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Summer plumbing problems – why you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne

With Christmas over, it’s back to business as usual.

It’s not just you who goes back to work – so too does your plumbing.

While less stressful than the Christmas period, summer still presents its own unique issues for your plumbing. Think of all the cold showers and extra washing you’ll be doing.

And just like any other time of year, plumbing problems can be seriously disruptive and leave you sweltering.

Luckily for you, an emergency plumber in Melbourne can help you with…

Glass walk-in shower with gray subway tiled surround and white freestanding tub in new luxury home bathroom. Northwest USA

Blocked shower drains

There’s nothing more refreshing than stepping into a refreshingly cool shower.

Of course, it’s a little hard to do this when your shower drain isn’t working as intended!

Let’s just say that a blocked shower drain isn’t exactly fun to deal with, as you’re forced to stand in what’s essentially a pool of lukewarm greywater with hair, dirty suds and any grime you might have picked up – no thanks!

Clearing blocked shower drains tends to be harder than doing the same for a toilet.

Often, it requires tools like drain augers and special plungers. And in many cases, it also requires a call to an emergency plumber in Melbourne too!


Sprinkler problems

Summer: your garden’s worst enemy.

The secret to maintaining a healthy and good-looking garden throughout the harsh Aussie summer is frequent watering.

That’s why sprinkler systems were invented. But what happens if your garden sprinklers go “kaput”?

Sure, you could venture out hose in hand. Of course, you won’t always be home to water your front lawn. Other times, it simply might be too darn hot to go outside, let alone do gardening!

Unlike a blocked toilet, fixes for sprinkler systems involves digging. As such, it can’t be done DIY (not that you should) – you need professional help from an emergency plumber.


Laundry plumbing problems

Before you ask, no, we aren’t suggesting that you phone an emergency plumber in Melbourne for help doing laundry!

When people think of summer plumbing dramas, they normally think of showers and the like.

One problem that often flies under the radar is washing machine.

Summer is hot. It’s sticky. And because of this, it often means more laundry.

For laundry rooms that are already “on the brink” so to speak, the extra work that comes with summer can push it over the edge. Problems with your laundry plumbing should be looked at by an emergency plumber.

Common problems include:

Floods or leaks in your laundry

We’ll investigate the issue and figure out what’s going on before creating the right solution.

Burst pipes

Wherever the damage is, you need support – stat! Don’t hesitate to call our emergency plumbers for a rapid-response service in your home.

Low water pressure

Poor pressure can impact the effectiveness of your washing machine, resulting in lacklustre results – and, if you need to wash again – wasted water!

Click here to learn more about the types of laundry plumbing problems you might encounter.

Laundry room in modern style with wasing and drying machine

Preparing your home for summer

Sure, we might be halfway through January already. But if you ask us, it’s never too late to get your plumbing inspected!

Inspections are all about preventative plumbing. By picking up on problems with your plumbing early on, your plumber protects you from bursts, flooding, and worse in the near future!

Worried your plumbing mightn’t make it through the rest of summer? Overdue for a plumbing inspection anyway?

If so, a plumbing inspection (with a professional plumber, we should add) needs to be at the top of your home maintenance checklist.

During an inspection, we look at, amongst many things:

  • Your water pressure
  • Any potential damage to flexi hoses
  • Leaking toilets, taps, and showers
  • Blocked, clogged, or poorly functioning drains
  • Your hot water unit

Find out more about what’s involved in a plumbing inspection from Watermaster here.

Be ready for any plumbing emergencies this summer

Make sure you have a Melbourne plumber on speed dial!

The thing about plumbing emergencies is that oftentimes, you never see them coming.

And when they do, most homeowners just aren’t ready for them!

But you don’t have to be one of them.

Watermaster Plumbing provides speedy emergency plumbing in Melbourne’s south-east. Our team are here to help you with any plumbing emergencies that may arise this summer.

Just give us the call and we’ll be there.

Contact Watermaster today on 1300 156 650 or click here to get in touch with our experienced team of plumbers.

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