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How our commercial plumbers help your hospitality business

Did you know? You can’t just put a car into long-term storage – every once in a while, you need to turn it on and let the engine run, and replace the oil.

Your plumbing is no different.

Before a closure, hospitality businesses like yours need to take your plumbing for a “spin” – especially if it’s going to be lying dormant for an extended (and unplanned) period of time.

There are a number of reasons for this – if you ask us, the two most important ones are:

  1. You’ll be able to identify plumbing issues that might arise while you’re shut
  2. It’ll reduce the need to flush your pipes when you DO re-open

No matter what type of commercial building you conduct business in, it’s important that you do the minimum amount of maintenance needed to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape while your business is in hibernation.

And sometimes, that involves a visit from a commercial plumber in Melbourne.

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The importance of commercial plumbing service and maintenance in hospitality

Plumbing is crucial – and that, by extension, makes plumbing maintenance crucial, too

Water is crucial – however, it’s especially important for hospitality businesses.

Take restaurants and cafes, for example.

What happens to your business if your dishwashers aren’t working? Or your sinks? How are you supposed to clean up, wash and prep meals without hot running water?

And what about hotels and other types of accommodation? Working plumbing is a basic requirement that any guest expects!

Booking a commercial plumbing service or repair during your hibernation ensures that every part of your business’ plumbing from the restrooms down to the drainage system is working properly.

We’ll perform an inspection of your pipes, valves and the connections of various appliances like dishwashers, ensuring that your business is ready to spring back into action when things get back to normal.

Oh, and speaking of which…

Keep up your reputation

Less complaints, less problems. Simple as that!

Think about it. Put yourself in a guest’s shoes: you’ve checked-in, only to find out that there’s no hot water available or the toilet bowl isn’t working properly.

Needless to say, you probably won’t leave a 5-star review!

Sometimes, complaints are unfair. However, a lack of running water is NOT one of them.

We’re sure you don’t want bad reviews giving your business a bad name. Avoiding this involves many things, but it starts by ensuring that your business has the essentials – such as running water – down pat.

Our commercial plumbers in Melbourne can fix all sorts of issues for you, helping to protect your reputation.

Fix small problems before it becomes worse

It might look like a small issue now, but if you let it get away from you, you could be left with a major (and expensive) plumbing problem problem further down the line.

During commercial plumbing inspections, we’ll uncover these minor problems for you and fix them before they become even worse.

Don’t wait until commercial plumbing problems spiral totally out of control. If you’re in hibernation, take the time to have your plumbing systems maintained and checked for any plumbing problems.

A well maintained plumbing system in your hospitality businesses not only saves you time, but also from the stress and hassle of dealing with costly plumbing repairs.

Instead of complete plumbing system repairs or replacement, commercial plumbing maintenance targets these problems while they’re still only minor (and easily-fixable) issues.

It’s a small upfront expense, but it can save you from a major expense later down the line!

Commercial plumbing tips for hospitality businesses

Cheaper certainly doesn’t mean better: why it’s best to get high-quality commercial plumbing services right from the beginning

Hospitality businesses rely on good plumbing more than most others – you can’t get away with cutting corners here.

So if you were thinking about choosing the cheapest plumber you can find, forget about it!

High-quality commercial plumbing services begins by choosing the right commercial plumber to do the job correctly from the start.

In particular, that means choosing a specialised commercial plumber in Melbourne who knows how to deal with larger, more extensive, and often more complicated plumbing systems.

While pipes, valves and fittings are the same between homes and businesses, there are subtle differences. It’s important that your plumber has experience with commercial plumbing specifically – only then can you be confident that you’re getting the care you need.

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“Scale up” your commercial plumbing

If you’re still in the construction or fit-out stage, we recommend “scaling up” your plumbing.

What does that mean? Simple: it means installing pipes and fittings that are larger than what you actually need.

It may sound like overkill, but there’s a VERY good reason we’re suggesting this:

  • Scaling up gives you growth potential for the future
  • You’ll be able to add additional fittings and appliances
  • It can reduce the risk of failure or blockages

It may slightly delay your opening – however, it’s a decision that can pay off, especially if you find that your hospitality business (and its plumbing) need to scale up as you grow.

Book regular commercial plumbing maintenance

Key word: regular.

Plumbing maintenance needs to be regular and ongoing if you’re to keep your guests and customers happy. Your commercial plumber in Melbourne should be a semi-regular sight, and not only turn up when you need emergency plumbing.

As mentioned in the earlier section, commercial plumbing maintenance lets you detect any minor or potential commercial plumbing problems before they get worse.

One mistake a lot of hospitality businesses make? Assuming that their plumbing works the same as their domestic plumbing.

Most of us don’t need domestic plumbing that much – commercial plumbing is a completely different story. Commercial plumbing – especially in hospitality – sees heavy use. And that means the potential for:

  • More types of issues
  • Faster wear-and-tear
  • More frequent repairs

And that’s why it’s important that you book regular commercial plumbing maintenance – something that should continue even as you hibernate! 

Choose a commercial plumber in Melbourne who can support hospitality businesses like yours

We know that commercial plumbing is more strenuous compared to domestic plumbing. That’s why you need to call a commercial plumber, and not just your regular home plumber.

It doesn’t end there, however – it’s equally as important that you choose a commercial plumber with experience working with hospitality businesses like:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and bars
  • Event venues
  • Function halls

In-house plumber vs a professional commercial plumber in Melbourne

Hotels will often have in-house plumbers that can check high and low water pressure or can even detect the cause of clogged drains.

These in-house plumber staff can manage to give specific plumbing solutions that are common in day to day scenarios.

These in-house plumbers are great out putting out metaphorical fires and solving minor issues – however, unlike professional commercial plumbers, in-house plumbing staff may lack the resources and skills for bigger issues:

  • Plumbing upgrades
  • Extensive grease build-up
  • Burst pipes
  • Roof leaks

These and other serious commercial plumbing problems will need the expertise of a commercial plumber in Melbourne.

We’ve got the tools, skills and know-how to tackle these big plumbing problems. Working hand-in-hand with your in-house maintenance staff, we’ll target your issues and fix them, allowing you to get back into business.

Contact an expert commercial plumber in Melbourne

Times are tough, especially for those in the hospitality business. However, it’ll be even harder if you don’t take good care of your hospitality business’ plumbing while your business is “on pause”.

Watermaster Plumbing provides you with high-quality commercial plumbing maintenance and service, with a specialisation in helping hospitality businesses like yours.

Call Watermaster Plumbing’s commercial plumbers in Melbourne today on 1300 156 650 or fill in the form to get in touch online.

You can also visit us for commercial plumbers in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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