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Plumber Mt Eliza

Plumber Mt Eliza

Everytime you flush the toilet, are you filled with dread and temporary fear as you watch the toilet water rise higher and higher?

Finally, it starts to drain. Phew. You were lucky this time. But what about the next time?

Stop living in fear every time you flush – your sewer line may be suffering from a blockage that only your local plumber in Mt Eliza can fix!

Blocked drains and pipes: what’s that smell?

Another unmissable sign of a blocked drain or pipe is an unpleasant odour coming from your toilet or sink.

That unpleasant odour can occur in conjunction with:

  • Leaks that lead to severe water damage
  • Water damage that leads to structural damage
  • Water stains on your ceiling, floor, or walls
  • Stagnant water, (a perfect breeding ground for insects, particularly mosquitoes)

Homeowners need to pay extra attention if they’re noticing any smells coming from various plumbing fixtures.

What causes blocked drains?

Blocked drains are caused by a gradual build-up of objects that blocks wastewater to flow and can stop debris from making its way into your drain.

Here are the most common causes of blocked drains. How many are you guilty of at home?

  • Hair and soap scum getting trapped in the shower drain
  • Oil and grease, particularly in the kitchen
  • Leaves, dirt, and other natural debris can block outdoor drains
  • Food waste that’s washed off plates and ends up down the kitchen sink
  • Tissue and wet wipes are thrown in the toilet bowl (no, they are not dissolvable!)
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With skill, knowledge, and years of experience, you can be sure that our plumbers know what is right for your home, and its plumbing system.

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