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Watermaster Plumbing in Melbourne smashes the plumbing stereotype


People tend to dislike stereotypes:

  • “All blondes are dumb”
  • “All teenagers are addicted to social media”
  • “All tradesmen are dodgy”

Stereotyping can be hurtful, and it’s likely that everyone has faced some sort of biased comment in their lifetime. Today we want to smash the cliché plumbing ideals many people still have.

Whether it’s the dodgy tradesmen trying to rip people off, or the ever-present plumber’s crack joke, we look at some of the most common stereotypes still plaguing plumbers, and how Watermaster has changed the way people see plumbers in Melbourne!

plumbing in Melbourne

Honest and reputable plumbers

Watermaster has become Melbourne’s preferred plumber thanks to the strict standards we uphold within our team.

From domestic plumbing maintenance to complex commercial plumbing strategising, the Watermaster team is built on honesty and reputability.

We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to plumbing tools, equipment, and technology, and it’s the passion behind the job that elevates us into a reliable and respectful business.


Plumbers who treat customers and their homes with respect

Apparently, all plumbers set out to exploit vulnerable people (the elderly are our favourite!)

Where did the stereotype come from? And more importantly, how are we fighting it? The bad reputation we’ve unfairly faced for a long time has, in fact, diminished over the past few years, but there still seems to be a stigma surrounding plumbers.

We assure you: finding qualified, efficient, and reputable plumbers isn’t as hard as you might think!


Consumer demands forced a rise in plumbing standards

Horror stories of homes left in disarray are merely a myth when you choose the right plumber.

Plumbers, just like any other trade fighting against an unfair stereotype, really can’t afford to get left behind when it comes to outstanding service. It’s far too easy to find someone else, so if businesses aren’t keeping up with this new wave of outstanding service, they will get left behind.

Consumers are demanding a higher standard of service from their trades, while building a positive customer reputation is paramount (never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!) Read and watch a bunch of Watermaster testimonials here.


Being a plumber isn’t as easy as you might think!

We’re not sure where this stereotype stemmed from but it’s safe to say that becoming a qualified plumber is by no means easy. Some required qualifications are summarised below.

Pre-apprenticeship course

The Certificate II introduces aspirating plumbers to basic skills and knowledge. Certificate II is not compulsory but can shorten an apprenticeship.


A four-year apprenticeship is often the first step taken to becoming a plumber. Once an apprenticeship is obtained, licence and registration follows. In Victoria, you would register with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

An apprenticeship contains a mix of off-job and on-job learning.

Once one is licensed and registered, they receive a photo ID card that lists the specific type of work they’re qualified to carry out. A plumber must always carry these identifications with them, as customers can ask at any time to see them.

Gas plumbing and gas fitters

Remember these three important distinctions:

  • Not all plumbers are gas fitters
  • Most licensed plumbers are also qualified gas fitters
  • Not all gas fitters are licensed plumbers


The distinction may be slightly confusing however it is extremely important to understand the difference and ensure that you’ve chosen the right person with the right qualifications to perform a job.

Find out more about gas regulations in this blog post.

You should never hesitate to seek clarification from your plumber and you should always ask for ID prior to a job commencing!

Plumbers are responsible for the health and safety of the public – it’s not a career that is easy to enter, and we carry a large responsibility.

We help our team develop and hone their business skills

As part of the Watermaster family, we help our team continually develop their skills not just in plumbing, but also across all aspects of the business, including sales, communication, and even IT.

We’ve created a well-rounded business that relies on not only on a team filled with the right plumbing qualifications, but the right skills to manage an ever-growing business, too.


Watermaster Plumbing in Melbourne: we’re changing the plumber stereotype – for good!

Welcome to the new era of plumbers, where passionate, respectful, friendly, and knowledgeable plumbers are outplaying greedy moneymaking tradespeople.

It’s a competitive field – we get it. But we work hard to become your plumber of choice: once you choose Watermaster, we’re confident that you’ll never be tempted to choose another plumber again!

While we often say that people take their plumbing for granted, we mean that in a good way: you should expect that your toilet will flush, your pipes will flow, and your gas stove will work. Whenever they do fail, though, you can count on us – time and time again.

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