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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Tips From Watermaster

What is Commercial Plumbing Maintenance?

Commercial plumbing maintenance is the periodic upkeep of your business dwelling to identify and rectify plumbing issues before they become larger problems.

Plumbing maintenance is often scheduled seasonally, as the change of seasons can affect your plumbing, as well as whenever you may need it!

I don’t have time for this, you might be thinking. And we understand most business owners don’t… which is why we’ve created a team of plumbers in Melbourne who can work to a maintenance schedule around you, leaving you free to conduct business, with as little disruption as possible from us!

Commercial plumbing maintenance

Why commercial plumbing maintenance is essential

With regular checks, you can avoid the dreaded plumbing emergency or catch a problem before extensive damage is done. Basically, it saves you time and money in the long run.

Commercial plumbing maintenance identifies problems early one before extensive water damage takes place, and keeps your business running as normal.

No matter your industry – from a high-rise city dwelling to a small retail store – the last thing your business needs is to be inhibited by poor water pressure, water damage, leaks, burst pipes, or irrigation problems!


Common commercial plumbing problems

General wear and tear is going to be the most common cause of minor plumbing woes.

Wear and tear is, of course, expected, but knowing the most up-to-date status of your plumbing systems (including pipes, drainage, and fixtures) virtually allows you to skip the part where pipes burst and mildew runs rampant.

Commercial plumbing maintenance checks ensure you’re taking preventative measures to protect your business or building from extensive and damaging water or plumbing woes. We’ve listed a few common commercial problems below.

Faucets and taps

Worn seals are common causes of a dripping tap. Quick identification and restoration saves water and your back pocket!

Water heaters

Hot water systems are not something just anyone can play around with. If your hot water system isn’t performing as it should, we’ll check it out.

Silent leaks

Bet you hadn’t thought of these before!

Toilets may be leaking without you even knowing… And imagine all the water wasted in a commercial property (like a shopping centre) with dozens of toilets scattered across several floors.

We’ll check for silent leaks so you don’t have to check for an astronomical water bill.

Water damage

The above (and many other common plumbing problems) can cause minor or more extensive water damage. This can weaken foundations and, depending on the severity, can pose a safety risk to you, your employees, and customers.

The sooner a problem is identified and rectified, the less impact it will have on your business!

More extensive checks and issues

External pipes

Depending on their layout and location, external pipe leaks are likely something you, internally, miss.

Remember, a pipe doesn’t need to be split in two and gushing water to be leaking.

Even a slow leak can waste hundreds of litres of water if it isn’t identified.

Building foundations

Look out for the warning signs: hairline fractures or cracks (in any direction) or water damage might mean your foundation is already failing.

(But if you’re engaging plumbers to periodically conduct commercial maintenance, these issues will be spotted before they cause significant damage.)

Pipe corrosion

You don’t really need to know the scientific version of it, so here’s the simple version in just a few words:

Pipe corrosion occurs due to a chemical reaction between the material a pipe is made from (like steel or copper), and the oxygen levels, pH level, and/or temperature of the water that flows through it.

Corroded pipes can cause damage to your plumbing system and hot water systems, and can also lead to health issues in your drinking water supply.

Periodic pH testing shows if there is a noticeable fluctuation in the water’s supply, and other tell-tale signs, like leaks, water stains, and a short lifecycle of hot water system can lead us to corroded pipes.

Backflow prevention testing

Backflow occurs when water flows – unintentionally – opposite to its deliberate direction.

Preventing this flow is, therefore, crucial as it stops pollution entering and prevents contamination of a potable (drinkable) water supply.

Backflow prevention is mandatory: official Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary documents state that:


“The owner of a property, on which there is a water service or a private fire service, must cause a licensed plumber to fit the service with a backflow prevention device.” (Source)


Seeking a commercial plumber in Melbourne? Organise an inspection today

Got that nagging feeling that you’re due for a commercial property inspection?

We don’t mean to guilt trip you, but if you can’t remember the last time a commercial plumber checked out your property, speak to us now to organise a visit (we won’t tell!) We’re a team of dedicated and professional commercial plumbers servicing Melbourne clients.

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