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Our St Kilda plumber shares 5 major outdoor plumbing problems

Your plumbing is important, keeping you supplied with fresh, clean water – it’s only fair that you return the favour, keeping your plumbing well-maintained and calling an emergency plumber in Melbourne the instant it looks like an issue is arising.

And it isn’t just your indoor plumbing, either.

Outdoor plumbing problems, just like indoor-plumbing problems, can happen at any time. 

Worse, since you don’t use most of your outdoor plumbing fixtures every single day, it’s easy to miss these issues, making the problem get even worse before it’s finally detected.

You can’t afford to put off repairs for outdoor plumbing problems – if you detect any of the following issues in your home’s outdoor plumbing, we recommend calling our plumbers for immediate support.

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5 major outdoor plumbing problems you can’t afford to ignore!

Outdoor plumbing issues, just like their indoor siblings, usually start small before snowballing into something more major.

Luckily, proper maintenance ensures that your outdoor plumbing systems continue to work.

If you don’t call your plumber in St Kilda, you might find yourself facing one of these outdoor plumbing problems (as well as all of the other flow-on issues they come with!)

1) Clogged sewer

Clogged sewers aren’t fun – in addition to the awful smells, they can also cause waste water to back up – right back into your home!

What makes this an outdoor plumbing problem specifically? Simple: in most homes, only a little bit of your sewer connection pipe runs underneath your home. The rest of it is underneath your front yard or garden outside.

The result? If an issue arises with your sewer connection pipe, chances are it’s going to be outside! 

Blocked sewage pipes are often caused by the accumulation of debris such as:

  • Food debris
  • Oil and grease
  • Wipes and sanitary pads
  • Dirt

One issue that’s unique to outside plumbing however is the effect of tree roots.

Trees and tree roots are powerful things – just take a look at this link if you don’t believe us.

It isn’t unheard of for tree roots to break into your outdoor pipes through even the smallest of cracks, and quickly grow, clogging your sewer connection pipes.

In these cases, only intervention from a St Kilda plumber (and pruning some tree roots) can help!

2) Outdoor leaky faucets

While it may not damage your outdoor pipes, a leak can have its own issues – namely, it can lead to your water bill being way higher than normal!

You might not even realise it but accumulated droplets of water from faulty outdoor faucets can waste a large amount of water over time, driving up your quarterly water bill.

Small leaks from faucets should be immediately fixed – while it’ll set you back upfront, it will also prevent costly repairs, so it’s well worth the effort!

Washers, screws, valves, seals… wherever the issue lies, our St Kilda plumbers will take a look into it and fix it as part of your service.

If need be, we’ll even replace your old faucet with a new one that doesn’t only not leak, but which also has nifty features your old one doesn’t.

Of course, leaky faucets and taps aren’t the only outdoor plumbing problems that can cost you…

3) Pipe leaks

Unlike indoor leaks, it can be hard to detect an outdoor pipe leak. After all, there’s no telltale dripping to look out for, or an obvious puddle in the kitchen.

And that’s what makes outdoor pipe leaks so insidious!

An outdoor pipe leak can potentially keep going for months or even years before being detected, constantly wasting water and costing you money.

Have you noticed an unexplained increase your water bill? You might have sprung an invisible leak. 

In many cases, the only way to know for sure that you’ve got an outdoor pipe leak on your hands is with a thorough inspection plumber.

4) Burst pipes 

Sometimes, it’s worse than a leak – you might have a burst pipe on your hands!

Burst pipes are an outdoor plumbing disaster – one that can potentially cause a lot of damage to your garden as well as putting a dent in your water bill.

Specifically, a burst pipe means a lot of water underneath your garden – and potentially, under your home, resulting in structural damage that can put your family’s safety at risk. 

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5) Roof plumbing problems

When we say “outdoor plumbing”, we don’t just mean pipes and taps – we’re also talking about your roof plumbing as well.

Roof plumbing fixtures like gutters and downpipes play an important role in protecting your home from rainwater by:

  • Channeling rainwater off your roof
  • Getting rainwater that hits your roof to drain properly
  • Protecting sidings and eaves from water damage

Problems like leaks, broken gutters, downpipes that aren’t wide enough to handle rainfall or simple wear-and-tear can lead to your roof plumbing not being able to do its job properly.

In addition to looking after your regular plumbing, our team of St Kilda plumbers are also qualified and licensed roof plumbers.

We can safely repair, maintain and install roof plumbing fixtures, helping you keep your roof in pristine condition.

In fact, we even have an entirely separate branch of our business dedicated to it!

Learn more about our roofing and roof plumbing services.

Need help with outdoor plumbing problems? Contact an emergency plumber in Melbourne today!

While the problem may be outside, that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore it – outdoor plumbing problems can be just as unpleasant as indoor ones.

Luckily, our plumbers ensure that you don’t have to put up with them for long.

Our St Kilda plumbers offer speedy and effective emergency plumbing services throughout Bayside and south-east Melbourne.

If you need urgent assistance, advice, or repairs, give our emergency plumbers a call – 1300 156 650. Better yet, save our number in your phone – you never know when you might need it!

Alternatively, fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you soon!

You can also visit us for plumbers in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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