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A plumber in Bayside talks kitchen plumbing maintenance

Food, glorious food… none of it would have been possible without your kitchen!

Eating is a pretty important part of our lives (we need food to live, after all) – as such, the kitchen is an essential part of your home, which makes kitchen maintenance a high priority.

In particular, kitchen plumbing maintenance is especially important!

What exactly should your kitchen plumbing maintenance look at?

Luckily for you, kitchen plumbing is one of the most common things our plumber in Bayside gets called out for – today, we’ll be sharing some of the most common issues that crop up (and how we can fix them for you!)

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Our Bayside plumber explains the most common kitchen plumbing problems

As a “wet” room in your house, kitchens come with a lot of plumbing. Taps, drains, sinks… the list goes on.

If a problem arises with any of these crucial fixtures, plumbing maintenance may be in order… especially if you want to avoid a kitchen disaster further down the line!

Don’t wait until you see leaks and clogs – regular kitchen inspections can save you considerable time and money, as well as the headache that comes with unexpected plumbing emergencies.

Of course, sometimes an emergency will be unavoidable – we suggest saving the number of a certified plumber in Melbourne or calling 1300 156 650,  just in case!

But enough about us – let’s get talking about the reason you’re here…

Problem 1: clogged kitchen drains

Do you let food scraps and grease go down your drain? If so , stop ASAP – you could be at risk of clogging your drain!

Unlike, say, a toilet, kitchen drains are much more narrow, and the water that’s flushed down your drain tends to be at a lower pressure than a toilet flush.

As a result, dirt, food debris and grease are much more likely to get stuck there, blocking wastewater from flowing through your drains. Not only does this stop water from flowing, but it can also make things stink!

A qualified plumber in Bayside can remove partial blockages before they get too bad, reaching deep blockages you might not be able to reach on your own.

By letting a plumber conduct a drain check, you’ll avoid clogs. In particular, we can identify drains that might be prone to blockages and replace them with a newer on that’s faster-flowing and less likely to get blocked.

Problem 2: tap and pipe leaks

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Due to frequent usage, taps and faucets are subject to high levels of wear and tear. No wonder they’re the most common type of kitchen plumbing maintenance our plumber in Bayside gets called to!

In addition to being plain annoying, both of these leaks have the potential to drive up your water bill over time – the last thing you want in an era of tightened household budgets.

Finally, leaky and burst pipes can actually be dangerous!

That’s because most kitchen pipes are installed in your walls, or under your floors. A leak here can go undetected, leading to considerable water damage to the kitchen cupboards, plaster and wooden structure around your kitchen.

At that stage, it won’t just be your plumbing that needs a fix!

Our plumbers can identify leaks in your house, wherever they may be. Once we’ve homed in on the source of the leak, we’ll get to work patching it up, protecting your home… and your wallet.

Problem 3: no hot water

When was the last time that you had your hot water system inspected? Probably too long ago to remember.

Hot water systems are complicated contraptions, with many working parts. An issue with one of these parts can result in a reduction or even total loss of hot water.

Sure, it may not sound like a big deal now that warm weather is returning, but try cooking or washing dishes without it – it’s not that easy!

Common problems in your hot water system often start with:

  • Broken and worn-out tanks
  • Energy supply problems
  • Tampered valves
  • Faulty thermostat

If you notice that the kitchen faucet or dishwasher isn’t providing hot water any longer, we suggest calling your local hot water plumber, ASAP.

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Problem 4: gas problems in the kitchen

Your plumber does more than just look after water pipes – at Watermaster Plumbing, we’re also licensed gas plumbers too!

You don’t really need us to tell you that gas leaks are dangerous.

In addition to the fire risk, gas leaks can also come with physical consequences, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Breathing problems

And the kitchen is ground zero for most gas leaks!

If you detect a gas leak originating from your cooktop, don’t hesitate – you need an emergency plumber, stat.

Our Masterful plumbers will come to the scene as soon as we can, identifying the source of the problem and fixing it.

In our experience, most of the time it’s an issue with your gas plumbing or connections. Luckily, the fundamentals are the sme – pipes are pipes, after all.

We’ll work quickly and safely to ensure that gas leaks are identified and fixed as soon as possible, keeping you safe.

Need plumbing maintenance and repairs for your kitchen?

Call our Masterful plumbers in Bayside today!

Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. Ensure that it stays in good working condition by looking after your kitchen plumbing.

Our Masterful plumbing maintenance and repairs ensure that your kitchen plumbing is in full working order, and that you can cook and clean without dramas.

We provide plumbing service to all of Melbourne’s Bayside area, as well as the greater south-east region, including:

Keep your kitchen running at its best – contact Watermaster Plumbing on 1300 156 650 or save our number for whenever you need rapid-response plumbing maintenance and repairs!

Got a question or want to find out more? Contact our wonderful team here.

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