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Prepare your home for Christmas guests with a plumbing inspection

Parties. Presents. Preparation. Plumbing.

Wait, hang on, what was that last one?

If you ask us, a plumbing inspection absolutely needs to be a part of your Christmas checklist. Plumbing emergencies are incredibly disruptive at the best of times, but they’re especially bad if they happen when you’re:

  • Out holidaying far from home
  • Celebrating with family or entertaining guests
  • In the middle of Christmas lunch

Should something happen during these periods, you could be left embarrassed, unable to focus on the holiday merriment or the problem could just build while you’re away.

The solution is to be proactive, and book a plumbing inspection with a plumber in Brighton.

It can make the leadup to Christmas a little bit more stressful, true – however, it’ll save you from a whole bunch of issues!

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Why organise a plumbing inspection before Christmas

Avoid embarrassment

Imagine having a toilet back up or a pipe burst while your guests are over – no thanks!

Ensure that your plumbing is ready for an influx of people you’ll be entertaining over the holidays by getting it inspected in advance.

Whether you have guests staying over or it’s your turn to host the annual family reunion, it’s crucial that your plumbing is ready for the challenge. Our reliable and experienced Brighton plumbers check out and fix any issues we find on-the-spot, saving you from unexpected plumbing emergencies.

Save time and money

Plumbing maintenance mean two things:

  1. Wasted time
  2. Wasted money

And as we’re all keenly aware, both of those things are in short supply for many of us around Christmas time!

A little proactive plumbing work might set you back a little bit now, but it can save you from a much larger expense further down the line, ensuring that leaks, damages, and wear-and-tear are identified and solved before the issue gets worse.

Not only is maintenance much cheaper than a repair, but you’ll also get time back to focus on Christmas instead of panicking and trying to find a plumber to fix the issue for you.

Deal with demand 

Let’s face it, how much use does your home plumbing really get?

Not that much!

As many people have discovered over lockdown, many of Melbourne’s homes simply don’t have the plumbing capacity to deal with constant ongoing use, whether it’s people learning that:

  • Their hot water tank simply isn’t enough for the whole family
  • Drains take a long time to drain
  • Pipes that knock or rattle throughout the day

A lot of the time, these problems simply aren’t noticeable because people spend most of the day either out at work or school.

Over Christmas however, these problems become a lot more pronounced – and more annoying.

Do you swear that your plumbing wasn’t this problematic before? Worried you won’t be able to keep up with demand? We suggest you book a pre-Christmas inspection just to be sure!

How to prepare your plumbing for Christmas

Securing outdoor pipes

Aussies love to spend their summers outdoors grilling on the BBQ or spending time with pool parties – just make sure that you shut off your sprinklers first. While it might be refreshing on those super hot days, the last thing you want is to accidentally soak everyone!

Clean your bathrooms out

You’ve cleaned everything out in anticipation for your guests, including your bathrooms.

But how deep have you gone?

On top of wiping your tiles and mirrors down, it’s also important that you clean the mouths of taps and around drains to ensure that every possible stain is removed, and that your bathrooms are clean and safe for guests to use.

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Protect kitchen drains

It’s tempting to just pour grease and oil down the drain – whatever you do, don’t!

Doing so can result in blockages. Not only do they smell, but they also force you to stop your prep work as you wait for an emergency plumber to come fix the issue, significantly delaying your Christmas plans.

Book a plumbing inspection

If you can, we strongly recommend organising a plumbing inspection before the holiday season really kicks into gear.

As we listed above, organising an inspection early can save you from a whole host of different issues – the ones we went through are only some of them!

Save yourself from the stress and headaches of dealing with plumbing disasters during Christmas and throughout the holiday break – get ahead of them by organising a plumbing inspection as soon as you can.

This inspection will identify potential issues and fix them right there and then, allowing you to keep on top of problems and saving you from the inevitable freak-out that comes with leaving it until later.

Our plumbers in Bayside offer preventative plumbing inspections and emergency plumbing repairs over the holidays

Your plumbing is pretty important – the last thing you want is this all-important utility failing on you over the holidays.

Luckily, we’re here to prevent that.

If you need a plumber in St Kilda, Brighton or anywhere else in Melbourne’s south-east, Watermaster Plumbing is ready to help.

Our emergency plumbers will be working throughout the Christmas break, coming to your home when you need us most. Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch the next available plumber to come to your home and fix the issue and get Christmas back on the rails.

Whether it’s for an inspection or because you’re worried about a potential plumbing problem, we suggest saving our contact details to your phone, just in case.

We can be reached on 1300 156 650 – alternatively, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

You can also visit us for domestic plumbers in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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