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Our Bayside plumbers explain common causes of burst pipes

Picture it: you arrive home from a long day at work on a Friday afternoon.

The kids are screaming in the back of the car, and all you want to do is head inside, pour a glass of wine, and order take-out.

Except this time when you arrive home, it’s to a flooded kitchen. For one reason or another (and right now, you frankly don’t care how), a pipe has burst, and you’re suffering.

The surprise has left you shell-shocked, but it’s more common than you might think!

While plumbing is not your thing, water pipes in your home can burst anytime. Can you do something to prevent them from bursting? And importantly, what should you do in the unfortunate case that this occurs?

Our Bayside plumbers share some of the most common causes of burst pipes, and how we can solve your water woes.

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Common causes of burst pipes

The water pipes in your home are carefully positioned and installed during the time that your property was built.

If you weren’t involved in the original build, or are a new tenant, you likely have no idea about your home’s piping system or where the major pipes are located.

In fact when it comes to any outdoor plumbing or piping, the most you likely know is where your main water supply is connected.

So we hope this blog post will at least alert you to the causes of burst or leaking pipes, and encourage you to have your piping inspected by a licensed and qualified Bayside plumber.

In a pinch? Suffering a burst or leaking pipe? Call our emergency plumbers now for rapid-response plumbing solutions: 1300 156 650.

Damaged pipes

Pipes are designed to work well without any issues – provided they’re in good condition.

While they can remain in good condition for many years, the truth is that they are still prone to damage and general wear and tear.

If your home’s pipes are made of galvanised steel, the coating will eventually erode through wear and tear. The pH imbalance in the water slowly rips off the coating and exposes the iron pipe, turning it into rust.

Rusty pipes could either block the water or leak them out. Whichever way, the pipe is susceptible to bursting.

Water pressure

The sheer power of water can never be underestimated.

A loose valve controller can throw your water pressure into chaos, and more water gets pushed into pipes. This can lead to an unwarranted rise in water pressure which can put tremendous strain on your pipes.

Pipes routed to your sink and bathroom have certain diameters and are designed to accommodate a certain pressure. Strong pressure will damage the pipes.

And most of the time, damaged pipes from strong water pressure are a disaster waiting to happen, and you need a rapid solution. 

In such cases, only a licensed and qualified plumber has the tools and know-how to identify the issue and provide the right solution.

External causes

Pipes get damaged in time due to varied external and environmental causes.

Tree roots are probably the most cited example. Attracted to water, these tiny roots penetrate even the smallest of cracks or openings, and once they touch water, have found the perfect growing environment! 

Before you know it, these tree roots have manifested into large obstructions in your pipes, impeding the normal flow of water. 

Freezing temperature

Science 101 tells us that water expands when it freezes.

When the water inside (and outside) the pipes solidifies, it will create more pressure on the pipe, leading to a burst once the water thaws.

Though not common here in Australia, it’s one of the major causes of burst pipes across colder climates like North America or Europe. 

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Poor pipe engineering

This issue goes well beyond pipe damage, and back to the time in which your pipes were originally laid.

In such cases, pipe replacement may be a viable solution. While it’s a bigger job than the others listed above, it’s critical to fix the error at the source and reduce the chance of further damage in the future.

Solve your pipe troubles with our Bayside plumbers! 

Burst pipe disasters are annoying and difficult to deal with – we understand!

So if you’re facing an unexpected flood in your home, it’s critical you call a licensed emergency plumber ASAP.

The first thing you can do is shut off your home’s main water supply, and then give us a call immediately. 

We understand how difficult these situations could be especially if there’s no one around to help.

You might be tempted to speed up the process by trying to fix it yourself, but we can’t stress this enough: never attempt your own plumbing. Not only is it dangerous (and potentially illegal!), but it’s likely to lead to even more trouble.

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