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Our plumbers share common plumbing upgrades in older homes

At Watermaster, our plumbers in Bayside spend a lot of time working with the older homes that are characteristic of Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs.

In particular, we’re often called to work on plumbing updates and upgrades

Old houses may have their charms, but they also come with more frequent challenges. For example, plumbing fixtures and pipes can wear out over time, necessitating repairs and replacements.

Not to mention, many older plumbing fixtures and the like simply might not be as efficient or effective as their newer, more modern equivalents!

Is it any wonder so many of our jobs involve replacing old plumbing?

From swapping out an old, water-hungry toilet to complete plumbing renovations, our team has seen everything there is to see when it comes to plumbing replacement.

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Here are some of the more common plumbing tasks we often recommend and implement to older homes all across Melbourne…

Replacing old pipes

One of the things that our plumbers find themselves replacing in older homes are pipes and fittings.

There are several reasons behind this.

One is material – many old houses use three types of outdated plumbing materials such as:

  • Lead – as we all know, lead is toxic
  • Polybutylene – can develop fractures, or even rupture
  • Galvanized iron pipes – these are prone to rust

Replacing these three materials with new pipes is a smart choice.

Not only does it increase longevity, but it can also help safeguard your health.

Another reason we find ourselves replacing old piping is plain old wear-and-tear.

Pipes and plumbing fittings put up with a lot of pressure. Over time, they can wear down, leading to leaks, or even worse, a burst pipe.

When replacing pipes, our Bayside plumbers use durable, modern materials that are more resistant to rust and bursts.

That way, you’ll be able to put the issue to bed for several more years (though we recommend scheduling inspections just to be safe.)

Click here to learn more about pipe materials.

Hot water replacement

In our experience, one part of your plumbing system that requires the most attention is your hot water system.

Hot water systems have a finite lifespan – most are only designed to last 10-15 years.

That’s because hot water systems are almost always the most complicated part of the entire system. With so many different valves, coils and more, there are many points of failure in a hot water system.

Not to mention, hot water puts a lot of pressure on your system – just last week, we wrote an article on thermal expansion, and how it can damage your hot water system.

Finally, hot water systems have come a long way in the last couple of years, with today’s models leaving older systems in the dust when it comes to energy efficiency.

Keep the hot water and save a bit of money while you’re at it by calling our plumbers in Bayside to repair or replace your old, worn water heater.

Unclogging or replacing drains

What do drain blockages have to do with plumbing upgrades?

You’d be surprised – our Bayside plumbers deal with many homes where the drain pipes are simply too narrow, resulting in drain clogs when food scraps inadvertently make their way in.

Sure, you could get to work with the pipe cleaners… however, if you ask us, the best way to approach the issue is by nipping it in the bud!

By replacing old drain pipes, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster-draining sink, as well as freedom from blocked drains.

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Replacing old plumbing fixtures

Do you have an old-fashioned toilet which you simply can’t stand anymore?

Is your kitchen sink ancient and dragging down the appearance of the rest of your kitchen?

Eager to replace your shower head with a modern, rainfall-style design?

In addition to practical reasons, there are also plenty of aesthetic reasons to update your plumbing fixtures.

If you want to give your home a minor facelift, plumbing fixtures are a great place to start.

Not to mention, most older plumbing fixtures come from a time before water saving features were a big deal, and where water restrictions sounded like the stuff of fantasy!

Our plumbers in Melbourne can help with these jobs… and not just by carrying out the work, either.

Using our expertise, we can help you make an informed decision for your house. We’ll help you choose suitable new fixtures, and provide advice about how much behind-the-scenes tasks you’ll need to get it to work effectively.

Upgrade your plumbing with the help of Watermaster Plumbing

Do you live in an old house? Ready to bring your plumbing into the 21st century?

If so, Watermaster Plumbing can help.

With a service area that ranges from the CBD to Mt Eliza and everywhere between, Watermaster Plumbing is Bayside’s favourite local plumber.

Our team of expert plumbers are fully certified, qualified and possess years of experience. You can trust us to provide the best service possible, no matter how old your house is.

Contact Watermaster on 1300 156 650 or fill in the form to request a quote from us today.

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