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Dos and don’ts: choosing a commercial plumber in Melbourne


When it comes to commercial plumbing, it’s clear that you don’t have the time nor the patience for settling for anything less than complete. You want the job done, and you want it done right!

From full-scale renovations and new constructions to ongoing property and building maintenance, the tried and tested method is that once you find a good tradesperson, you ought to never let them go! Learn the dos and don’ts of choosing a commercial plumber in Melbourne.

Commercial plumber Melbourne

Don’t… make a decision based on price alone

Be clever when searching for a commercial plumber.

A little preparation can go a long way, so shop around. Do some research, find some reputable commercial plumbers, get some quotes, and then make a smarter decision.

See what you get for what kind of price, and find out about any additional costs typically incurred (like a call-out fee or for parts).


Do… check credentials

Any trustworthy business loves showing off all the credentials that instantly build trust between a client and a company.

E-commerce stores show off their secure online purchase process and simple returns policy, while plumbers show off guarantees, licences, and certifications.


Don’t… hesitate to ask for testimonials and references

There’s no better recommendation or testimonial than from the actual clients we’ve helped!

Testimonials speak volumes on a website and provide an insight into a plumbing company’s capabilities and scope. No doubt you’ll find some familiar names or businesses there!

Choose experience

Many years of excellence confirm a proven record for a variety of trades, and customers are only too happy to use services again and again if they are satisfied the first time around.

Ideally, you want to choose a commercial plumber in Melbourne who has a heap of experience dealing with both large and smaller commercial and business properties. (Our track record includes ongoing plumbing maintenance for the Eureka Tower in Melbourne’s CBD as well as apartment buildings, cafes, restaurants, dental surgeries, and more!)


Do… learn about guarantees, insurance, and more

Before a job commences, find out any guarantees on the workmanship. At Watermaster, we offer a 6-year workmanship guarantee on jobs valued over $750.

For any gas work, a licensed gasfitter must also provide a Certificate of Compliance to the customer.

You, as a customer, can also request that a gasfitter presents their identification card prior to the commencement of a job to ensure that they have the appropriate qualifications and education to carry out complex gas works.


Don’t… assume all plumbers are the same

You can tell a good plumber from any less than stellar one based on:

  • Quality of service
  • Materials used
  • Communication
  • Cost
  • Responsiveness

As we touched on above, all plumbers aren’t necessarily qualified gas plumbers, so if gas work is what you’re after, ensure your chosen company has tradesmen qualified to work not only as plumbers, but with gas, too.


Don’t be trapped by bells and whistles

If a plumbing company is trying to rope you in using all sorts of technical and complex lingo, they mightn’t be the most reputable choice.

Of course, as technology and equipment advances, so too do our techniques, but sometimes the tried and tested plumbing methods are all you need.

Bells and whistles might be a warning sign, so trust your gut!

Choose a commercial plumber in Melbourne

Commercial plumbing in Melbourne is extensive and boundless…

…which is why it is so important to choose tradespeople that can handle the pressure, intricacy, and complexity of a myriad of commercial plumbing problems!

Watermaster is a local business offering commercial plumbing services across Melbourne. Based in Black Rock, our services spread across Bayside all the way through to Melbourne’s CBD.

Call us today or fill in this contact form – and let’s get the conversation started.


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