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Call Watermaster Plumbing For Emergency Plumbing Over Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is only one week away?

We’re sure that most people can’t wait for their Christmas break – and we don’t blame you. After a whole year of working, you deserve a bit of a holiday to kick your feet up and relax.

But while you might be taking some time off, your home’s plumbing system won’t be… in fact, it’ll probably end up working overtime now that you’re spending more time at home!

And with more usage comes a higher risk of unexpected plumbing disasters.

So if you strike toilet, pipe, or any other plumbing danger over the Christmas break, what are you supposed to do?

Fortunately, you don’t need to get on all fours with a flashlight and monkey wrench to do some DIY…

Santa’s not the only one working hard throughout Christmas: you can call Watermaster Plumbing for quick and effective emergency plumbing relief throughout the festive season!

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Christmas plumbing disasters and how to avoid them

We receive calls year-round from people looking for help with their plumbing problems.

In our experience, Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year for your plumbing system… and one of the busiest times of year for us! We get countless call-outs for clogged drains and damaged pipes at Christmas.

Fortunately, there are a couple things you can do this silly season to stop your plumbing from ruining Christmas Day.

Dispose of food waste properly

Make no bones about it, the Christmas lunch or dinner is a real workout. You’ve got to organise ingredients early, schedule how you’re going to use the oven… and let’s not even get started on the clean-up!

Cooking the Christmas meal is hard work, and it’s important to make sure you don’t run yourself down to the bone making it.

But have you thought about the pressure it’s putting on your pipes?

We get it, you don’t want to spend half of Christmas day cleaning up. But cooking oil and fat solidifies in pipes. And if those two words sounds like they describe your Christmas feast, we suggest not pouring anything down the drain if you want to avoid any plumbing-related disasters.

If you want to avoid a nasty surprise we suggest cleaning off grease and oil with a paper towel and disposing this in the bin. For larger quantities, fill up an old jar or plastic cup, and again, dispose of it in the bin, not down the sink.

Minimise the strain on your pipes

For most of the time, your plumbing system is seldom under heavy duress. After all, you’re at work most of the day, kids are at school: your pipes are dormant for a large part of the day.

But come Christmas, it’s a different story.

Because on top of the Christmas meal and more frequent use now that you’re home for once, guests can be a real struggle for your pipes. All of a sudden, your home’s plumbing system has to deal with an influx of guests using your taps and toilets!

This problem hits older homes especially hard.

If your house is above capacity this holiday season, encourage guests to wait about 10-15 minutes between showers or to use half-flush so your pipes and drains have time to do their job properly.

Educate your guests about any plumbing quirks

Does your house’s plumbing have a weird quirk that people should know about?

  • Perhaps one toilet backs up easily and can’t handle a ton of toilet paper
  • Or one particular sink might be partially clogged
  • Or your hot water system can’t really handle three showers in a row

If you have any of these problems or others… well, first off you should have called a plumber months ago to get these issues solved! In the meantime, however, make sure you inform all your guests. After all, they don’t live here – they wouldn’t know!

Emergency 24 hour plumber

Emergency plumbing throughout Christmas and New Year’s

  • Are your pipes leaking?
  • Is your hot water system only giving you lukewarm water?
  • Are you worried about the extra strain you’re about to put on your home’s plumbing system?

Absolve your concerns and make sure you’ve got a reliable 24/7 emergency plumber you can count on throughout the summer holidays.

Plumbing problems can spring up in any time of day – and any day of the year, for that matter!

And luckily for you, we’ll be working throughout the Christmas break! Our awesome team of qualified plumbers is ready to offer prompt emergency plumbing services, so you don’t have to worry about your pipes ruining an otherwise perfect Christmas.

If you run into any plumbing problems this silly season, Watermaster Plumbing can solve them for you. Call us anytime on 1300 156 650!

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