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Wastermaster’s specialised medical plumbers will keep your facility running!

With more than 40 clinics Mastered, our competent team will ensure your facility runs at its best while promoting safety, hygiene, and compliance!

You’ve worked hard to ensure the design, feel, and aesthetic of your clinic or practice will make patients and visitors feel welcome the moment they step in. You also need to ensure your clinic is up to code, abiding by all laws and regulations – and that includes your crucial plumbing system. The Watermaster Plumbing team is made up of specialist medical plumbers who understand the intricacy and importance of the right plumbing solution for your practice.

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The medical plumbing process

Watermaster Plumbing follows a strict process to ensure your medical or dental plumbing allows you to run your practice to its full potential, while fulfilling all codes, regulations, and rules.

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Consultation and planning

With expert knowledge of the intricate nature of medical plumbing, we ensure you get the right solution from day one.

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From plaster traps to backflow prevention, Watermaster ensures your clinic meets all Australian codes and regulations.

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Watermaster’s specialist medical plumbers install your complex plumbing system to our signature high standards.

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All of our specialist plumbing work is covered by a Certificate of Compliance, provided upon completion.

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We’ll plan and implement a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your practice remains safe and compliant at all times.