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Blocked Drains? Call Now For An Emergency Plumber!

You may take them for granted, but drains have a very important function in your home.

Their role is to transport wastewater away from your house in a safe and efficient way. If they do not, problems arise that can affect not only your plumbing but your health, too.

This week, the team at Watermaster Plumbing have compiled a list of drain cleaning tips. As always, though, if you find yourself facing a task beyond your skillset, STOP and call the professionals!

Watermaster’s plumbers are available 24/7, so call us for all your emergency plumber needs – call now!

There are some things you can do at home or in the workplace to help promote healthy, clean, functional drains. Read on to find out what you should (and shouldn’t!) do.

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Avoid clogged drains: what NOT to do

Often, it’s tempting (and convenient) to treat our drains like a garbage bin of sorts.

But every little piece of debris you absentmindedly flush down the sink (or toilet, or shower) can contribute to a clogged drains. Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Do NOT throw oil, fat, or grease in the kitchen sink and down the drain
  • Do NOT flush food waste down the sink. Instead, collect it and dispose of it in the bin before you wash dishes
  • Do NOT let hair wash down the shower drain. Collect hairs from the drain when you shower
  • Do NOT flush tissues, floss, makeup wipes, or cotton balls down the toilet
  • Do NOT throw chemicals like paint and solvents down the drain

Blocked drains are not fun – they can lead to nasty sewer backup, bad smells, and slow-flowing water. And these are just the noticeable damages!

Further down the drain – hidden from the eye – can lie deep drainage problems, including leakage which can result in severe structural and cosmetic damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. Often, by the time these sorts of problems are even identified, the damage has well and truly been done.


Tips for clean drains

Using commercial cleaning products

Many cleaning products, designed specifically for cleaning clogged drains, work by dissolving grease and other debris that accumulates in a pipe. Good quality products will also contain ingredients that will eliminate the germs that contribute to that unpleasant smell.

You should notice the water flow return to normal. If the problem persists or appears to be bigger than you initially thought, it’s time to call a professional plumber!

Using natural cleaning formulas

A well-known trick to combat minor build-ups (as well as a bad smell) is to combine half a cup of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, and two cups of hot water.

By pouring the formula down the drain, the baking soda may help dissolve minor blockages.

Blocked drains - emergency plumber

When all else fails, call an emergency plumber!

The above solutions – while sometimes effective – are often only temporary and suitable only for small problems.

For peace of mind, we recommend a plumbing inspection from the Watermaster team, where we not only identify the source of blocked drains but discover the cause and create the solution, too.

While you might think last night’s grease from the frying pan isn’t so much of a deal, it’s the rapid build-up and accumulation in our drains that can lead to unexpectedly quick problems.

For times where a baking soda formula just won’t cut it, rely on Watermaster Plumbing’s emergency plumbers to solve your blocked drain problems at any hour of the day or night.

Call us now for a rapid emergency plumbing response. If you’d like to organise a FREE inspection in your home, fill in this form.

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