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The importance of medical
plumbing maintenance

With more than 40 clinics Mastered, our competent team will ensure your facility runs at its best while promoting safety, hygiene, and compliance!

No matter what type of medical facility you operate, hygiene and safety is crucial.

Running water is a crucial part of that equation – and by extension, so too is ongoing plumbing maintenance.

Regular plumbing maintenance helps you comply to your hygiene and safety obligations.

Medical For Plumbing Maintenance

Medical plumbing maintenance

Here are just some of the services our Masterful plumbers offer to medical facilities like yours…

Plumbing fixtures and pipes

Plumbing fixtures
and pipes

Running water is essential for washing
and cleaning.

During plumbing maintenance, your plumber will identify any potential problems in your plumbing system and provide on-the-spot fixes, protecting your water supply from interruptions or contamination.

Identify sources of contamination

Identify sources
of contamination

To protect you against contaminants, Watermaster Plumbing will test for water purity and particulates.

We’ll fix any sections of pipe, fixtures or parts of your hot water system that may be contaminating your water.

Water filtration and purification

Plumbing fixtures
and pipes

Many medical clinics and facilities feature on-site water purification and filtering in order to ensure their water is clean.

We can also perform inspections of these systems and filters, protecting both staff and patients alike.

Medical plumbing maintenance Melbourne

Medical facilities and clinics operate with extremely high hygiene standards. As such, you’ll need to rely on a plumbing partner who can deliver safe, effective, and hygienic plumbing solutions.

Our experienced team of plumbers have performed plumbing maintenance for a wide range of healthcare facilities and clinics across Melbourne for more than two decades.

When you choose Watermaster Plumbing, your clinic’s vital plumbing systems are inspected by a team of plumbers who:

  • Are intimately familiar with your legal obligations
  • Carry out work with extreme care and a focus on safety
  • Work around your bookings and patients
  • Clean up after their work is done
Medical For Plumbing Maintenance