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The usual suspects: an emergency plumber explains the most common emergencies

As emergency plumbers, we get called to all sorts of plumbing disasters that require urgent attention. We help homeowners and businesses alike deal with all sorts of emergencies, big and small.

However, there are a couple of plumbing emergencies that pop up time and time again.

Whether it’s because these particular parts of your plumbing systems undergo more strain or are prone to sudden trauma like storm damage, common plumbing issues that occur throughout Melbourne homes and commercial properties becomes clear.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ones, and how your emergency plumber can help with rapid repairs and helpful plumbing solutions.

Emergency plumber

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Read on to discover four of the most common scenarios that require the urgent assistance and attention of your local plumber.


Suspect #1: why toilet trouble is a major plumbing emergency

Did you know that most people use the loo between 6-7 times in a 24 hour period? With an average household size of 4.5, that’s potentially 31 flushes a day in your home!

An overflowing or blocked toilet is often the result of a clog further down the line.

Fortunately, this is pretty easy to avoid – all you need to do is not treat your toilet like a rubbish bin. That means properly disposing of:

  • Tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Nappies
  • Cotton buds and wipes

It only takes a couple of seconds, but it could save you a major headache!

In other cases, toilet troubles could be attributed to low water pressure. When pressure is low, your flush is less effective, meaning that waste can often get stuck and is not flushed out properly.

Fortunately, an emergency plumber can help you by inspecting your flushing mechanism and clearing any stubborn blockages.


Suspect #2: hot water troubles

Losing hot water is an inconvenience at the best of times.

When it happens in the middle of winter however, it becomes an emergency, where a rapid solution is required.

Hot water systems have a finite life. Most of us use hot water every night, and this takes a toll on your water heater:

  • Broken or faulty parts
  • Tank heaters might start providing rusty water
  • Wear-and-tear can result in leaks or low water pressure

In some rare cases, a faulty or poorly installed hot water system can even cause indoor flooding!

Regular inspections of your hot water system can help you avoid these problems.

Watermaster Plumbing provides hot water plumbing for all types of hot water systems.

Our team of emergency plumbers in Melbourne prevents hot water troubles by identifying problems with your water heater and fixing them. And if it turns out you need a new water heater installed, we can do that too.


Suspect #3: burst pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies and can be caused by a variety of factors, such as high water pressure or blockages deep within your plumbing system.

This kind of plumbing issue can cause serious damage. It is important that certain measures are taken immediately to avoid further issues such as water overflow or flooding.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill leak, burst pipes are a full-on plumbing emergency. A leaky pipe only causes long-lasting damage if it’s left for a long time – so it makes sense that urgent help is required.

The damage from a burst pipe can be devastating, and unless you act quickly, you could be left with permanent water damage to your home and belongings.

Water pressure is a common culprit of burst pipes.

Water is a powerful force, and while your pipes are tough, they’re not invincible. Pressure that’s too high puts strain on your pipes, leading to burst pipes.

Thankfully, this can be prevented by installing safety valves that reduce your water pressure.

Another way to ease the pressure on your pipes is to ensure that they’re free of blockages, as this can also cause pressure to build up, resulting in cracked, leaking, or burst pipes.


Suspect #4: smell gas? You need an emergency plumber!

What do you do when you smell gas?

The first thing you should do is turn off your main gas supply and evacuate your property.

The second? Call an emergency plumber!

Emergency plumbers

A gas leak can be incredibly dangerous. Not only is it highly flammable, but gas leaks can also have adverse effects on your health, including:

  • Dizziness, nausea and headaches
  • Chest pains and breathing problems
  • Loss of consciousness

We recommend getting all of your gas appliances, fittings, and pipes serviced by a qualified gas plumber every two years.

Importantly, you must never try to identify the source of a leak yourself. Leave it to the pros.

Watermaster’s fully-licensed and experienced gas plumbers go over your gas appliances and pipes with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything’s up to scratch. We can identify leaks and potential issues within your gas system.


What do I do when I encounter a plumbing emergency?

Contact our team of local plumbers now for all your plumbing woes

These are just some of the more pressing plumbing problems we deal with on a daily basis at Watermaster Plumbing.

If you run into any of these problems, you’d be best served by calling an emergency plumber in Melbourne CBD and Bayside ASAP!

Our plumbers in Bayside have more than 20 years’ experience under their belts fixing all manner of pipes, drains and fixtures. We’ve helped residents and businesses all over Melbourne’s south-east solve plumbing emergencies big and small.

If you need an emergency plumber for urgent solutions to your plumbing problems, call us now on 1300 156 650. For non-urgent issues or if you have a question, please contact us here.

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