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‘Tis the season: Christmas plumbing emergencies

During the Christmas and New Year holiday period, we always tend to see an influx of emergency plumbing calls.

One of the main reasons for this is that with extra guests visiting and staying with you over the summer, that added pressure on an already wavering or delicate plumbing system tips it over the edge.

For months you might have noticed a slow-flowing drain or a toilet leak around the base every other day, but it’s at this point when your plumbing system finally reaches its breaking point.

Fear not: Watermaster’s emergency plumbing service across Melbourne continues throughout the Christmas and New Year period!

Christmas plumbing emergencies

How to prepare for Christmas plumbing

“Plumbing”, huh? Probably the last word you’d associate with “Christmas”. But it’s no coincidence that the holiday period is one of the busiest for emergency plumbers all across Melbourne.

Don’t worry, though: there are a few really simple things you can do to minimise the risk of a plumbing disaster over the holidays. (And in the case that disaster does strike, Watermaster’s emergency plumbing service will keep you running all summer.)

The major culprits involved in plumbing emergencies are understandably the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. So what can you do to minimise the risk of a plumbing disaster in your home?

Kitchen: think of the sink

The easiest thing to do to stop food being sent down your drain is to buy a sink strainer. They cost just a few bucks and allow you to quickly and easily move food scraps to the bin after rinsing dishes.

What good is Christmas without a delicious turkey? During the festive season, we’re cooking (and eating) more, however you must avoid pouring oil, grease, and fat down the sink. These liquids quickly solidify and can contribute towards a blockage.

Emergency plumber Melbourne

Bathroom: bin it

The simple tips are often the most useful: ensure each bathroom and toilet has its own bin so guests can comfortably dispose of any items that don’t belong down the toilet.


If your household population has doubled over the Christmas holidays as friends or family stay with you, encourage at least 10 or so minutes between showers. Not only will it give your hot water system a chance to refill (so no one gets stuck with a cold shower!), but it also provides your drains with the opportunity to properly clear.

When it doubt, use your garbage bin. If you’re not sure whether something can go down the sink, shower, toilet, or garbage disposal, use the bin!

Air your dirty laundry

Overseas, people associate Christmas with winter, snow, and freezing pipes, but here in Australia, we think of hot weather, the beach, and lots of mozzies.

With summer fun comes more dirty clothing (as well as chlorine-soaked bathers and towels), and that results in more washing.

Check your washing machine for physical signs of wear and tear, including leaks, cracks, and bulging pipes. With the addition of holiday guests, your washing machine might be working overtime, so if it’s in need of TLC, address it now before a plumbing disaster strikes.

In your mind, a small leak mightn’t be too much more than an annoyance. But the reality is that that leak could slowly escalate, reaching its tipping point and resulting in water damage, burst pipes, or even flooding.

Plumber Melbourne

Emergency plumber Melbourne

While you probably hope you won’t need to see us over the Christmas (don’t worry – we’re not offended), your best bet to prepare for any plumbing emergencies is to save Watermaster’s number in your phone – right now.

If you’re worried about a persistent problem, get it fixed NOW – avoid the dramas of an emergency call-out by proactively addressing those plumbing woes that have been stewing in the back of your head for weeks!

Our emergency plumbers in Melbourne are ready to help you! Call Sam on 0408 010 099 or fill in this form – we’ll be in touch.

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