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What should I understand about my plumbing system?

Home or commercial plumbing in Melbourne is an essential component for:

  • Accessing fresh water
  • Discarding waste
  • Accessing gas for your heater or stove

In short, a ton of day-to-day functions rely on plumbing!

Having a general understanding of your plumbing system can help you to realise how damage can occur, identify issues that have arised, and determine when you need to call an emergency plumber.

By introducing yourself to the concepts outlined in this blog, you can better understand how to keep your plumbing system safe and operating exactly as it should.

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Why is plumbing important to public health and welfare?

We truly take for granted the luxury of having access to clean water.

Only 200 years ago, residents would have to go to the toilet outside and have limited water to clean food or maintain basic sanitation.

Today, immunologists theorise that one major catalyst for the Black Plague’s prevalence was a lack of sanitation from water, as well as contaminated water spreading the bacteria that caused the plague.

Now, the Government adds disinfectant solutions to reservoirs to prevent E. Coli and other diseases often obtained from drinking and bathing in unclean water.

Thanks to plumbing systems, any home or commercial building can have access to this safe water.

Gas plumbing systems can also create serious health risks when things go wrong; choosing a skilled gas plumber for routine maintenance is crucial to maintaining individuals’ health.


What are the two main types of plumbing systems?

There are several binaries in plumbing systems you can consider when trying to understand your home’s utilities.

This can help to break down the ideas and components of plumbing so you can have a greater understanding of what plumbers do and how your systems operate.

Wastewater and freshwater

Each plumbing system has two separate pipes connected to it.

One pipe is for fresh water to flow from a reservoir or water tank to your house that comes out of your tap when it comes to cleaning, washing, bathing, and drinking.

The other pipe is so the remnants of this water can be discarded down the drain after you’re finished using it.

Every water system in your house has this binary system, connected to fixtures such as your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, bath, and basin.

These two separate pipes ensure that clean and dirty water do not mix.

Gas and water plumbing

People find it hard to believe that those who maintain, repair, and install gasworks are labelled as plumbers.

Water and gas are two very different substances. But where they overlap makes it clear to see how many plumbers are also licensed to work with gas. Both gas and water systems use:

  • Pipes
  • Gas (warms up your hot water)
  • Tanks
  • Water
  • Bolts and wires
  • Metres that can be read
  • Thermostats

Hot and cold water

One reason why gas and water are so intertwined is that water often gets heated by gas.

Raw water is naturally cold unless heated on a hot day. So to produce warm water, plumbers need access to your gas tank so that you can enjoy both cold and hot water.

Domestic and commercial plumbing

Not all local plumbers offer both domestic and commercial services.

Commercial plumbing systems are larger and have more parts than domestic plumbing; thus can be more complicated.

Often commercial plumbing can be more essential since many different people use the water at that premises.

When there is a problem, often the entire commercial facility has to shut down until the water system is fixed.

Commercial plumbing may involve:

  • Accessing high roofs
  • Fixing dozens of toilets
  • Accessing underground connections

Watermaster Plumbing proudly has the team, knowledge, and experience to provide both domestic and highly complex commercial plumbing services.

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What are the types of plumbing services?

There are various kinds of domestic and commercial plumbing services that a plumber in Sandringham can undertake.

These include:

  • Dental surgery plumbing
  • Blocked toilet fixing
  • Burst pipes
  • Drain cleaning
  • Faucet installing
  • Gas tank installing
  • Leak mending
  • Service plumbing

What is service plumbing?

Service plumbing is maintenance plumbing for your water or gas system.

You may think that your gas or water system is working OK, but this in-depth service assessment can identify hidden dangers or the risk of potential issues escalating into larger disasters further down the track.

By booking periodical plumbing maintenance, you ensure your home or business is up to standard at all times.

Burst pipes under your home can lead to structural damage, and dampness near your foundations can affect the integrity of your building.


Why is plumbing so important?

Plumbing provides you with safe building utilities

Watermaster Plumbing is based in Melbourne’s Bayside, offering comprehensive services for any of your pipe, gas, or plumbing needs, including:

  • Commercial and domestic plumbing
  • Gas and water plumbing
  • Hot and cold water
  • Fresh and wastewater

Our Bayside plumbing team offers the most comprehensive, quality services, and all our plumbers are certified, qualified, and experienced for any plumbing job.

Call Watermaster Plumbing today on 1300 156 650 or contact us online for a quote.

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