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6 things you didn’t know about your Bayside plumber!

There are certain numbers that you store in your phone: your partner, the kids, your GP, and, if you’re smart, your local Bayside plumber! 

You might have a number of tradies saved in your phone, and they’ve probably helped you a couple of times when something’s gone wrong!

It’s fair to say that many of us rely on our plumbing.

But how many of us know that much about their plumber, and how they work?

To many, plumbing is something you’ll never deal with directly.

As a result, most people don’t really know that much about the art of plumbing, the attributes of a good plumber, and the challenges we face.

Today, we’re going to fix that by explaining some of the things you didn’t know about plumbers and plumbing!

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Things you didn’t know about your Bayside plumber

1) A plumber’s job can be dangerous

Yep, you heard that right!

While most of us understand that plumbing work can be messy, very few of us associate it with danger.

Take it from us however, plumbers often work with high risk on their health and safety.

At Watermaster Plumbing for example, our Bayside plumbers are all licensed to perform gas plumbing.

We can install gas pipes, repair gas leaks and help connect gas-powered appliances.

And as we’re sure you know, gas carries with it serious safety and health consequences!

That’s just one type of job that may expose our plumbers to danger. Our team also work on construction and renovation sites, which come with their own hazards.

Long story short, plumbing isn’t a walk in the park!

2) Plumbers are much smarter than you think

Let’s just say there’s a reason plumber training is so rigorous.

The best plumbers need to possess a working knowledge of physics and engineering. We need to understand how gravity, pressure and heat loss affects your pipes and water.

While 80% of domestic plumbing jobs are fairly routine and straightforward in our experience, it’s the last 20% that separates the great plumbers from the average ones.

This is especially important for challenging commercial plumbing jobs!

3) Plumbers need to be registered and licensed before doing the job

Not everyone can simply become a plumber.

As we mentioned above, it’s a job that can at times be dangerous, and which requires a working knowledge of several advanced concepts.

As such, plumbers need to go through a stringent licensing process.

To work as a plumber, we need to:

  • Complete practical and theory exams
  • Obtain references from other plumbers
  • Prove that we’re insured

Not only that, but there are certain types of plumbing work that require their very own licenses.

For example, roof plumbing requires additional training to certify that we can safely work on your roof.

Does your plumber look dodgy? If so, demand to see their license – this will certify what sort of work they’re able to carry out, and prove that they know their stuff.

4) Plumbing is one of the most rewarding careers around

Have you ever wondered why most plumbers stay in their job for more than a decade? It’s simple: we love what we do!

As they say, variety is the spice of life… and a plumbing career has plenty of that.

One day, you might be fixing leaky taps or installing a new sink. The very next day, you might be helping a factory owner figure out the piping for the installation of a huge new piece of machinery.

Not only that, but plumbing (as with all trades) is a hands-on job.

And as any home DIY-er knows, working with your hands is intensely rewarding and satisfying – just imagine a career that gives you that rush every single day.

We aren’t saying you should resign from your office job and take up a trade – what we are saying however is that plumbing as a career isn’t all drudgery!

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5) We can save you money

And it’s all thanks to preventative plumbing.

Essentially, the idea is that we identify minor plumbing problems in your home or business – before they cause major damage further down the line.

While today’s plumbing issue may only be a minor annoyance, it could turn into a major (and costly) issue if ignored.

Stop this from happening by getting it fixed early on by your Bayside plumber.

For example, say you have a minor leak in your roof. No big deal… for now, that is.

Fast-forward to a year or two down the line, and you might notice that your ceiling is starting to stain, and that there’s a strong mold smell in the air.

In the most extreme cases, the insulation and wooden rafters may also have become rotten, and the wires in your ceiling may have been exposed to water. 

Now you need a structural engineer and electrician as well -if only you got that leak fixed early on!

6) Plumbing is an on-call profession

We know that in many cases ,you need a plumber immediate to solve and unexpected or dangerous problem.

Some plumbing problems need immediate intervention, and can’t be delayed:

While you can leave a leaky tap for a little while, some problems can’t wait, and require urgent service. 

That’s why our Bayside plumbers make it our mission to turn up immediately whenever you need an emergency plumber.

Our rapid-response plumbing services operates across Melbourne’s Bayside and south-east area.

Need a plumber in Bayside?

So now you know more about plumbing and your plumber.

However, there’s one thing that we haven’t gotten to discuss just yet: which plumber you should be trusting your home or business to!

On the hunt for a Bayside plumber? Watermaster Plumbing has you covered.

You deserve prompt, reliable and efficient plumbing services, especially in times of emergencies – service that our plumbers are able to provide!

Our team works all over Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs, as well as beyond:

Need a plumber – now?

Contact Watermaster Plumbing today on 1300 156 600 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!

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