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We work with design and construction teams to ensure effective plumbing for medical centres

With meticulous workmanship and attention to care, Watermaster Plumbing works closely with builders, designers, and architects, delivering Masterful plumbing installations and solutions that complement your designs.

Combining functionality with aesthetics, our specialised team create and implement tailored plumbing solutions for medical facilities including doctors, dentists and vet clinics.

Medical For Builders and Architect
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Why partner with Watermaster for your
next medical or dental fit-out?

We maintain your reputation

We maintain your reputation

Whether it’s a strict deadline or a focus on aesthetics, our solutions will complement your building plans, ensuring we maintain your reputation as industry-leading builders, designers, and fit out experts.

Design-driven solutions

Identify sources
of contamination

Driven by safety and performance doesn’t mean a focus on aesthetics needs to be compromised.

Water filtration and purification

Medical plumbing experts

Our team of qualified and experienced plumbers have vast experience working with various trades, bringing designs to life through quality build and specialised plumbing solutions.