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Need An Emergency Plumber This Christmas? Call Watermaster!

Christmas comes with its own fair share of emergencies like:

  • Last-minute presents
  • Organising dinner reservations
  • Kitchen emergencies

Each of these has the potential to cause major problems – while they won’t ruin Christmas, they can certainly cause major disruption and pain!

And one common Christmas emergency that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves? Unexpected plumbing problems.

Not only is Christmas the time for giving – it’s also the season for plumbing emergencies!

That’s because many of us will spend the Christmas break at home. All of a sudden, your home plumbing is putting in more hours than it normally does. Add in visiting relatives and friends and it’s no wonder plumbing problems are so much more common in the silly season.

What types of plumbing emergencies should you watch out for during the next few weeks?

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Blocked pipes

Blocked pipes can happen at any time of year. However, they’re extra common around Christmas.

And it all comes back to the Christmas roast.

What a lot of people do when preparing their Christmas meal is cut corners. Instead of disposing of oil and grease the proper way, what they decide to do is pour it down the drain.

“After all, it’s liquid,” you think. “It’ll simply drain along with the flush of water I’ll send down my sink.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

When oil and grease cool down, they solidify into this weird jelly – picture your dinner leftovers after a night in the refrigerator.

This jelly can build up in your kitchen sink, leading to – you guessed it – blocked pipes.

The main takeaway? When cleaning up after yourself, do it properly!

That means letting oil and grease cool, sealing it in a bag, and placing it in the bin.

Dealing with a blockage? Watermaster Plumbing offers drain cleaning services for all sorts of blockages.


Blocked toilets

What’s worse than blocked pipes? Blockages in your toilets!

You never really think about how much you rely on your toilet.

But with guests and friends visiting, you might find yourself stressing as as you struggle with a blocked toilet.

Living without a toilet is no fun.

To avoid potential toilet troubles, we recommend contacting your local plumber – preferably before guests turn up.

During your toilet inspection, your plumber will look at:

  • Water pressure
  • Flush mechanism
  • Toilet pipes
  • Potential leaks

And if your toilet does start causing you problems… well, at least you can always rely on your emergency plumber this Christmas!

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Sudden loss of hot water

In our experience, the vast majority of hot water systems found in Melbourne are of the tank storage variety.

This type has its own strengths and weaknesses (which you can read up on here and here).

In short however, tank storage systems work by maintaining a tank full of hot water.

While this guarantees hot water at a moment’s notice, it also means that once that tank runs dry, it could be hours until you can enjoy hot water again.

And with all the water that goes into cooking as well as water that gets used up by visitors and all of a sudden, running out of hot water goes from a fringe problem to a real issue.

Sure, it’s relatively minor given that Christmas Down Under occurs over summer. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

(Not to mention, we all know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be – you might still need that hot water!)


Why you need a plumbing inspection this Christmas

If you ask us, prevention is the way to go when it comes to protecting yourself from Christmas plumbing emergencies.

That’s where a plumbing inspection comes in.

During your plumbing inspection, your plumber takes a look at your plumbing from top-to-bottom.

At Watermaster Plumbing, we offer FREE plumbing inspections for domestic customers.

Even better, any problems we do end up finding we can fix on-the-spot for a reduced price (which means more money left over for those last-minute presents and Boxing Day sales!

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Call Watermaster Plumbing for all your emergency plumbing needs in Melbourne

The Watermaster team will be working throughout Christmas – our team of plumbers will be ready to respond promptly to your plumbing woes!

If you run into a plumbing problem, you can rely on us to fix it whether you’re based in Mt Eliza, Glen Waverley or anywhere else in the south-east.

Give us a call today on 1300 156 650 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch!

And if you live in Doncaster or surrounds, we’ve got good news: our good friends at H2-Pro Plumbing are also working throughout the Christmas break!

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