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Plumbing renovations: how to choose a toilet

Many of you mightn’t think there’s too much to it when it comes to choosing a toilet. You might think it’s as simple as:

Choose any old white bowl, get it connected, and you’re good to go (literally).

But in fact there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom. Usually, it boils down to specifications, features, and budget. We explore some important considerations below.


How to choose a toilet

Energy efficiency

These days, we’re a lot more clued in into the impact everyday household appliances have on the environment and in energy usage. That’s why energy efficiency is an important factor in how to choose a toilet.

Clear and straightforward rating systems make it simpler for us to choose energy efficient appliances, as told by the Energy Rating slogan: “The more stars, the more savings”.

This straightforward rating system was highly praised as it meant people could essentially, at a glance, get a clear idea of the kind of unit they are looking to purchase.

Energy-efficient toilets can use as little as four litres of water per flush, compared to 12 litres –that’s three times the amount – in older toilet units.

Further, a dual-flush toilet with a high WELS star rating can save 50 litres of water per person, per day in your household. We’ve done the calculations, and that, for an average four-person household, equates to 73,000 litres of water saved over the course of one year!


Toilet sizes, types, and heights

While your two-piece toilet is the traditional standard (where the tank and bowl are actually separate pieces but joined using fittings), toilets have turned ultra chic with different shapes, sizes, and types. We’ve listed some of the most popular:

Wall-faced toilets

Wall-faced and -mounted toilets are efficient space-savers, so are ideal in small power rooms and even tight ensuites or bathrooms.


Back-to-wall toilets are exactly that: they fit snugly against the wall, hide pipes, and create a clean, modern look.

Elongated bowls

Elongated bowls provide additional comfort, but make sure you take accurate measurements first, ensuring you have the space, before you find yourself with a great toilet but blocked drawers.

The right height

Toilets are now available in a range of heights, easing pressure on the knees and backs of taller folk.

The best way to test out the height is to take a seat on the throne when you’re shopping around. You can also take measurements of the height of your current toilet, and use that as a benchmark.

Toilet styles and features

Toilet features

Flushes activated by sensors are often found in public toilets at shopping centres, restaurants, and airports, but at home, they’re a lot less common. Soft close lids and high-pressure flushers, however, are growing in popularity.

Soft close lids

One of the most popular toilet features is a soft close seat that slowly lowers a toilet seat and lid when pushed ever so slightly down. These soft close lids prevent a seat from being dropped from a height therefore avoiding that dreaded loud slam, especially common thanks to kids.

High-pressure flushes

These types of toilets are water-efficient and the high pressure helps keep the bowl clean and avoid clogs. Over time, they’ve improved, so a toilet that once sounded similar to that startling whoosh akin to an aeroplane toilet flush is now improved thanks to noise-control solutions.



A major consideration in almost any person’s home renovation plans, your budget is often a leading catalyst when it comes to a final decision.

And if budget is of no concern, you might like to know that the most expensive toilet in the world isn’t actually, well, on earth?

In fact, it’s on the International Space Station, and it costs a whopping $19 million. It was built by Russia, and amazingly, can actually transfer urine to a device that can produce drinking water.



Toilet pricing

The toilet on the ISS can produce drinking water from urine!


Toilets in Japan

If you really want to experience elaborate and luxurious toilets, consider Japan.

While squat toilets and traditional flush toilets are commonplace, they’re also known for a system called the Washlet.

The Washlet is an electric toilet seat developed by toilet company Toto. It is basically the Japanese version of a bidet and looks pretty much like a regular toilet… but comes with many sophisticated functions, like a blow dryer, seat heating, massage, and water jets.


Plumbing renovations

Plumbing is an important part of the renovation process, and in fact Watermaster works closely with architects, builders, and developers for the construction or renovation of homes and commercial fit outs.

Bathrooms are a popular plumbing renovation service, so if you need help creating your dream bathroom, updating an old and outdated one, or simply need to replace a worn toilet, consider Watermaster.

Our plumbers work all across Melbourne, providing a huge range of domestic, commercial, and emergency services. Call Sam now to discuss your plumbing renovation dreams, or fill in this form.

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