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Are you a real estate agent or property manager searching for plumbers in Melbourne?


Lucky for you – you’ve found Watermaster! We’re plumbers in Melbourne working throughout commercial and domestic properties. This week, we’re focusing on real estate agencies and property managers who are seeking reliable plumbers to attend to their Melbourne clients.

How do we work?

From our own experience, we’ve learnt that once people find good tradesmen, they will do whatever it takes to stick with them! Our clients are so pleased with not only our standard of work but also our strong work ethic and competitive prices that they have come to rely on us.

Watermaster is made up of a team of plumbers in Melbourne who will service any kind of plumbing emergency.

One of our specialities where we have build solid relationships is in real estate and strata management, because we offer a unique service and tailored approach to both your residential and commercial clients.

Real estate plumbing for tenants

How do we organise real estate plumbing quotes?

No matter what service or product you’re buying, nobody likes nasty surprises on their invoices.

At Watermaster, we complete a comprehensive and itemised quote and the cost is agreed upfront so there are no shocks on your clients’ bills.

When it comes to real estate plumbing, we know we’re acting on behalf of another company. The last thing we want to do is to disappoint or anger clients by adding in costs that were not previously discussed or agreed upon – how frustrating!

Working with real estate agencies and strata management

Whether you’re an independent, boutique, or franchise estate company, Watermaster strives be your go-to plumbing service for your clients.

We help make your job easier by offering a variety of plumbing services to all kinds of real estate and strata management clients across Melbourne. With more people than ever before dropping out of the homeowners category and shifting back to renting, it’s important that a real estate company delivers trustworthy trades to these clients.

As part of your property management network, we can help your clients, such as:

  • Tenants in a domestic rental property
  • Residents in a body corporate (e.g. apartment block)
  • Tenants in a commercial office building
  • Landlords maintaining their properties
  • Store leaseholders
  • New homeowners

Emergency plumber

You often can’t predict a plumbing disaster, and when it happens to a client at 2 in the morning, you want to know that they can get in touch with a reliable plumber at a moment’s notice – not the next day!

From burst pipes to overflowing toilets, the Watermaster team is working all across Melbourne at all hours of the day and night for your clients.

Protect your reputation

We’re sure we’re not the first to bring this up, but real estate agents are faced with an unfortunate perception.

For whatever reasons, the public often mistrusts them. Whether it’s that they are unresponsive, do not act transparently, or people just feel like they are not valued or supported, estate agents have a stigma to fight.

And that means you’re working hard to maintain your reputation. We understand that, and we’re here to uphold it when we work for you and your clients.

Accurate account management and invoice recording

Never again will you need to worry about past invoices or receipts – it’s all taken care of with us. A meticulous system ensures invoices are accurately recorded and stored should you or your client ever need to access them.

We keep our end of the deal by offering professional, trustworthy, responsible, and respectful plumbing services to your valued clients – treating them exactly as we would our own clients.

Commercial real estate

Watermaster Plumbers, Melbourne: our goal

Our goal is simple: to become your chosen plumber in Melbourne. We want to provide your clients with the most professional and dependable service that they wouldn’t even think of calling any other plumber!

We understand that how we operate with your clients reflects directly onto you and your company, and we value everything you value. Everything we do ensures you have the confidence to choose us every time. We are:

  • Prompt
  • Reliable
  • Friendly
  • Clean
  • Qualified

Ultimately, we’re smashing the generalisation of dodgy tradespeople through direct and transparent communication and reliable services. All of this is done with smiles on our faces because we love what we do.

If you’re a real estate agent or property manager searching for a reliable plumbing company to handle your Melbourne clients, give Watermaster a call. You will be glad you did!

Call us on 1300 156 650 or fill in this form and we will call you back.

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