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Keep your head above water with an emergency plumber


A few weeks ago, we covered a few of the common pain points our customers face that signal to them: “You need to call a plumber!

This week, we take a frantic step forward and address some common scenarios that beg you to call an emergency plumber. We know plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, and any day of the year – it’s what keeps us so busy!

So if you’re faced with any of the following emergency plumbing situations, stop wasting time, wasting water, and risking damage, and call Watermaster: 1300 156 650). Now, let’s get to those plumbing emergencies…

Emergency plumber Melbourne

When do you need emergency plumbing services?

Burst pipe

Few things are more startling then witnessing a pipe burst right before your eyes! Before you’ve even registered what’s happening, water is gushing, furniture is wet, and you’re panicked.

What do you do? Well, once you’ve caught your breath, you can firstly try shutting off your home’s main water supply. If you’re worried or in doubt about electrical hazards, turn off your home’s electricity supply, too.

An emergency plumber will act quickly to minimise damage to your home.


Gas leak

Uh-oh… what’s that smell?

If you suspect a gas leak, you’re going to want it addressed pretty quickly! You must, under no circumstances, ever try to detect a gas leak with a flame or match – it’s dangerous and not worth the risk.

Remember, only a licensed gas plumber can undertake any sort of work involving gas. Luckily for you, Watermaster are licensed gas plumbers who can detect and repair a leak.

The logical truth is that gas has that awful smell added for the exact purpose to alert you of a leak. (Bonus points if you already knew that thanks to Ross Gellar from Friends.)


Overflowing sinks, toilets, or baths

Not the most pleasant of scenarios, overflowing or blocked sinks, toilets, and baths need to be promptly addressed.

The most likely cause of overflowing is a blockage, and it’s an emergency plumber’s job to determine where the blockage is, and rectify it.

Sometimes, these blockages can be rectified with a little help from a plunger or other tool, but if these problems are chronic, you’re going to want a professional to inspect the situation and determine the right – long-term – solution.


Water damage with the potential for an electrical hazard

Water and electricity do not mix – we all know this. It’s been drilled into our heads since primary school!

The scary reality is that any time you suffer a plumbing malfunction, there is also the risk of an associated electrical hazard.

Roof leaks in particular are one plumbing problem that can cause an electrical hazard, because even if you think you’ve stopped a leak, it’s hard to tell whether water remains in your ceiling, thus creating a risk.


Need an emergency plumber in Melbourne?

Well, you’ve found us, so what are you waiting for?

A burst pipe or overflowing toilet doesn’t take into consideration public holidays or the daily 9-5, so if your plumbing emergency can’t wait until the morning, call an emergency plumber in Melbourne that will quickly respond to and solve your issue!

With 24/7 services offered from a team with 20 years’ experience, you can be sure that when you call Watermaster, you’ll receive help from licensed, experienced, professional plumbers – quickly! Contact us now!

(Oh, and for those moments you can’t predict, save our number in your phone: 1300 156 650. Your future self will thank you!)


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