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Do I need to call a gas plumber in Melbourne for gas emergencies?

About 70% of Australian homes use natural gas, with over 11 million residential appliances for hot water supply, heating and cooking purposes.

Under normal circumstances, this is completely safe. In that tiny number of instances where this isn’t the case however, you’ll find that there are few things around the house that are as dangerous as a gas leak.

It may come unnoticed, but the longer it goes for, the more dangerous it becomes.

In addition to the elevated fire risk, a gas leak also comes with a number of short- and long-term health effects.

That’s because a gas leak replaces oxygen in the air with gas.

Not only are you breathing in something you aren’t meant to, but you’re also breathing in less oxygen then you should be, which has its own consequences if it goes on for too long.

And this is why it’s so important that you save the number of a certified gas plumber in Melbourne to your phone, just in case!

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How do I check for a gas leak?

A gas leak is an emergency – there’s no other way to look at it!

Since gas leaks pose a danger to health, lives, and even your property, early detection of gas leaks is crucial in protecting yourself from the risks and dangers that this type of household issue comes with.

Here are a couple of signs you should keep a lookout for:

  • Hissing sounds
  • Rotten egg smell
  • Dying plants
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing

The moment you notice one (or worse, several) of these symptoms, it can be worth organising a gas inspection.

Better yet, talk to a professional about getting gas leak detectors installed!

Can I fix my own gas leak?

While it’s theoretically possible, it isn’t something that we recommend.

Gas leaks are a different beast from regular pipe leaks and plumbing problems – when gas is involved, it can pose a serious risk to your health.

And that’s on top of all the regular concerns. For example, you might not have the tools needed to disconnect your appliances and unhook the pipeline to stop it from leaking, and there’s always the risk of making a mistake or getting something wrong.

When it comes to gas leaks, you will need a certified and qualified gas plumber in Melbourne to take care of it for you.

Not only are they specialists in these types of jobs, but they’re also fully-insured. Not only that, but since they’re professionals, they’ll also ensure that you won’t run afoul of your home insurance policy.

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5 reasons why you should call a gas plumber in Melbourne

Can a plumber detect a gas leak?

Not all gas leaks are easy to identify just by following that telltale hissing sound. Gas leaks may sometimes be difficult to detect, especially if the problem is in your crawl space or some other hard-to-reach area.

Our certified commercial plumbers in Melbourne have a range of tools which we can use to identify the source of gas leaks, as well as provide other essential information about the nature of your leak.

These tools allow us to be a lot more precise when diagnosing the source and nature of your gas leak.

All the more reasons you should take gas issues seriously and why you should call a 24-hour emergency plumber in Melbourne who knows how to deal with gas leak emergencies.

Safety comes first!

Gas leaks automatically put your home, property, and even lives in danger.

And as something that’s this dangerous, it’s important that you get these fixed immediately. 

Critically, it’s key that you get these repairs carried out by a professional who specialises in fixing gas leaks.

A certified Bayside gas fitter is still the best person to deal with these issues. We have the equipment, skills and training to fix these issues safely and look after your wellbeing.

Is a small gas leak dangerous?

While it might only be a small leak now, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous!

There’s always the danger of explosion and poisoning, even with small gas leaks. This is why it is best to contact an expert gas plumber who has the experience of installing and inspecting all your gas appliances and gas piping system.

That’s because over time, even a small gas leak can displace oxygen in the air.

And while it may start small, gradually the gas content will increase while the oxygen levels go down, resulting in difficulty in breathing, drowsiness, and headaches.

And we haven’t even gotten started on the fire risk either.

This is what happens if you smell gas – even if it’s just a small leak. Even minor leaks should be taken seriously.

Can plumbers install gas lines?

Gas repair and gas installation in Melbourne need the expertise of a gas specialist. As we mentioned above, trying to do it on your own is not just foolish but also dangerous.

A gas plumber should be your first port of call in the event of a gas leak.

Of course, that isn’t all they can do – gas plumbers are also experts at installing gas lines too.

After all, we’re plumbers, and gas is still delivered using pipes.

We’ll ensure you comply with standards on gas installations

Gasfitting work in Australia would need compliance with Regulation 21 of the Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018.

Said regulations are quite strict, and clearly set out exactly what standards your home gas system needs to adhere to.

Fail to comply, and you might find yourself:

  • Hit with a fine
  • Paying out-of-pocket to get it fixed
  • Having insurance claims denied

A licensed gas fitter ensures that gas lines and gas appliances are installed safely and properly, and that they comply with construction and installation standards..

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Get gas appliances and gas lines installed properly

We know what we’re doing – simple as that!

Installation, repair and replacement of gas lines can get complicated, which is why you need the expertise of gas plumbers.

A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t have the right expertise, training and experience to successfully install gas appliances and lines.

If you want to follow the right protocols and proper installation methods for new gas appliances and gas lines, then it is best to call and save the number of a gas expert near you.

Immediate repairs and assistance 24/7

Gas leaks are fully-fledged emergencies – as such, you’ll need someone who can respond quickly and fix your issue with minimal downtime!

Once you smell that telltale gas odour, you will need to call your emergency plumber in Melbourne for immediate assistance.

Our gas plumbing team is ready to respond to any gas problems you may run into, no matter the time of day – give us a ring, and we’ll send over the first available specialist to take a look at your problem.

Got a problem with a gas leak? Call our gas plumber in Melbourne now!

Never underestimate the danger of gas leaks, or try to solve it on your own – better be safe and call a gas plumber immediately!

Watermaster Plumbing’s team of trustworthy and experienced gas fitters helps you deal with all your gas-related problems. Our mission is simple: to help you protect your home and commercial property.

The Watermaster Plumbing team offers various gasfitting services such as:

  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas hot water installation
  • Gas hot water system repairs
  • Appliance installation, connection, and disconnection
  • Workshop and light industrial gasfitting

Melbourne homeowners and businesses rely on our Bayside plumbing team to help them out when they run into gas issues.

Find out how we can help you stay safe around gas – call us today on 1300 156 650 or fill in the form to request a quote from us today!

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