with your pipes. Build-up inside your pipes can impedes the flow of water, making it harder for water to pass through and reducing water pressure.

Similarly, excessive pressure can often point towards problems with pressure-limiting valves.

If you want to understand exactly what’s going on, an experienced plumber can check for you. Using the latest gadgets and technology and a healthy dose of knowledge, our Melbourne plumbers can determine the exact cause of your hot water problems.

Update plumbing in your home

Don’t land yourself in hot water!

Where would we be without our hot water?

You can thank your hot water system for your comfortable showers – especially as we enter winter!

However, technology marches on – you don’t use the same phone you used 5 years ago.

And while not quite on the same timeframe, technological developments have also influenced your hot water system!

Your water heater might have been cutting edge when your home was first constructed, but modern developments have led to hot water heaters that are significantly more efficient and powerful.

Moreover, water heaters wear out with age. Very few hot water systems are rated for more than a 15-20-year lifespan.

If you’re moving into an old house, don’t be surprised if it comes with an old hot water heating system. Some red flags include:

  • Waiting minutes for hot water
  • Rumbling and noise
  • Rust and leaks

Unsure how to upgrade your hot water system? Lucky for you, we’ve covered this topic in great detail! Read our two-part series on selecting the best hot water system – click here for part 1 and here for part 2.


Need a Melbourne plumber to help you upgrade an old plumbing system?

Call Watermaster Plumbing today!

Compared to a new build, old homes are significantly more complex to work with. Not just because plumbing has gotten less complicated, but also due to the age and wear on fittings and walls.

You’ll need someone that has the experience and know-how to deal with aging plumbing.

Most importantly, you’ll want that treats your old home with the dignity and care your home deserves!

For more than 20 years, we have been delivering high quality domestic plumbing services to homes in Melbourne old and new alike.

If you’re sick of putting up with your old home’s plumbing problems, talk to Watermaster Plumbing about giving your pipes an upgrade.

Call us on 1300 156 650 or fill out this form today! We would be happy to help you with any of your plumbing needs and requirements for your old house.

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