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Luxury Features To Consider For Your Bathroom Renovation

From applying makeup and showering to brushing your teeth, using the toilet, and yep, even talking on the phone, we sure do spend a lot of time in the bathroom… about 1.5 years of our life, in fact.

Your bathroom deserves a lot of credit: you spend time there in the morning preparing for the day, and it’s also where you unwind in the evening. It can be a quick escape from partners, housemates, or children (we’re not judging) but ultimately, it’s a haven that represents you and your family.

Double vanity in luxe bathroom

Are you planning a bathroom renovation?

Much of the time, the goal of a bathroom renovation is to upgrade outdated fixtures, replace worn or damaged appliances, or remodel your vanity.

This time around, though, you’ve finally reached the stage where you’re ready for luxury: you want to transform your standard bathroom or ensuite into a glamorous and indulgent haven.

Below we’ve listed some of our favourite bathroom features that transform a bathroom renovation from standard to spectacular.


Double vanities

If space allows, double vanities are a common addition to a luxe bathroom.

Imagine never having to battle for the sink every morning; that’s probably the most appealing benefit of two sinks in a master bathroom! Further, increasing vanity space also increases underneath storage space – always a win.

Cosmetically, double sinks look sophisticated and are an attracting selling point, especially in a home’s main bathroom or in a master ensuite.

Double vanities are also great in kids’ bathrooms, where siblings are often starting their days with a morning argument over who gets to brush their teeth first.


Rain showerhead

Rain showerheads are usually mounted overhead – rather than on a vertical wall – delivering an even and steady stream of water that mimics the feeling of showering in the rain.

Larger than your typical showerhead, rain showerheads disperse water from a wider and larger surface area but more gently, giving you a luxurious feeling akin to a fancy spa.

Using clever aeration techniques, some showerhead models can effectively draw in air to improve water pressure, while advanced fixtures have settings that allow you to choose your desired water pressure.

A luxurious rain showerhead makes showering feel like “a special occasion, not an obligation”.

Luxury bathroom renovation

Jacuzzi or soaking tub

There are few pleasures in life more relaxing, indulgent, and soothing than a steaming hot soak in a tub.

The ultimate in spa-like luxury at home, a Jacuzzi or soaking tub adds an instant cool factor to a bathroom.

Imagine slipping away for a few moments of tranquillity at the end of a particularly challenging day.

A jetted tub gives an invigorating and relaxing massage every time, while precise control allows you to choose your preferred jet and bubble setting.

Do you prefer a freestanding or built-in tub?

Some freestanding tubs have those fabulous claws that immediately exude a vintage, classic look, while simple in-ground tubs are sophisticated and chic.

Freestanding tubs are not as simple to install as you might think, which probably explains why the recessed or built-in tub seems to be the standard in Australian homes.

Not sure which is right for you? This great article might help!


Heated flooring

Heated flooring, also known as hydronic heating, is perhaps the epitome of luxury bathroom living.

Imagine never having to worry about ice-cold bathroom tiles again…

Step into comfort every winter morning as hydronic heating gently transforms cold tiles into heated floor that you can comfortably walk on without socks or slippers.

The two most common types of hydronic heating are slab heating and in-screed heating. The main difference between the two is the method in which the heating is installed. You can find out more about both here.

Heated towel racks

Just like heated flooring, heated towel racks help take away that winter chill many of us struggle with. Imagine stepping out of the tub or shower and immediately being wrapped up in a deliciously warm towel, fresh from your heated towel rack.

Not only will they help you stay cosy, but they are also great for aerating damp towels, thus reducing the risk mould or mildew, keeping your bathroom hygienic!


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