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What’s the cause of noisy pipes?

A creak here, a whistling there: do you ever hear odd or unexplainable noises in your home?

You might think this is somewhat normal but the truth is, any odd noises from pipes normally signifies a problem lurking in your home’s plumbing system.

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Know your noise

To get a better idea of what exactly is going on with your pipes, it’s good to familiarise yourself with some of the types of noises you may hear, as well as their possible explanations.

Here are some of the most common pipe noises and their possible causes:

Shake, rattle, and roar: do you hear rattling in your pipes?

Rattling pipes are also known as “water hammer”. This happens when water is freely and rapidly passing through a pipe before it abruptly hits a closed valve. The sudden halt to the flow results in loud thuds that may literally shake your house.

This violent water movement can actually cause damage to your pipes, loosen joints, and cause leaks.

The water hammer phenomenon is more common in older houses (built before the 1960s).

Have loud thuds become common in your home or office? You’d better organise a plumbing inspection.

Is weird creaking coming from your pipes?

When you hear this noise can be a real indicator to the cause. By this, we mean do your pipes creak only after hot water has been used, such as after a shower?

As hot water flows through your pipes, the heat causes the pipes to expand slightly. Once the water has passed and the pipes have the chance to cool, they contract. Creaking is normally a sign of this expansion and contraction.

Creaking can also be caused during expansion when pipes rub against other materials or surfaces.

This type of pipe noise is usually more common in older houses. Newer houses are normally fitted with plastic clamps (rather than metal) which are specifically designed to allow for slight expansion and contraction.

Do you have whistling pipes?

Not only can it be annoying, but whistling pipes can indicate a deeper plumbing issue.

The whistle-like sound coming from the pipe may be a sign that there’s a defective valve somewhere within your plumbing system.


Don’t ignore pipe noises

As we have mentioned, the noise you hear from your pipes might be an indication that something deeper is going on.

While it’s tempting to ignore the problem until you simply stop noticing it, remember the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

These noises aren’t just pesky – they’re a sign warning you of pipe damage, water leaks, and can lead to wasting water.

Avoid facing larger problems in the not-so-distant future by calling a reliable plumber in Melbourne who will create the solution you need!

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Can’t I just fix a noisy pipe myself?

Those experiencing noisy pipes might think the problem can be alleviated by tightening a water valve or two.

But in reality, it’s hard to truly understand the magnitude of a problem without professional insight. Some problems can’t be solved on your own with a wrench!

As an underlying problem manifests, it’s important that you reach out to the pros sooner, rather than later.

A comprehensive plumbing evaluation will help us determine the location and cause of the problem, and also allows us to understand whether it can be solved immediately or whether further strategising is required.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: call an emergency plumber

Once your noisy plumbing problems are muted by professional plumbers, it’s also important to remain vigilant about your entire system. Water is an essential part of any household, and having an efficient plumbing system that works to its potential should be a home’s top priority.

If noisy pipes are causing irritation and you think you’re at risk of growing plumbing problems beyond your control, call Watermaster.

Our team of qualified emergency plumbers operate 24 hours a day throughout Melbourne, delivering you the right plumbing solution 365 days a year!

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