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The dangers of DIY plumbing

A successful DIY job can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether it’s a new craft project or some handy home improvement, it seems there’s a YouTube guru for anything and everything now. Most of the time, you can learn as you go, and it doesn’t really matter if you mess it up.

DIY plumbing, on the other hand, is a totally different ball game. A poor DIY plumbing job can make your problems considerably worse and leave you with a much lighter wallet than before.    

Before you put your DIY hat on and start tinkering with your plumbing fixtures, it’s important to consider some common complications you might stumble upon when you try to fix your home’s pipes by yourself.

DIY plumbing: do you really know what you’re doing?

Not all of us are natural-born DIY-ers!

While some problems may look straightforward, for things as important as your water and plumbing system, it pays to be 100% certain before diving into DIY work.  

If you’re not sure about what’s up with your home’s plumbing system, Watermaster Plumbing Solutions is here to lend you a helping hand!

Are you making things worse?

This is a good question to ask yourself whenever your DIY plumbing mission isn’t going according to plan.

A professional plumber knows not only how to correctly and accurately diagnose a plumbing problem, but they are also familiar with the complications that come with these issues.

Something as simple as forgetting to turn down the water pressure or over tightening a joint can have severe consequences – including consequences you mightn’t even consider.

Don’t let a minor plumbing problem turn into a major headache. A leaky pipe may seem like an easy fix, but without the proper training and knowledge, you might find yourself dealing with a serious DIY disaster!

DIY and the law

You might be surprised to learn that in some Australian states, doing your own DIY plumbing work can land you in hot water (perhaps literally as well as figuratively).

For instance, did you know that hefty fines can (and have!) be issued for conducting plumbing work without a registration or licence?

Is it really worth trying to save a few bucks?

DIY and your insurance

As if that wasn’t bad enough, most home insurance policies don’t cover unlicensed plumbing work. For example, if your DIY plumbing work leads to a burst pipe or other water damage, your insurer is unlikely to cover it.

Will DIY plumbing wind up costing me more?

Quite possibly!

For those who opt to follow the DIY plumbing route, saving money is often one of the first justifications.  

But if your attempt to fix something doesn’t go as planned it could actually end up cost you much more to set right.

Add to this the legal and insurance issues we talked about above and all of a sudden, you could be seeing all that money you thought you were saving go right down the drain!

Avoid falling into the dangers of DIY plumbing!

Call Watermaster Plumbing Solutions now

Learning a new skill is always admirable.

But in the event that you may find yourself facing an unexpected problem in your plumbing system or if you’re just unsure about what to do next, your only next step is calling for professional help.

If you have any questions about your plumbing, need a licensed and registered plumber to inspect an issue, or have ANY doubt whatsoever, Watermaster is ready to help!

Our team of emergency plumbers are ready to tackle your needs 24/7! Call Sam to get your plumbing problems fixed pronto.

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