Does home drain cleaning work? We dissect 4 common home solutions

Drain cleaning is a normal part of home maintenance. Just like weeding your garden or cleaning out your gutters, it’s part of the package. And because dirty drains are so much more common compared to a burst pipe, for example, for many homeowners, the first instinct is to fix it themselves. While we discourage DIY plumbing, there are some drain blockages which may be minor enough to address on your own… provided you do it properly! Don’t have the know-how nor the desire to clean blocked or dirty drains? Call Watermaster’s Melbourne plumbers for safe and efficient drain cleaning. Here’s [...]

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What happens when you flush the toilet? A professional plumber in Melbourne details common questions related to toilets and plumbing problems

It’s only when they start exhibiting signs of a problem that people put any thought into their toilets. But not us! Got toilet problems? No worries. Help is here. Read on to find out what happens when you flush a toilet, and how to solve any toilet flushing woes you might face. Quick facts about toilets Here are some interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about toilets! According to the World Toilet Organisation (yes, it exists), the average person uses a toilet 2,500 times year, or six to eight times daily It’s believed that toilet paper was invented in [...]

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