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What happens during a plumbing inspection?

A plumbing inspection in your home involves a detailed assessment and analysis of your home’s current plumbing system.

Through thorough inspection, we identify risks and potential hazards, and follow up with solutions to remove these risks. Find out what we test and look for during a plumbing inspection.

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Water pressure test

Low water pressure is one of life’s little annoyances, isn’t it?

The frustration felt when you step into the shower, ready for a relaxing few minutes in your own little world, is interrupted when you realise the trickle of water running down your back is about as good as it’s going to get.

Water pressure is more than just comfort during your daily shower: water pressure testing can save you time, money, and stress.

Low water pressure can be caused by:

  • Clogs (including a partially blocked aerator)
  • Small pipes (that cannot handle multiple faucet use)
  • Water leaks (a sudden or obvious drop can cause serious damage to your home)

Water pressure that is too high

A higher than recommended pressure is a risk for burst pipes, and can even void the warranty for a variety of household appliances. High water pressure can lead to leaks which in turn leads to water damage in your walls and ceilings.

Bottom line – just because you can’t physically see signs of water damage, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening behind the scenes.


Check flexible hoses

Flexible hoses are a staple in many homes. They replaced copper pipes about ten years ago with the intention to save plumbers time and money, however once disintegrated, they tend to leak or burst and flood homes. A trickle quickly turns into a flood, causing thousands of dollars of damage.

During the inspection we will check all flexible hoses in sinks, toilets, and tubs for rust and fraying.

Watch the 7 News report from 2016 below.

Test toilets for leaks

During the inspection we will also test all toilets in the home in order to identify leaks or excessive running. Leaking toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems in the home, often caused by old or worn-out flappers.

For the most part, they are generally quite simple to solve, but you should always consult a licensed plumber for these repairs.


Test drains

Weird gurgling, slow draining, or a pungent smell coming out of your drains?

It’s so important to maintain clean and healthy drains in your home. Anything less can lead to bursts, flooding, backflow, or leaks.

We’ll test your drains for flow, and if necessary use our drain cameras to determine the potential cause of a blockage. We’ll also inspect drains for signs of damage and advise you on repair or replacement.

Watermaster will also check gutters for any blockages (particularly important as we enter autumn!)


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Check hot water unit

A home’s hot water unit or tank is used in most homes for storing hot water for domestic use. Think lovely warm showers or effective washing in the laundry. It’s safe to say that a hot water unit is an integral part of a home.

Illegal or improper installation can lead to disaster. This case study tells (and shows – check out the photos!) how illegal hot water installation can lead to a complete calamity. In this case, the water heater was installed without a safe tray. See the insane photos here.

Regardless of whether your home has a gas or electric hot water system, we will conduct the appropriate tests to ensure there is no risk or damage to your unit.

Working with water units can be dangerous. Never attempt to diagnose a problem yourself; leave it to the pros.


What happens after the home plumbing inspection?

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll provide you a report that includes what was inspected and tested, any hazards that were identified, and suggestions to remove these plumbing risks. We can also provide you a quote to repair any identified risks!

A home plumbing inspection from a licensed plumber in Melbourne provides complete peace of mind that your plumbing is up to standard, not posing any risks, and not wasting you any money!

Preventative action is the best type of action, so if you’ve been putting off a plumbing inspection, organise yours with Watermaster today. Call now or fill in this form.

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