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Dishwasher diagnosis: you need a local plumber!

We use it every day and it is so commonplace now that it’s hard to think of life without our beloved dishwasher. The modern dishwashers we use today have come a long way since the 1970s, when they first became commonplace in the average home.

In the years since, dishwashers have evolved into sophisticated and modern appliances.

Making the post-dinner cleanup routine so much easier and quicker, our dishwashers sure are put through quite a lot.

Local plumber dishwasher diagnosis

Treat your dishwasher with care

A dishwasher is as much a part of your family home as any other electrical or plumbing appliance, and as such needs to be cared for to do its job properly.

Here are some tips to take the best care of your dishwasher:

  • Stack your dishes properly
  • Do not overload your dishwasher
  • Don’t lean on the door and be gentle with shelves
  • Clean your dishwasher regularly


Have your dishwasher inspected

It’s important to get a plumber out to inspect your dishwasher if you think there’s a significant problem. Watermaster Plumbing Solutions can help you out. We inspect and report if we see any signs of leaks, clogged pipes, or an excess build-up of water.

The risk of a dishwasher leak

The two common causes of dishwasher leaks are:

  • Clogged dishwasher drains
  • Faulty seals

Both problems may not seem too serious, but they can quickly lead to significant water damage – especially if any water leaks are hidden to the naked eye!


What’s new in dishwasher technology?

If you’re looking to replace your old dishwashing appliance with a new one, it’s imperative that you do your research! There are a ton of hot features out in the market – we’ve selected some of our favourites below.

Third shelf

Did you know that many dishwashers today come with a third shelf? Some have adjustable racks so you and your family can each stack the dishes your own way.

Perfect for larger families who find themselves running their old, smaller dishwashers almost every day!


Appliances have been getting quieter over the years, and today many high-tech units are virtually noise-free. Despite its job to clean dishes, one of the most requested features, when consumers are searching for an upgrade, is that the machine is quiet!

Most appliances today make virtually no noise at all. No annoying washing machine noise that you have to tune out while you’re trying to watch the TV anymore.

Other factors also influence the noise level of a dishwasher, including:

Save water and energy

Modern appliances have the added benefit of saving loads more water and energy than older appliances.

Compared to older units:
While normal dishwashers use on average 22 litres of water per wash, a 5-star water-rating unit can use as little as 12 litres per wash. That’s a 45 per cent decrease in water usage!

Compared to hand-washing:
Put down the sponge!

Hand washing dishes uses six times as much water as a water-efficient unit (and uses more soap!). You’re also saving yourself energy, as dishwashers are much more water efficient than hand-washing dishes.

Local plumber

Call a local plumber for dishwasher installation

If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, make sure you pick one that boasts impressive star energy and star water ratings. Sustainability Victoria recommends at least 3.5 star rating for both energy and water.

If you need help installing your new dishwasher, Watermaster Plumbing Solutions are here to help!

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