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Call your emergency plumber to solve these plumbing mistakes

Luckily for our customers, emergency plumbing services all across Melbourne can help them out at any time of the day or night.

We’ve collated some of the most common plumbing mistakes we see time and time again. But be warned: these plumbing woes will have you whipping out your phone and calling your emergency plumber. So look out for the signs and be smart when it comes to household plumbing.


Ignoring a leak

A leak will never repair itself on its own.

It will continue, worsen, and, depending on its location, can cause serious water damage to your home.

A leaking kitchen tap mightn’t seem too devastating, but if nothing else, it can grow to become an extreme waste of water, hiking up your water usage every month. Here’s a great example to help illustrate the waste:

A single tap dripping 10 times a minute (so every six seconds) wastes three litres of water a day… and that’s nearly 1100 litres a year!

To put that into context, that’s about 39 four-minute showers (with a showerhead that uses around 7 litres of water per minute).

In a household of four, that’s almost ten showers each, wasted in a year by a single dripping tap. That pesky drip doesn’t seem so insignificant now, does it?

Emergency plumber leaking tap

Working beyond your skillset

Now we’re not trying to sound melodramatic, but the reality is that accidents happen. And the likelihood of an accident soars when the person undertaking the work has neither the qualifications nor knowledge to do it properly.

If you’re not an expert, you are underestimating the education required by these professionals to repair and install a variety of plumbing solutions.

(And psst! If you think you’ve overestimated your ability, you’re probably right.)


Neglecting your gutters

Blocked gutters impede standard water drainage and results in water sitting for a lengthy period of time. As time goes on, water can seep into your home’s ceiling or walls, weakening the foundation, rotting wood, and resulting in a sagging or, even worse, a collapsed ceiling.

Blocked gutters also provide insects with a perfect shelter and food source. Banish the bugs by keeping your gutters clean.

Blocked gutters

Taking things apart without knowing how to put them back together

I think it’s safe to say we’re all guilty of this in one respect or another.

Pulling apart your plumbing? Easy. Yeah… I’ve got this.

Putting it back the right way? Not so easy: Whoops. Now I’m stuck. Where has this washer come from? How do I put this aerator back? What the heck does this pipe connect to?

Now, you’ll waste a solid hour trying to fix what you stuffed up. In this scenario, you’d laugh… if it weren’t for the fact that it’s you who’s stuffed it up.

Starting to think you were betting off calling the pros? We hear you. Taking things apart to diagnose a problem you know little about is one thing. But reassembling a toilet, sink, or drain – regardless of whether you think you’ve solved the original issue – is quite another. Don’t waste your time.


Disregarding laws

Does that new toilet installation require a permit? If you don’t know the answer, then you’re probably not ready to manage a plumbing installation yourself.

Unlicensed work is not only dangerous, but it can result in severe punishment. Take this case, for example: a Victorian Building Authority (VBA) investigation found that an individual had undertaken unlicensed and unregistered work, and he was fined $10,000!

Unlicensed work can also void your warranty.


Disrespecting gas

Natural gas is on of the cleanest fossil fuels used in households and offices all around the world. It’s incredibly efficient and can help you save money.

However, along with all the benefits come some dangers. Using natural gas safely (like in a stove or gas hot water system) poses very few risks, but it’s what happens when we start messing with gas that we begin to worry.

Installation, repairs, and maintenance of gas systems – like hot water systems or gas bottles – must be undertaken by a licensed gas fitter. Not only is unlicensed gas work illegal, it’s dangerous, too.

No ifs, ands or buts about it!

(And remember, not all plumbers are licensed to undertake gas work, so make sure you ask questions and check credentials).

Gas plumbers Melbourne

Ignoring what’s behind the scenes

You might be tempted to pat yourself on the back following that toilet repair, but without the proper tools, knowledge, or experiences, there’s no telling what’s going on behind the scenes.

On the surface, all seems well.

Unbeknown to you, the following might be happening:

  • An invisible leak is damaging your ceiling and walls
  • Severe sewer backup is developing
  • Mould is rapidly reproducing


Without your knowledge, these pesky problems will grow into full-blown calamities, causing days, months, or years’ worth of damage – and you’ve got no idea. Scary.


Stuffed something up? Call your emergency plumber

We’re only human: there are times we think we can do something ourselves without having to involve the pros.

We get it – we get a little ego boost thinking about how we can save a couple of bucks by DIY-ing around the home… but some things – especially plumbing – are best left to the professionals.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t jeopardise your safety. And don’t risk further damage!

If your home is in dire need of urgent plumbing work, call your local emergency plumber. Watermaster Plumbing is based in Melbourne’s Bayside, servicing customers across the east as well as the CBD. Call Sam and the Watermaster team now to arrange an urgent emergency plumbing service in Melbourne, or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

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